How Stay Active During the Winter Blues

You spend the last month of the year eating and drinking to your heart’s content as the holiday spirit takes over. You ignore your diet and you promise yourself to burn off that excess load once the holidays are over. After all, you will still have a full six months before the start of summer when you have to start displaying your body in a swimsuit.


Alas, the holidays are over but winter has slowly but surely settled in. The rains are as cold as ice, snow blankets the entire road and temperature reading goes all the way down to single digits. You find yourself tucked inside your blanket as you wait for the winter season to end in, hmm, not until March.


Surely, there has got to be a way to shrug off the lethargy brought about by the cold weather. You need to keep your heart pumping, your blood flowing and your muscles working. Sex and intimacy may do the trick, but be honest…can you do that as a regular everyday activity? If so, good for you; otherwise, here is a list of the top 10 ways to stay active during the winter blues.


10 Walk Around the Mall

It is the perfect excuse to go window-shopping. It may even be the perfect excuse to do some actual shopping. Head to the mall and do some power walking. Walk from one end to the other, move up one floor and then go the other way. Keep doing this until you have exhausted each level. For some additional resistance, as well as for more excuse to do some shopping, buy some things from your favorite stores and use them as weights. Split them up into two carriers so that the weight would be even. If the weight and volume are not enough, then go buy some more items. This is guilt-free shopping at its best as all your purchases can be justified for health reasons.


9 Climb the Stairs

Do you still remember Suzanne Sommers during the height of the popularity of the television show “Three’s Company?” She was the typical sexy blonde and she used Stairmasters to keep herself fit. Now, you do not need to purchase this exercise equipment. Instead, use what you have in your home. Climb up the stairs and use it as your exercise tool. Do this for around five to 10 minutes just to get your heart pumping. Of course, you would need to go down as well in order to climb back up. That is unless you are living in a high-rise condominium or apartment. In which case, you simply have to start at the ground level and go up as many floors as possible.


8 Swim in an Indoor Pool

Head to the nearest sports club or community center and avail of their swimming pool. A few laps across the pool will do your heart and lungs a lot of good. If you prefer, you can simply walk from one end of the pool to the other. It will get your heart flowing without doing any damage to your feet and knees. It is actually used as a therapy treatment for those recovering from injuries.


7 Do Bodyweight Exercises

You do not need that fancy gym equipment to have those weight lifting exercises. Dumbbells and weight plates can be intimidating and may get you tired before you even get started. Lift your own body instead. Do several push-ups and sit-ups. If you have an overhang bar that is sturdy enough, try doing pull-ups as well. Three sets of six to eight repetitions will suffice.


6 Jump Rope

Jumping rope may seem like kid stuff, but this exercise is a great calorie burner. If you do it properly and with enough repetitions, this exercise may be equivalent to a five to 10-mile run. This is not child’s play. Professional boxers jump ropes regularly as part of their training regimen.


5 Hula Hoop

This may take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, hula hoop is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Of course, the key here is to keep the hula hoop moving, otherwise, you would just end up straining your back picking up the equipment. But once you get it to work, all your muscles will start to hum as well, from the glutes and hamstrings to the quads, calves and core muscles. You also get to improve your rhythm, coordination and flexibility.


4 Sign Up to a Fitness Class

All the health clubs always have some form of fitness class going on regardless of season. Be it yoga, Pilates, zumba, tae bo, spinning, jazz, Tahitian or whatever latest fitness craze is there, enroll and get your blood flowing through these fitness classes. You get supervised exercises, you will be forced to do things correctly and you get to meet new people as well.


3 Clean the House

It is something you always put on hold, but the winter blues can actually help you clean up the house. Sweep and mop the floors, do all the laundry, vacuum clean, wash the windows and clean out the garage and attic. In the end, both you and your house will look good.


2 Shovel the Snow


Fight the winter blues head on in practically hand-to-hand combat by shoveling away the snow. It is one of the causes of the winter blues, it blocks the way and it makes the walkway slippery. So pick at the ice directly and move it away. Not only would you confront the winter blues directly, you also get to exercise properly and your metabolism will get going. Those with health concerns should ask the doctor first to ensure that this activity is safe for you.


1 Winter Sports

For the real active people who cannot be stopped by the fiercest of weathers, use the snow to your advantage and engage in winter sports. Gear up properly and go skiing or snowboarding. It will be fun and it will help kick out the winter blues.

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