Five Important Things You Wouldn’t Have Known About Bradley Cooper!

Bradley Cooper is one of the most loved figures in Hollywood. With his good looks and wit, he is one of the most sought after men in America and in the world too. It has been said that he can make women melt like no other. Bradley Cooper is an extremely talented actor and has won a number of awards for his acting skills. He has also been nominated in the Best Actor category for the Oscar’s this year.

Here are some things you might not know about him. These facts may blow you off your feet.

Fact #1 – Bradley Cooper is taking his mother to the Oscars. Yes, this is true. All women fans of Bradley Cooper should pinch themselves as this is indeed a fact. Brad gave an elaborate interview recently on how much he loves his mom and how her presence in his life and success makes him feel exceedingly special. He stated that there could be no better date for him to take to the Oscars than his mother. Cooper said that he is extremely proud about going to the Oscars with his mom. He is indeed a unique man!

Fact #2 – Bradley Cooper recently admitted to not using deodorant. Many of his female fans would find this really hard to believe. Cooper is a drop dead gorgeous dude, and it is impossible to imagine him not using a deodorant, let alone the best perfumes in the world to be smelling good all the time. No, this man is extremely macho, and does not believe in the use of a deodorant any time of the day. We just hope that he showers frequently to keep the body odor at bay.

Fact #3 – Silver Lining Playbook is one of the best sitcoms that Bradley has been on. His character in the sitcom has a unique philly accent. Like this character, Bradley too is from Philadelphia, and also has an accent which is exclusive to this place. This accent has only succeeded in making him come across as extremely sexy and appealing to his fans.

Fact #4 – Bradley Cooper holds many different titles. He was given the title of the “Sexiest Man of the Year”, by the People Magazine. This obviously boosted his popularity. He was also given the title of the “International Man of the Year” by the GQ Magazine. Both these awards are extremely apt – Bradley has well deserved both of them. The former title in particular holds very true and is one of the many reasons why Bradley has achieved the kind of fame he has, till date.

Fact #5 – In a recent show on television, Bradley Cooper, was found asking Sean Penn about his experiences in acting. This is something Cooper’s fans are sure to find very interesting indeed. The question was asked with the utmost sincerity, revealing the kind of person Bradley is.

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