Female Celebs Who Admit to Having Done Drugs

"I know I don't do heroin. Just because I wear a bit of black eyeliner that's smudged..." sighed Kate Moss. At 40, the model who popularized the look "heroin chic" asserts that she never touched the drug. Rumors swirled that Moss was doing drugs, resulting in her being dropped by several fashion labels. Nothing was proven, she was cleared by police and has since resumed her spot as one of the world's top super models.

Britney Spears is another famous female celebrity who was accused of doing drugs during her downward spiral in 2007. Erratic behavior, including shaving her head bald, only added fuel to the fire. Back in 2012, when Sam Lutfi was suing the pop princess for wages, he came out as saying that she was addicted to amphetamines during that period. Britney has never discussed it.

When it comes to celebrities on drugs in today's media-driven society, there's a lot of finger pointing and accusations going around. But one surefire way to know who's dabbled in what is by consulting the source. That's why we've revealed 10 female celebs who have admitted to trying drugs. Here's a look at who's still addicted and who's now clean.

10 10 - Lady Gaga, Marijuana Cigarettes

9 9 - Fergie, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy 

"It's the drug that's addicting," Fergie shared with Time magazine, "but it's why you start doing it in the first place that's interesting." Before joining the Black Eyed Peas, Stacy Ferguson was part of girl group Wild Orchard; that's when she began by trying ecstasy before moving on to crystal meth. After she quit the band in 2001, her addiction got worse, and could've easily cost her $300-600 a month. "A lot of it was being a child actor; I learned to suppress feelings," she said.

Fergie told Oprah she became paranoid that the FBI was following her, and it took a deal with God in church to get her to finally quit. "I said, 'alright [God], if I go out there and the FBI and SWAT team's not out there, then it's the drugs and I'm stopping." There was nothing outside the church, so Fergie agreed to quit and has been clean for over 10 years.

8 8 - Miley Cyrus, Molly, Marijuana

"Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And molly too," Miley told Rolling Stone magazine. Miley's done everything possible to shed her good girl Disney image, including talking about using molly in her song Can't Stop. (Molly generally runs about $35 per pill.)

She also smoked a joint on stage at the MTV Europe Awards recently. The 20-year-old singer thought it'd be funny and a hit with her fans in Amsterdam. Miley doesn't care what anyone thinks, which shows in her wild and raunchy Bangerz tour (that makes her infamous foam finger appearance with Robin Thicke seem tame!). She even wears her love for weed on her sleeve - literally - donning a cannabis leaf onesie for her concert. "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake!" she shared.

7 7- Sienna Miller, Magic Mushrooms, Morphine

Shortly after filming Factory Girl (playing a drug addict) and enduring a very public relationship and messy breakup with Jude Law, Miller admitted to doing drugs in an interview. "'Cos they're fun!" she said. "If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms." She also admitted to trying morphine to simulate what heroin would feel like. Although Miller didn't acknowledge how frequently she was doing the drugs, over a month, it could've easily set her back close to $300 for the mushrooms alone.

Since having her daughter Marlowe in 2012, Miller has grown up a lot. The 30-year-old actually shared that she'd never raise a family in Hollywood to stay away from the drug scene. "It's the most medicated place," she says, "there's a whole massive market for really addictive drugs."

6 6 - Nicole Richie, Heroin, Cocaine

It's been close to 10 years since Richie did heroin and almost 15 since doing cocaine. "I got so much so fast," Richie said when speaking as her life as a privileged teen, "that nothing really excited me anymore. I kind of took matters into my own hands." Richie says she was just "young" and "bored", which led her on a path to partying with hard drugs.

The socialite turned fashion designer had multiple arrests for her substance abuse problem. Richie, who said she doesn't blame her dad Lionel Richie for any of her mistakes, probably spent $170+ per night on drugs depending on the quality.

Richie went on to marry musician Joel Madden and they have two children together. They support each other constantly as Madden revealed his addictions too: "without cigarettes, I would be doing heroin, probably on a daily basis."

5 5 - Mischa Barton, Marijuana

4 4 - Jodie Sweetin, Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Ecstasy

It's been a bumpy road for the former Full House star, who began drinking and doing drugs by 14. Once the hit show ended, Sweetin was "bored" and lacking confidence. In her book, UnSweetined, she revealed she drank until she puked at costar Candace Cameron's wedding and was snorting meth at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's movie premiere - all before the age of 22. (Mary-Kate was another famous Full House star who was subject to drug rumors for her thin frame, though she denied it.)

3 3 - Angelina Jolie, Cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD, Heroin

"I have done just about every drug possible: cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and my favorite, heroin," Angelina was quoted as saying back in 1996. In fact, in more recent interviews, Angelina has admitted she's quite lucky to be alive. She used drugs as a way to challenge herself and find more meaning in life - always seeking out a new adventure.

The drugs, combined with depression, nearly destroyed her. She recalls this time as an "unstable" period in her teens and twenties, that she's since "survived". Husband Brad Pitt also confessed to doing drugs to become "inspired"; but 10 years ago, after meeting Angelina, she turned things around for him and he stopped doing it. Today, they have six kids together.

2 2 - Kristen Johnston, Prescription Pills

1 1 - Lindsay Lohan, Cocaine, Prescription Pills

When pressed in her interview with Oprah, Lohan admitted her drug of choice was alcohol, but that she'd tried snorting cocaine with alcohol. "I really haven't done [cocaine] more than 10 to 15 times," she explained. "Of course, I said three or four. I was terrified of being judged... [But] I've done it 10 to 15 times." Lohan also shared that she was abusing prescription pills (Adderall and Ambien). Lohan's been in and out of rehab more times than you can count on one hand. Plus her time in the spotlight over the last half decade has been more about her criminal activities (DUI, drug possession, theft, etc.) than her films.

At just 27-years-old, Lohan's trying to get her life back on track. Oprah's OWN network offered the starlet $2 million to chronicle her as she attempts to stay sober and make amends with her family. However, even Oprah is sick of Lohan's antics, claiming  (like several other directors and actors have recently) that she's difficult to work with. By all appearances it would seem Lohan's sorting through her sobriety issues, but when it comes to acting or filming, she doesn't seem ready to commit.

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