Expensive Dating and Matchmaking Services for Millionaires

More than a few celebrities have reportedly tried online dating; the Mirror Online states that everyone from Halle Berry to Adele, Lily Allen to Lindsay Lohan have all made accounts at one point or another. It's hardly a surprise to read about more and more people looking for love online. However the only celeb that they said signed up for a millionaire dating service was Matthew Perry at RichSoulmate.com.

While other celebrities may not be highlighting their big bank accounts when signing up for such services, other millionaires certainly like to, as plenty of sites and matchmakers exist for the extremely wealthy. That's why we've tracked down the top dating sites and services for millionaires. But not just the rich should take note - these sites need beautiful singles to sign up too to find their successful soul mates. With that in mind, here's a look at the best dating and matchmaking services for millionaires to find love.

6 No. 6 - Miss Travel, 20,000 "Generous" Members

This not your average dating site. Miss Travel brings together gorgeous girls with "generous" and affluent singles looking for a travel companion; you can specify if you want to keep things casual or get serious when your join. It's simple - beautiful women earn air miles from members or by contributing content (such as blogs or dating tips) to the site. Rich men pay nothing to sign up - only doling out if it works out. They cover the expenses of the trip from hotels, spas, air planes, etc. With over 2/3 more beautiful singles versus millionaire members according to Yahoo! Shine, these rich singles should have plenty to pick from. Some of the world's most popular travel destinations for Miss Travel members according to their site? New York City, Cancun, London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Millionaire Fact: "A leader in travel dating," Miss Travel even has a certified guarantee that there's at least one suitable, sexy partner to vacation with for every millionaire who joins.

5 No. 5 - Millionaire's Club by Patti Stanger, 30,000 "Beautiful" Singles        

Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger founded Millionaire's Club, where the ultra rich come to be set up with "beautiful" singles. "Pre-online dating, there was nowhere to go," Patti told Entertainment Weekly. Now with Patti's Millionaire's Club and 30,000+ database of singles, it's no wonder they manage to get 80% of rich members into a relationship according to their site. On her show, Patti has set up tons of available, rich bachelors including celebs like Perez Hilton; in real life, her clients prefer to be much more discreet. For packages starting at $25,000 for thee months up to $85,000+ per year, Patti will work her magic to get these mega millionaires romance-ready.

Millionaire Fact: The third generation matchmaker met her current fiancee, mortgage broker David Krause, online.

4 No. 4 -Sugar Daddie, 70,000+ Monthly Visitors 

“We started it all!” boasts SugarDaddie.com, a millionaire dating service in business for over 10 years. The website has been featured on the BBC, the New York Post, the LA Times and even Dr. Phil. With over 70,000 monthly visitors, founder Steven Pasternack says “it’s a matter of convenience”, Forbes reported. Doctors and lawyers (among other busy, rich professionals) just don’t have time to find love the old-fashioned way. The minimum salary requirements are $100,000 but most members have a net worth in the millions to keep up. Pasternack said that the “sugar baby” may get expensive meals and gifts but also assistance with rent or bills.

Millionaire Fact: The site wanted to celebrate their 10 year anniversary by offering America’s highest-earning town, New Canaan, CT, a whopping $10 million to change their name to SugarDaddie.com, USA for a decade. The town declined but the dating site also hoped for a statue of Hugh Hefner to grace the center of the town. Seems the same offers failed in Woodside, California and Sugar Land, Texas.

3 No. 3 - Selective Search by Barbie Adler, 87% of Clients Find Love

"I took the recruitment strategy used in leading executive search firms for Fortune 500 companies and evolved it into a proven method for helping people find love," Barbie told the Huffington Post. While some may not think to use job hunting strategies on relationships, Barbie's 87% success rate as listed on her site, Selective Search, says otherwise. Barbie's been in business for over 13 years, so her services don't come cheap. $25,000 will get you approximately 7 to 10 dates, of which her millionaire clientele can certainly afford. With such a big price tag, it's no wonder then that she and her services have been featured on the likes of Oprah.com, NBC and Time.

Millionaire FactForbes notes that Barbie has a database of a whopping 200,000+ singles ready and willing to be paired off with the right millionaire.

2 No. 2 - Millionaire Match, 2.1 Million Members

In a survey conducted by the site, over 65% of female members on MillionaireMatch.com considered themselves to be “good looking” or better. That’s a pretty high number for the dating website that was voted by Forbes as “Best of the Web”. These beautiful women joined in hopes of meeting successful CEOs, investors and doctors – all of whom must prove to have a net worth of over a million. But these beauties could also end up dating rich celebrities like pro athletes, models and actors. In fact the site specializes in services for the rich and famous, which is maybe why Charlie Sheen was a member of the dating site for a few months.

Millionaire Fact: The dating site says the San Francisco Bay area (home to many tech giants) has the largest concentration of millionaires, with over 20,000 of their own members residing in this region.

1 No. 1 - Seeking Millionaire, 1,000,000 Millionaire Members

In a recent survey done by Seeking Millionaire, over 70% of men value loyalty most in women. And with their site, that's something they just might find. The website promises to bring together millionaires looking for long-term relationships, and even marriages. Most of the millionaires are about 40, founder Brandon Wade told Vegas Inc., while the average single companion would be 27. Even though these potential candidates are a bit young, the millionaires are generally expected to cover any costs. An average member makes about $250,000+.

Millionaire Fact: Wade had never been kissed until he was 21; he also had trouble getting dates. That inspired him to open up Seeking Millionaire and Miss Travel (also on our list) so that like-minded, successful men could find love. He also owns Whats Your Price, a dating site where people can pay to bid on dates with beautiful singles.

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