Clive Davis a Bisexual Man

Clive Davis who has enjoyed quite a legendary career in the realm of music has recently revealed that he has been bisexual all along. This was quite a shocking statement coming from the eighty year old music producer. Clive has a number of well-known hits to his name, and has worked with many leading names in the music business. Clive Davis has been married and divorced two times in his life. This intimate and personal revelation made by him is sure to send shock waves running through the music industry.

Davis stated that for the last twenty years, he has been engaged in serious relationships with two men. One was a doctor, with whom he was in a relationship for as long as thirteen years. The other is an unnamed man with whom he has been in a relationship for the last seven odd years. “The Sound Track of My Life” which is a new memoir brought out by Clive Davis, contains all these exciting details. It is sure to make his fans and admirers as well as peers in the music business very astonished indeed.

In an interview to ABC’s Nightline, Clive Davis said that he had not had sex with a male person in more than fifty years. However this did not make him feel repressed. Rather, he has enjoyed the most beautiful sexual relationships with the various women that came into his life.

Cindy McFadden who was the interviewer for Nightline, pressed Clive to admit that he was lying, saying that people were either gay or straight, or they were lying. However Clive Davis denied this, saying that bisexuality is a reality, and that he was not lying in the least.

Asked whether he had any shame when engaging in a sexual encounter with a man for the very first time in his life, Clive Davis said that he experienced no shame at all. He however admitted to feeling a bit puzzled for the first time. David went on to add that bisexuality was a subject that needed a lot of discussion, and that it was not really considered to be a status.

Davis mentioned how his current partner travels with him all the time and attends social events with him, just like any other romantic partner would do so. However he refused to reveal the identity of his partner to protect his privacy and keep him away from the spotlight of the media.

Davis is known to have run many famous companies in career such as Arista Records, Columbia Records, RCA Music Group and J Records. He has been credited with the launching of the careers of famous artists like Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and many other renowned names in the music industry. He is also a member of the much revered Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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