Best Luxury Resorts in the World

Summer is the best season to go out with the family. The warm atmosphere gives you the chance to enjoy the nature. One of the best ways to relax under the heat of the sun is to go to a place where you can play, rest or just lure yourself with the beauty of the nature. Luxury resorts are the most convenient places to consider for these activities. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Luxury Resorts in the world. If you are thinking of sorting all the items from your brochure and travel magazines, bother no more because here is a list of the most fascinating resorts where you can experience first class relaxation.

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7 W Hotel Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its natural beauty. W Hotel is a good place for sight seeing. The overlooking view of the Puerto Rico Bay and the mountains surrounding it are just two of the best offers of this resort. They suggest horseback riding allowing you to wander around the rich mountains. Aside from diving and swimming, they also have Spa services, fitness center and a wet bar where you can enjoy the rest of the night. W Hotel is built in a way that the stylistic and modern designs will not be in contrast with the natural grandeur of the island. It allows the clients to experience top of the line hotel services without removing their chance to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

6 Wakaya Club, Fiji

Located in the corner of the Pacific, Fiji Island is gifted with white sand and breathtaking view of the ocean. This little place is the best destination for people who are looking for a secluded paradise where the breeze of modernization cannot be traced. Wakaya Club is a luxury resort on the western side of the Island. Privacy is the main course offered in the package. It has its own cottages where you can enjoy the sight of the wide ocean. It has a private garden and a personal wet bar. The living room is spacious and the flooring is made of Yaka wood. This is a perfect place where you can spend with your partner or just by yourself. This is a perfect place where you can give yourself a break.

5 Hotel le Toiny Cote Sauvage Island, ST. Barts

Surrounded by the Caribbean seas, this island is comprised of landscape suitable for golf. The natural beauty found in this place includes a view of green surroundings from the hotel. The eye-relaxing view of the Island is accompanied with a very comforting hotel atmosphere. The open cottage and dining place where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings is just one of the coolest offers of the place. The sea is a great place for surfers. The waves are just good enough for diving, surfing and fishing activities. It is indeed a great place for the whole family.

4 Burj Al-Arab, Dubai

From its magnificent architectural design to its award-winning restaurants, Burj Al-Arab is a great destination for you and your family. The elegant interior and first class accommodation gives you a priceless resort experience. It has well trained employees who are going to give you first class services. They also offer helicopter rides for you to enjoy the scenic views and visit the Jumeirah beach nearby. Another service they offer is the chance to go around with the assistance of a personal chauffer. You are given access to everything you need. The only thing you are expected to do is enjoy and relax.

3 Le Sirenuse Almafi Coast, Italy

One of the unique features of this resort is its unusual location. While majority of resorts can be found in a secluded area, Le Sirenuse is located in the middle of Positano Village. Originally, this hotel serves as a private dwelling to the Marchese Sersale family until they decided to turn it into a 59-room hotel. Private rooms are designed in a way that clients will have an overlooking view of the Bay of Positano from its balconies. Another exceptional feature of Le Sirenuse is its very own designer boutique and the handmade tiles perfectly arranged in its floors. Its restaurant offers breathtaking view of the sea and the outstandingly designed houses in the village. They also have great Italian foods and cheerful musicians.

2 Amanruya Resort Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

Turkey is one of the few places blessed with rich history and culture. The region of Aegean is known as a venue for many important events in the Greek mythology. Setting a foot in this historical place will give you a chance to feel and remember the colorful lives of the Greeks and Romans. Amanruya is one of the best luxury resort found in this place. You will be charmed with its classic Mediterranean atmosphere. It has its own boutique, library and art gallery. It has a 50 meter swimming pool where you can spend time with your family under the sun. The location of the hotel is not only good for relaxation but also perfect for sight seeing. You will be able to view the sea from your room because the hotel is built in a hillside.

1 The Turtle Island, Fiji

Are you looking for private adventure with your loved one? The Turtle Island is the best place for you. It has won Trip Advisor’s 2012 Certificate of Excellence Award. The island maintains its first class accommodation by allowing only 14 couples at a time. The clients are given their private places in the Island where they will be are allowed to experience the best services the resort can offer. The cuisines served in this luxury resort are all coming from the same Island, from the seafood, fruits and vegetables. The welcoming hosts are ready to serve in such a way that the visitors will experience a once in a lifetime vacation. The best thing about the Island is the hosts’ willingness to let you experience and understand their culture. Indeed, Turtle Island offers a heavenly vacation.


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