Best and Most Effective Body Workouts

One always has a good reason for putting off an exercise routine. You do not have the money to enroll in a gym, or a trainer is just an added expense, or you do not have the cash to spare to buy weight equipment like dumbbells and plates, or the gym is too far, or you do not know where and how to start.

But who said that you would need to go to a gym and get a trainer to pump up those muscles of yours? Who said that you would need to buy expensive equipment to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing? You can actually get your adrenaline racing and your lactose acid burning by doing simple bodyweight exercises.

All those expensive classes and training programs, like Pilates, yoga and plyometrics make use of bodyweight to help enhance your flexibility, fitness, muscle and strength. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that it is easy to learn. It is also very effective and can be done whether you are at home, at work or in some hotel during your travel.

In other words, it is just like a portable gym without the need to carry around any tool or equipment. If you are disciplined and inventive enough, it can help you achieve fitness and strength targets because these exercises use recognizable strength and resistance training through concentric and isometric methods.

Be focused on these exercises as well because once you learn how to use them properly, you will find that you are actually exercising more than one muscle group. They are compound exercises that can bring about compound benefits.

The following is a list of the 10 best and most effective body workouts.


9 Wall Squat

Stand against the wall. Make sure that the back of your head, shoulders and lower back are pressing against the wall. Bend your knees slowly while the wall is supporting your back. Bend until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Then return to a standing position.


8 Wall Push

This is an isometric exercise. Stand while facing a wall. Raise your arms and push hard against it for around 10 seconds. Relax and take deep breaths. Repeat three times.


7 Squat

Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Get back up slowly. Do this several times. Eventually, you will feel a burning sensation on your knees, upper legs and butt. This exercise will develop the muscles in those areas, as well as your knee joints. Exercise caution, however, if you have any problems with your knees. If you feel any pain, stop immediately and consult a doctor.


6 Push-Ups

If for some reason, you do not know what a push-up is, then follow these steps. Go down and face the floor. Prop yourself up with your hands and toes. Push up your body from the floor using your hands. Go back down again and do this continuously at a steady pace for one minute. Do not go too fast nor too slow. Keep your head and neck steady while doing the exercise. After one minute, take a quick rest then try it again. If you are having a hard time propping yourself up, you can take the option of resting your knees on the ground.


5 Pull-Ups

Look for a secure beam or bar at home. See to it that the beam or bar is solidly built. Make sure that it is high enough so that your feet will be off the ground when you pull yourself up. Pull yourself up until your chin is level or higher than the beam or bar. Do this as often as you can. This may be an extremely difficult exercise, especially for women.


4 Lunge

Stand straight up with your feet together. Lunge forward using your right leg. Make sure that the foot gets planted solidly to the ground. Move back, then do it again. Repeat eight times. Then, do the same with your left leg. Do some variety as well. You can keep your arms to the side, or hold it straight up, or raise it to the sides, or keep it across your chest. You can also carry some packages you can find at home to provide some weight resistance. You can also do some back lunges and side lunges at an angle of 45 degrees.


4. Dips

Push up from a heavy chair or bench with your legs up in front and your arms behind. Try it first with your legs at a 90-degree angle and your feet planted solidly to the ground. As you get used to it, try extending them further until you are dipping on your heels with your legs stretched straight forward to the front.


3 Crunches

This is also known as sit-ups, it is a good way to strengthen your abdominal muscles. The standard crunch means you will lie down on your back and raise your shoulders off the floor to contract your abs. Or you can also do the reverse crunch in which you will raise your legs and knees off the floor. A combo crunch is a combination of the two, meaning you will have to raise your shoulders, knees and legs. Lastly, you can do the bicycle crunch in which you will do the combo crunch and paddle your legs in the air.


2 Chair Stand

This is a very simple exercise that involves propping up a chair against the wall. Sit and stand up 10 times and then take a rest. Take deep breaths, then do the exercise all over again. Try to do at least three sets.


1 Bridge

Lie down with your back against the floor and your legs bent at the knees. Make sure that the back of your head, shoulders, arms, lower back and feet are touching the floor. Push up with your legs as high as possible with your arms and shoulders still flat on the floor.


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