All About Sugar Daddies

We have seen it several times in the movies. Older men just have a way of attracting younger women. In “Lost in Translation,” Scarlett Johansson was a happily married, albeit bored, wife to a photographer who had to go on road trips regularly. The time apart was enough for Johansson to almost fall completely for Bill Murray, a man more than twice her age and who was already considered close to becoming a wash-up in his industry.

The same thing happened in the film entitled “Blame It on Rio.” A young Michelle Johnson fell in love with the father of her best friend. Woody Allen also tackled the issue in “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy.” Of course, he ended up being a sugar daddy in real life to his erstwhile stepdaughter.


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3 What is a Sugar Daddy?

But what exactly is a sugar daddy? A sugar daddy is a much older man who offers gifts or money to a much younger girl in return for companionship, intimacy or even sexual favors.

This is not exactly a new phenomenon. May-December relationships, where there is a large gap in age between the persons involved, invariably get labeled as sugar affairs and have been around forever. With the non-stop advancement of technology, such relationships are now even being promoted online through sites like www.sugardaddie.com or www.seekingarrangements.com.

Sugar daddies are much older and are usually even already married. They enjoy the company of young women and love the fact that they can assume a mentor role in the relationship. They also spoil the young girl rotten in order to stay forever on her good side.

And what do they get out of it? A lot are after companionship, be it over lunch, dinner or coffee, or while playing golf, or while watching a concert, play or ballgame. Sugar daddies prefer the company of young women because they serve as trophies and display items that can be shown off to other people. Having a young woman around affects their psyches and images positively because they can point at it as proof that they have not lost their charm and appeal yet.

Most would also be after intimacy and even sex. Of course, it would require a lot more favors to the young girl but it would be foolish to think that the sugar daddy would not want to go that way. After all, men have been programmed to think of sex and intimacy as the end-all, be-all and ultimate aim in a relationship.

Research has also shown that sugar daddies dote over girls who actually need them for something altruistic, like for school tuition that would help them finish their education. They do not really go for girls who would ask for money for plastic surgeries or to buy something that is not really needed.  Sugar daddies tend to look down at those women more and they are not the types who would really take care of them.

Most men do not really find anything wrong with this kind of arrangement. After all, they would justify that there is not really that much difference between spending for a young girl and taking care of the wife. Their wives also rely on their money for spending needs.


2 Advantages of a Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy offers several advantages. Among them are the following:

  • Sugar daddies are old and mature enough to know the ways of the world.
  • They have a steady source of income and, thus, the ability to spoil and pamper a young woman.
  • They have the ability to mentor the girl.
  • Sugar daddies can take young women out to nice, fancy dinners and not just the usual pizza or burger takeouts that young men prefer.
  • They can buy expensive and meaningful gifts.
  • They can help pay for school tuition and other bills, like rent, utilities, mobile phone and other everyday necessities.
  • Sugar daddies can take the young woman on trips around the country and all over the world.
  • Sugar daddies can provide an allowance and even extra money for spending.
  • They can even provide young women with surprise cash gifts. There were a couple of instances when young women were given money for almost no reason at all. One was given $500 for simply going to lunch with the sugar daddy. Another was given $1,600 after one month of going out together. The sugar daddy gave her the leeway to spend the money in any way that she wants to.
  • Most of the time, sugar daddies have more self-control. Chances are they are more aware that “no” means no. And if they do get intimate and even sexual, they are more sensitive to the needs of the girl. They can also be gentler.
  • Sugar daddies are more mature not only physically but also emotionally. They know how to handle and face problems a lot better.


1 Drawbacks of a Sugar Daddy

Of course, as with anything in life, there are disadvantages of being a sugar daddy. Among the drawbacks of being a sugar daddy are:

  • While modern society has become much more accepting of May-December relationships in which there is a huge gap between the guy and the girl, there are still hesitations and apprehensions on the part of some people.
  • There are always those who would think that a sugar daddy is nothing but a sexual predator who takes advantage of helpless young women.
  • On the other end of the scale, sugar daddies can also be viewed as gullible people who are being milked for every cent of their worth by opportunistic young women who would probably leave the guy once they have gotten everything they need.
  • Sugar daddies will have a hard time keeping up with the young woman because he is not that active in the social scene anymore.
  • If the relationship gets serious, sugar daddies will probably have more things in common with the young girl’s parents than the woman herself.


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