8 Easy Ways To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Love. If there is any mystery in this world that most people have failed to understand, it would have to be love. In this day and age, it's easy to acquire all the material things you may wish for. Money is not as highly valued or scarce as it was a century ago. The only things that are hard to get are the ones money can't buy; trust, love, respect, and such.

Ironically, those are the things we crave for most. Who said life doesn't have a sense of humor? There is nothing better than falling in love with someone, and having that love reciprocated back. I mean, who wouldn't want that? As a woman, you want the man that you give your heart to, to treasure it and love you back. However, this is not always the case.

While looks can lure a potential mate, it takes a charming character to keep him. Even if you lured him through pretense, note that you can only lie for so long. Soon enough, the truth will come out, and he will leave. I would be lying if I said I know one thing you can do to make a man fall in love with you. I mean, I would be a billionaire if I knew the secret. However, what I can say is there are some strategies you can implement, and with time, he will be head over heels in love with you.

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8 Work On Your Attitude

A person with a positive outlook on life is admirable. Don't be that girl who always sees the negative side of everything. Learn to be grateful and appreciate the little things in life. Such a personality will capture almost any man on this earth. Not only men but also most people. We all want to be associated with a jovial person. Have the zeal for life. In Glozine lifestyle (A global online magazine), we learn the need to smile often and stop worrying about things that we have no control over. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not to be spent ranting about how unfair people and circumstances are. Don’t always live for yourself; live a life that impacts other people also. Spread the love and it will come back in equal measure. After all, you only live once. Make it count by living a fulfilling life.

7 Be True To Who You Are

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As much as you may want to do the unimaginable to please that man, have a limit. Don't allow yourself to change who you are for a man. If the two of you are meant to be, the real you is what he should fall in love with. As I said earlier, you can only lie for so long. Soon the truth will come out. Avoid disappointments in the future by staying true to who you are. We are all unique, and your uniqueness is what will make him stay or proceed. The one who is meant to be will come and stay. If you lure him through deception, the consequences that will follow in the future are unimaginable. Don’t waste his time or yours, in that case, trying to work on something that perhaps was never meant to be. Happiness and deception never work together. You can only have one.

6 Respect Him At All Times

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Back in the day, a man was seen as the head of the family. He was supposed to provide, protect and honor his vows to his woman. For this, he was held with dignity and honor. Times have changed. Women are independent now, unlike before. The thing is, back in the day they were treated as mediocre people. Their position was in the kitchen. They were there to be seen and not heard. Today, there’s gender equality; equal chances are given to people regardless of their gender. However, as much as you are entitled to an opinion, never disrespect a man because you have as much as he has or even more. Trust me, he will walk away. Men want the security of knowing whatever happens in the future, you will still respect him and never look down on him. Note that respect is a two-way street; you give some, you get some.

5 Be A Woman Who Is Trustworthy

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A dependable woman is a treasure. Make your man feel secure when he is with you. When it comes to a true relationship, the concept of integrity is inseparable from the idea. No healthy relationship will ever work without trust. Everything else won’t matter if there is no loyalty in the union. There is a level of peace that comes with knowing that you can rely on your partner at all times. That whatever happens, you can trust them to make sound decisions even in your absence. As a woman, it is not in your business to tell the world about your man’s weaknesses. A loose tongue will make any man run for his life. Be the woman he wants to share his secrets and fears with. Help him conquer these fears and become a better person. He will love you more for this.

4 Be Confident In All Your Dealings And Read To Increase Your Knowledge

You don't necessarily have to be a sassy diva for you to be assertive. Don't wait for a man to tell you how beautiful you are so that you can feel worthy. The thing is, men are attracted to women who are aware of who they are and what they want in this life. Without that, you will forever seek the approval of other people. Such a shallow self-view will make you vulnerable to people with malicious intentions. A poised woman is hard to intimidate; if anything she commands a certain level of respect from men and fellow women, which makes her even more attractive. Challenge him once in a while and use your knowledge. It happens that you can only be knowledgeable if you read. Have you read Charles Warnke’s satirical piece titled “Don’t Date A Girl Who Reads”? Look for it and you will know why society will soon not entertain mediocre people.

3 Let The Feminine Side Of You Always Reflect On You

This point especially goes to women who work in fields previously dominated by men. The company you find in such places is mostly from men. With time, you may adapt to their behaviors. Your dressing may change and so will your relation with other people. I'm not saying men have weird behaviors; far from it. All I'm saying is that your femininity should not be lost in exchange for fitting in. Let the woman in you reflect even in the workplace. Surprisingly enough, men will treat you with more respect when you act like a woman than when you act like you are “one of the guys.” There is a level of warmness that women possess that man admire. Don’t lose it. A man is attracted to the feminine part of a woman and not any other. After all, they want a woman in their homes, not another man.

2 Be There For Him When He Needs You The Most

Men also break at some points in life. As much as the society wants them to act strong, even in the bleakest of times, the truth is they also wish to express their emotions. Be that woman he would run to when his world comes crumbling down. Be the one to offer support and courage in times of despair. Help him know that it is not the end of the world and the sun will shine again. In happy times and trying times, he should know that in you, he has a shoulder to cry on. When the world abandons him, be there for him. Like most people, he will not only love you the more but also treasure and remember such gestures to the end of this life.

1 Make Him Feel Special

It is often said that people will forget all the things you've done for them, but how you made them feel, that is something they will never forget. Men feed on their ego. They always want to feel needed, appreciated and loved in spite of the circumstances. That is why they can move heaven and earth to make the woman they love happy. Doubt their masculinity once and you will break them forever. They want to be admired for their masculinity and not humiliated. A man will stick to the woman who makes him feel like he can beat Denzel Washington (what is the fuss about this guy anyway?) in a beauty contest even though reality states otherwise. Such a man will move mountains for you. Let him know that you value and respect him as the man in your life. Above all, never make him doubt his worthiness.


The above ways will not only make a man fall in love with you but also make you a better person. Try them and see what happens.

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