5 Rich Male Celebs Who Tried Stripping

Magic Mike may have turned actors Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey into big-screen strippers, but in reality, there’s actually been several male celebrities who have tried it out. Being able to bare their soul in television and film roles then makes sense for those who once bared it all – and we mean all – on stage in nightclubs. We’re revealing which Hollywood actors have taken off their clothes in exchange for cash.

There’s more than you might think. A couple Jersey Shore castmates have taken to the stage in g-strings, including The Situation. The reality TV star apparently was stripping to make money before he ended up on the MTV show. While he does have a fit body, he doesn’t make the cut of sexist celebs. We listed only the hottest hunks – ones that we’d still like to see strip today. Check out who has a past history of stripping.

Honorable Mentions: Joey Lawrence and Ian Ziering

For young fans of ‘90s TV, it would’ve been a dream to see Joey Lawrence and Ian Ziering strutting their stuff shirtless (maybe the former a bit more than the latter since Luke was most everyone’s 90210 favorite). But now they’ve had a chance to do just that! With the success of Magic Mike, both former heartthrobs had the chance to perform with Chippendales in Las Vegas.

The former Blossom star signed on for a three-week stint at the Rio Hotel back in 2012, where he was dropping everything except the trademark bowtie (“whoa!”). Ian followed suit, taking the stage the following year, and had his former co-stars Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth show up for support! Joey was 36 and Ian 49, but they looked nearly better than they did two decades ago! VIP prices per person for the shows started at $80 and up.

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees also joined the club, but doesn’t make the cut. He flexed some big muscles, but anyone who wasn’t Nick Lachey isn’t very memorable from their short time as a boy band.

5 Mark Consuelos, To Break into Acting

The cat's out of the bag for the All My Children hunk – and by none other than his wife, Kelly Ripa. Seems the dreamy soap star has bared it all for more than just his bubbly, blonde spouse. The Live! With Kelly star shared with Vanity Fair that while Mark was searching for his big break after college, he got talked into trying it. “A lot of guys in Hollywood have done that,” she noted. While some women might be less than happy, Kelly doesn’t mind at all. She gushed, “he is so unbelievably gorgeous.”

Fans of Mark know him best from the hit soap when he played opposite Kelly. What was an on-screen romance turned into a real life one when they married not too long after in 1996. While Mark may not be getting tons of big roles since his soap days, he never needs to worry about money again since Kelly brings in $36,000 per episode, for a total of $20 million per year.

Stripping Fact: Kelly still has a pinup calendar from Mark's stripping days.

4 Chris Pratt, Small-Town Stint

For just $40 a performance, you could’ve seen Chris Pratt take it all off. Growing up in a small town in Washington, the Parks and Recreation star took to stripping for a short time to earn some extra cash, even doing bachelorette parties. “It was very low-rent. I was like the very, very low-rent Magic Mike,” Pratt joked with Ellen Degeneres on her hit talk-show. He swears it wasn’t “sexy” at all.

Although Pratt has a sense of humor about his humble stripping gig, those who want to see a bit more of the actor will soon get their chance. Pratt will star in Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel Comics superhero film, in which he’s beefed up for his role. There’s sure to be a few shirtless scenes where you’ll really see him flex his muscles and show off his rock-hard abs too.

Stripping Fact: Pratt says he couldn’t afford any wild stripper outfits, so it's safe to say he never showed up as a police officer or firefighter!

3 Javier Bardem, Began as a Joke

This hot Spanish actor (who’s married to the equally hot Penelope Cruz) has played many different on-screen roles from the romantic to the villain. But one role you probably haven’t seen him take on is the one where he bared it all. Turns out Bardem was a jack of all trades when he first entered the workforce. He dabbled in this and that before taking the stage to strip. “I did it as a joke, for some friends at first,” he admits. “But a guy in the bar we were in spotted me and hired me for the next day.” This No Country for Old Men actor’s time as an exotic dancer ended when he tried out acting.

Stripping Fact: Bardem did reveal that strangely enough, his stripping stunt turned into a family affair; he was such a terrible stripper that his mom and sister came to “cheer him on”.

2 Brad Pitt, Part of a College Stripping Troupe 

While at the University of Missouri, shortly before his acting career really took off, Pitt and six other frat brothers would perform a raunchy dance when any sorority sister turned 21. She’d sit waiting for them to come out completely nude, followed by them performing a choreographed dance. We heard from a frat brother that the “girls would be laughing so hard” so we guess it was more a funny prank than a sexy striptease. While the guys did wear pillowcases on their heads, we bet those girls could figure out who was Brad by his fit body.

We’d love to know if his former wild-child wife Angelina – mother of his six kids – has seen any of that since!

Stripping Fact: The group was called the Dancing Bares.

1 Channing Tatum, To Make More Money at 18

It’s no surprise that this Magic Mike star tops our list as the sexist celeb to try stripping. Channing shed nearly everything in the racy comedy in 2012, helping him nab People’s Sexist Man Alive the same year. But he doesn’t make the list for playing a stripper in a movie; Channing also bared his bod in real life. The hunky star used the stripper name Chan Crawford while working at a nightclub after quitting his job as a roofer. It was that time in his life that sparked him to make the hit flick. Channing eventually moved to Miami before entering modelling and acting.

Stripping Fact: Channing earned $50 a night on top of tips, which judging by his chiseled body and amazing looks, we imagine was a lot.

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