20 Underrated Traits That Make a Man Timelessly Sexy

Men, this is the list for you. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some guys attractive to women? Why is it that certain dudes always seem to get the ladies to swoon and come their way? Are they doing something revolutionary? Do they have some kind of special powers? Are they just masters at the trade of love? No! They probably have one (or more) of these undeniably sexy traits. Yet you may not think about them when you first imagine what “sexy” looks like on a man. So we are here to help with our list of 20 Underrated Traits That Make a Man Timelessly Sexy.

Throughout the ages, there are certain men who have just oozed sexiness. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling...there are so many sexy men out there! Yet it can be easy to just look at the surface level. Sure, all of these men have fantastic bodies, stellar smiles, and dashing good looks. But being sexy and attractive is so much more than that. It is the stuff that we don’t see, the things that we can’t quantify. You will notice that six-pack abs and stellar back muscles are not on our list. But things like kindness, fragility, and confidence are!

So sit back and take a short course on how to be sexy without doing man-scaping or buying a new wardrobe. There may be things here that are personality-related, but anyone can adopt these traits into their daily lives and romantic relationships. And whether you are single and ready to mingle, or in a committed long-term relationship, you can put these tips to use right away!

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20 Kindness

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Ah yes, kindness is one of the most valued virtues. It is not always easy to be kindhearted and generous, but it is always worth it. If you just try to do all things with kindness, then it will start to become a habit and then it will transform into a way of life. And girls are actually attracted to the kindness that men show; they notice, even if you don't think they do, so don’t you worry! Also, this includes being kind to yourself; negativity that is directed inwards takes a toll on yourself and on your relationships and interactions with others, so practice kindness and grace with everyone.

19 Laughter

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Have a good laugh! A chuckle, a guffaw, whatever you call it, having a sense of humor is definitely part of being a sexy man. A guy who can laugh at himself and see the fun in life is not only attractive, but much more enjoyable to hang out with. Girls (even the super-serious girls) are attracted to men who can smile, crack a joke, and be light-hearted. Plus, when you smile you get those adorable laugh lines and creases on the sides of your eyes. They do not make you look old, they make you look so cute! Trust us.

18 Personal Hygiene

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We learn about taking care of ourselves as early as elementary school, but we are still amazed at how many people don’t take proper care of themselves on a daily basis. Really, it is not that difficult to get out of bed at a decent hour, feed yourself good meals, and bathe on a regular basis. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and make sure that you change your underwear every morning. Do that, and you are already better off then way too many men out there! And your partner will notice too (especially if you two are cohabiting!) Bonus points for cleaning behind your ears.

17 Forearms

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Roll up those shirtsleeves! Girls are so turned on my a man’s forearms. What is it about a dude’s arms that are so sexy? The hair, the ligaments and muscles, the potential for strength to lift heavy things but also gentleness to cuddle and hold a woman close. The forearms are definitely one of the most underrated erogenous zones on a man. And guys, don’t worry because size does not matter. Just do you and your girl will fall in love all over again. You can even kill two birds with one stone and wear a suit (hot!) and roll the shirtsleeves up to the elbows (super hot!)

16 Financial Stability

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We’re not saying that a guy should be with a gold-digger, but we are saying that being able to financially support yourself is a huge turn-on. This goes for anyone, really. There comes a time in an adult’s life when it is just weird for them to have their parents pay for everything. So a guy who is still living with mom and dad, having his meals cooked for him, and is not able to pay bills is definitely going to have some trouble appealing to a woman. Practice creating a budget, spending wisely, making regular payments to get the debt down, and holding a steady job. Now that’s hot!

15 Loyalty

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We cannot stress enough the importance of loyalty, especially when it comes to romance. Being loyal, faithful, and true to your boo is one of the most essential parts of the relationship puzzle. And really, is it any fun to have a partner who is always suspicious of your activities and text messages? No! So be sure to usher in that open and honest communication. And remember that fights are normal in a relationship, and loyalty is difficult but always worth it. Stay true blue and you will never be seeing red! And as an added bonus, you will appear sexier to your mate.

14 Eyes

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There is an old saying that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Maybe it’s true! After all, a sparkle in the eye can go a long way for a man and woman meeting each other. Even for couples who have been together for years, there is just something so magical and appealing when a partner looks at their beloved with that twinkle. And eyes are so attractive and interesting all on their own! People have brown eyes, blue, green, hazel, grey, violet....you may find that your own eyes are one of your partner’s favorite things about you!

13 Communication

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This one's a biggie, for everyone. Communication skills are necessary in just about every facet of life, let alone romantic and intimate relationships. A couple needs to speak to each other in order to find out what the other likes and how to best cater to them. And women definitely appreciate intelligent conversation with their partners. Even when their guy talks passionately about one of their interests, it is a sexy quality that can make her love them even more. And yes, women do love to talk a lot, but try to hang in there and a least make a comment to show that you are listening!

12 Affection

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Hey guys, show some love and let your sweetie know that you care. There are some people who are just not good at all when it comes to being affectionate. It may be a learned skill. After all, some people grow up without having that kind of affection and love in the household. It’s okay if you feel as though you aren’t the most loveable creature on the planet. The fact of the matter is that you have someone who loves you and she wants to see that you love her back. Affection can take on many different forms, too. It can be through physical skin-to-skin contact, or through secret surprises, homemade gifts, or experiences shared together.

11 Support

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A man who supports their partner, their family, their friends and co-workers; even strangers that they meet on the street...this is super sexy. See, women know that men are not as stone-faced and rough-and-tough as they pretend to be. Women know that a guy can be totally manly and sexy while still being supportive and loving to others. Plus, in a romantic relationship, both people need to support and hold one another up. There will be times when a man’s partner is really going to need him. Is he just going to bow out, or rise to the challenge? You tell us.

10 Intimacy

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This will of course depend on the kind of person you are, but being touchy-feely with your partner is most definitely a turn-on. So just give it a try! Caress your partner’s face, tuck some hair behind their ear, or run your hand over their body’s contours. Any kind of physical touching is almost guaranteed to produce happy endorphins and make your partner even more into you. If you make touching a part of your daily life, it is almost a given that the two of you will be able to greatly develop and cherish your relationship. Go for it!

9 Fragility

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Men have historically been known to be very stoic and to not let anything get them down. They are not the ones who usually take parental leave after a child is born; they are not the ones who cry during a very sad movie, and they are never supposed to complain about anything (especially their feelings). Yet did you know that women actually prefer a guy who can show some fragility? He doesn’t have to give her the puppy dog eyes or be overly sensitive, but just showing vulnerability and being able to accept and appreciate emotions with themselves and their partner is so important.

8 Confidence

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Self-confidence looks great on everyone, and if a guy really wants to be attractive to his partner, then he would be wise to up the confidence and feel good about himself. Everyone has a number of redeeming qualities, so be sure to focus on your strengths while still trying to improve upon your weaknesses. Even so, have some grace for yourself because nobody is perfect. Not even George Clooney. Of course, being confident does not mean being arrogant and self-righteous, so be careful of that. And confidence in bed is even better! Your partner will most definitely notice that increase in self-esteem!

7 Licking

Licking his lips, that is! Although we seriously would not downplay or doubt the role that licking and tongue action can have in other areas of a guy’s life. Anyway, we will focus here on the licking of the lips. It is beyond sexy when a guy licks his lips before going in for a kiss, saying something sexy, or just giving his partner “that look.” It is all about how you do it though. You don’t want to go to town and look like you are making out with yourself! Keep it simple stupid. In this case, subtlety is the best policy, especially since girls will pick up the subtleties.

6 Suit

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A guy in a suit; there is nothing as sexy as that! If you are a guy who tends to just live 24/7 in sweatpants or jeans, try dressing up for your partner every once in awhile. You don’t have to don a 3-piece suit or a stellar James Bond-style tuxedo, but putting forth a bit of effort with your fashion choices may really get your partner to notice you in a whole new light. After all, everyone’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man. So put on a tie, a sport coat, and a crisp button-down shirt and snag major man-points with your beloved.

5 Cooking

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Even if a guy can cook just one dish, if he can cook it well, then he is going to appear super-sexy to his partner. A woman just loves a man who can roll up his sleeves, grab a spatula and just get to work in the kitchen. Some men have their own specialty dishes, such as lasagna, grilled pork chops, or an entree salad. Hey, even if it is just homemade nachos, as long as you can treat your partner to a dish every once in awhile, you’re golden. After all, nothing says “I love you” like a delicious, home-cooked meal.

4 Child-Friendly

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Never underestimate the power of a guy who is good with kids. Seriously though, women absolutely adore a man who is a great companion to children of all ages. Perhaps it is that girls are merely sizing up their potential partners to see if they would make good fathers later on down the road. Or it could just be that guys are downright adorable when they are playing, singing, or laughing along with children. It shows that the man is sensitive and confident enough to let his carefree and silly side show. And there is this great child-like wonder that appears in full sexiness.

3 Talent

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An instrument, singing, a sport, art…there are loads of possibilities here. The great thing is that everyone - yes, everyone - has a talent. If you don’t know yours, then get exploring and find it! You may be a great athlete, or maybe you are very musically talented. Perhaps you have a fantastic ability to work a crowd, or maybe you are more meek and mild and write awesome poetry. Whatever it is, own it and work it to the best of your ability because nothing is as attractive as a guy who works his absolute hardest at what he does best.

2 Facial Hair

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It could be a beard, a mustache, a five o’clock shadow, a soul patch, a goatee...the truth of the matter is that most girls find some facial hair to be very sexy indeed. Throughout the ages, men have sported different kinds of facial hair, and now the allure of the beard is really making a comeback. But if you feel that a beard doesn’t look best on you, then don’t sweat it! You don’t have to don a beard or any facial hair at all. Besides, there are 19 other sexy qualities on this list that you can focus on!

1 Uniqueness

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Finally, this is perhaps the most important thing. Guys who are just themselves and who don’t try to emulate somebody else are just super sexy. Ask any girl what she likes about her guy, and she will probably name at least one thing that is attributable to his uniqueness. The truth is that we are all different and that is something that should be celebrated, not downplayed. So if there are any guys out there who are wondering how they can be the best they can be (whether for themselves or for a partner) then listen up: BE YOURSELF, because no one can be you for you!

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