17 Things She Wants To Hear In Bed

If you've got the privilege of having a woman in your bed, you don't want to mess it up. You want to make sure you do and say the right things so that you both have a good time and hopefully do this again. There are many things a woman doesn't want to hear in bed ("hurry, my girlfriend will be home in an hour", for instance) but there are 17 things she really does want to hear while in bed with you. Take advantage of this list, print it off, study it and you'll know exactly what to say the next time a lady lets you get down and busy with her.

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17 Her name

There is something about hearing your name that makes a relationship closer. While "babe", "honey", and "sweetie" are great pet names, and everyone should have one, letting X know this is about you and her makes a world of difference. Research shows that parts of your brain light up when you hear your name, so by saying your lover's name while engaged in coitus, you'll stimulate her that much more. You'll strengthen the connection and show her you aren't still thinking about Sarah from last night or that hot waitress that served your dinner tonight.

16 Grunts, groans, moans and squeals

If she's pleasuring you in ways you could never have imagined and you can hear the birds chirping outside, you may never get the privilege of her pleasure again. First, you are almost insulting her by not acknowledging how great it feels. Second, if it is that good, you must be holding it in. Either one doesn't have a great outlook. Let out what you are feeling and don't feel embarrassed. She wants to hear that you are having a good time.

15 "You are such a dirty girl!"

Sweet nothings have their place in romance but dirty talk is king in the bedroom. She is past the point of wanting to know how pretty she is, so let the sex talk fly! Ask her to make you climax so wildly the neighbours will call the police. Tell her she is the dirtiest girl on two feet. Command her to show you all the dirty things she can do with her body. If you are in a new relationship, you'll want to move slow on the dirty talk and gauge her reaction before moving on to more racier thoughts. She might not appreciate being called "skanky" but then again, it might make her juices run.

14 "What do you want me to do to you?"

Women want you to ask them what they like, although most hope you already know. If you are feeling like you can't judge what she'd like, ask her. You could have this conversation before the act even occurs, or as you get started by asking her what she wants done to her. If you've exhausted your best moves and have failed to end her over the edge, this would also be a great time to ask her what she likes. Some women may get stage fright and say something like "stuff" and at this point, take the lead and do some stuff. If she tells you to turn her over and pull her air, follow her lead.

13 "Do you like what I'm doing? Do you want more?"

If she's quiet or seemingly not enjoying what you are doing and you are using that move your BFF taught you last week that he swore had his girlfriend climbing the walls, you might want to ask her if its working for her. If she hates it, this gives her the opportunity to stop it now without being rude. If she loves it and has just been holding her breath in anticipation, she'll enthusiastically let you know that you are not to stop for any reason! If she does want you to stop, this might be a good lead up to the "what do you want me to do to you?" question.

12 "Let's focus on you"

Many women play the martyr and work on only satisfying their men, often leaving disappointed, either because he didn't care to or because she didn't speak up. If you are that guy who doesn't care, stop reading this article now. If you, like any good man, really wants to make sure she has a good time, say those four words above - let's focus on you. Chances are she'll go wild knowing you are making an effort and the repayment will be very, very, sweet. Tell her to lay back and enjoy everything she deserves coming to her.

11 "Strip off those leggings and get on this bed!"

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Women love when a man takes charge in bed. She may not love it in real life, but in bed, there is no better feeling to a woman than a man who takes what he wants (consensually of course!). Never something against her will, but by ordering her around a little and being the guy "in charge" she will definitely appreciate everything you are going to give her. There is a reason 50 Shades of Grey was as popular as it was. If what you are doing doesn't seem to turn her on, obviously stop as soon as you start and find out what she really wants.

10 "Yes, I have birth control"

A man who is prepared for the possibility of sex and is responsible about it is definitely sexy as hell. She doesn't want to get pregnant or be itchy for weeks after you get together, so pull out that condom and use it. Have a few on hand letting her know you aren't a one hit wonder either and you'll be sure to get a return visit.

9 "I can go all night"

If you are going to say this, you had better mean it, but one of the sexiest things a man can say is that he truly is a stud. While she might not want to go at it until 5am, hearing that you can go all night will definitely get her ready to be energetic herself. Of course, you don't have to participate in the act all night. You could stop for ice cream breaks in the buff, talk a little or have a sexy shower and wash up for the next round. The possibilities are endless, but this little line lets her know a good night is ahead of her. Don't let her down.

8 "You smell so good"

Women spend hours grooming themselves, especially before a date or a night out when they want to impress. Let her know that her efforts have not gone unnoticed and that you are enjoying every bit of her primping. Telling her she smells good will definitely heighten her senses and even get her to notice how good you smell as well and how great the two of you will soon smell together. You could say this while you are kissing her neck, licking her navel, or moving further down. No matter where you say it, she is going to love this compliment.

7 "Your booty is booming"

Every woman wants to hear that her body looks good. While she may seem to already know that her butt rivals Kim Kardashian's, she would love to hear it again and again. One tip: keep your compliments specific. Don't just tell her she's beautiful or has a rockin' body because she's heard that all before and it makes it seem like you are just saying it to be flattering. Tell her that she must take pilates because she has the most washboard stomach you've ever seen. Smack her behind while telling her how firm and solid it is. Don't go overboard either and spend the entire session giving her compliments as that would just be completely awkward. One or two well-placed compliments will go a long way.

6 "Your lips are amazing"

Besides being body conscious, many women are also worried about how well they are doing in bed. Besides complimenting the "big three", compliment things you wouldn't normally think of. Tell her that her lips are those of a Greek Goddess. Continue this line of thinking with why they are. If she can suck an orange through a straw, let her know that you've never felt lips so good. As her hair rubs on your chest, tell her how soft it is and that you'd like her to rub it everywhere your body. Be creative, just don't compliment something ridiculous like her nostrils or her earlobes.

5 "This feels amazing"

Whether you are doing all the work or you are equally engaged, let her know you are enjoying this immensely. If she is doing something to make you forget your hamster just died, let it be known. While the moans and grunts and occasional scream is great, say it. Tell her how good it feels when she rubs her tongue along that side of you or when she just lays there spread eagle. Either way, let her know you are having the time of your life and it can be guaranteed that the time will just get better.

4 "You're so good at that"

While you are telling her that this is the best day of your life, or just the best day this week, tell her exactly what she is doing to make it so good. If it is just a flick of the tongue or a way of moving that she excels at, make sure you tell her exactly what she is so amazing at. This is the best way to ensure she keeps doing it. Again and again.

3 "I'm all yours"

This phrase can be used in whatever scenario you'd like, whether you are all hers for the next hour or the rest of her life, it is nice to know she's got you all to herself. This also gives her free reign to do to you what she likes as you are giving yourself over to her completely.

2 "I love you" (or "I like you a lot")

Blurting out you love her mid-climax might be too much, especially on a first date, but letting her know you really like her will definitely work in your favour. She wouldn't be there if she didn't like you, unlike some men who aren't too picky about who they bed, so knowing that you like her and you chose her to be there, definitely is something she wants to hear. If you truly do love her, it doesn't hurt to tell her during the act, although it shouldn't be the first time she's hearing it. Saying I love you for the first time during sex muddies up the lines a bit, as she might not believe you really mean it. Whispering that she means so much to you as you make love will only make the experience that much better.

1 "You make me feel like a man"

This is probably the best compliment you can give a women while in bed together. The main goals of sex include giving and receiving pleasure and making your partner feel like a woman/a man. If she's attained that goal and made you feel like your sexiest and most virile self, you owe it to her and you should shout it out loud. Let's hope you've made her feel her most womanly too.


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