15 Ways Pokémon Go Has Changed Your Relationship

As far as relationships go, there are many hurdles to overcome. Before you can face the personal ones, like introducing your significant other to your parents and family members, you first need to make sure you have a solid foundation.

These foundations are usually based on similar interests, personalities and yes even physical attraction. To start, let’s focus on the similar interests to see how they impact relationships. Music, television shows, and movies are just the tip of the iceberg. Video games also hold a strong presence among these formidable categories. Technology has quickly become a popular theme that most couples relish.

Niantic’s Pokémon Go has been trending for quite a while now, and amusingly enough it has been testing all sorts of affairs. Are you or your partner training to be Pokémon masters? Do you or your partner stand with or against other Pokémon trainers? There are so many different personalities that clash with Pokémon Go and so many deciding factors that can make or break a bond. Is your partner cheering for your success or failure? Are they part of your team or are they part of the competition?

Here are fifteen ways Pokémon Go might have changed your relationship. If you can relate to any of these points or would like to add your own experiences to the list, feel free to message below.

15 You've Made A New Aly...Or Enemy

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Most couples will coordinate to make sure they are on the same team before playing Pokémon Go, but there are a few who follow their "instinct." This can cause an inevitable drift between relationships. Team Instinct (also known as the team yellow) is notoriously recognized to be the least favourite of the three groups. It struggled to stand out against the red and blue teams before its leader Spark (The Meme Lord) was announced at the San Diego Comic-con earlier this year. Before Spark made his debut, Team Mystic and Valour were taking charge and conquering gyms one day at a time. Most hunters acknowledge that defending a gym and fighting together was better than riding solo. Others chose to walk an alternative path, defying the norms. This path is commonly defined as a mistake, which risks ridicule, and discrimination. Regardless, here is some advice for the powerhouses. Never underestimate an underdog…. or a competitive girlfriend. #TeamInstinct

14 You’re In A Relationship, But Are Forever Alone

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Single and hunting is one thing, but knowing you could be stalking Pikachu with your significant other can turn a person green. Your partner may have a great reason for not playing Pokémon Go. They could have a smartphone that doesn’t support Pokémon Go, or a phone that has reached its capacity and can’t download any more applications. They could also just think that they’re above the game and refuse to download it altogether.

Well, whatever the reason… it hurts to know that you’re on your own. Not only do you get to hear about your friends turning date night into a hunting expedition but you also get invited as a third-wheel out of pity. Going out on your own is nothing to be ashamed of, and if that is how you prefer to hunt your Pokémon then all the power to you.

Still, isn’t it your partner’s job to make compromises—to stand by you no matter what? Hunting for Pokémon should not be an exception. This issue can distinctly make a person feel like they’re single even though they’re not.

13 You've Tried Relentlessly To Get Them Into It

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If your partner has no interest in Pokémon Go then that’s cool (well, figuratively), but you shouldn’t have to peer pressure them into liking it. And yet, that’s exactly what some people do. The thirst for companionship is strong with this one, folks. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a general interest in Pokémon Go. We can all thank the iconic Pikachu for that. It’s okay to manifest that interest into love and addiction. There is nothing wrong with throwing a line to see if their curiosity sticks. The best way to get someone engrossed with Pokémon Go is to let him or her catch a Pokémon. It’s the baby steps everyone takes before we become obsessed. Once they’ve caught their first Pokémon, you can inform them about pokéstops, pokéballs, potions, treats, incubators and how they can hatch an egg. If they still show no interest after all that, then you should proceed to finish the five stages of grief.

12 You Push Each Other To Be The Very Best That No One Ever Was

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Having someone to play Pokémon Go with is essential for some people. It makes hunting fun and it motivates you to reach higher levels and capture stronger Pokémon. If you hear people talking crap about your team, you can be proactive together and rebuff the comments. Why disagree with someone who embarked on the same journey with you? It just doesn’t make sense. Note: if your partner ends up doing better than you then they may hold it over your head—and if you end up doing better than them then they might become a little distant. If you level up together, you can flaunt your team pride, carry conversations and not have to compete with one another. Your Pokémon list could be identical and the number of eggs you’ve hatched would be the only differing factor. Some may find this method to be a little excessive, but you can go ahead and blame passion for that.

11 Nothing Gets In The Way Of A Good Catch

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Depending on how understanding your partner is, you can get away with hunting almost anywhere. Take Jonathan Theriot for example, he got a Pidgey minutes before his wife was about to give birth. Thankfully, she laughed it off with an eye roll. So it’s not the end of the world if your partner doesn’t play Pokémon Go with you. As long as they understand its importance and can be supportive then that’s also a win. It’s like having a personal cheerleader invested in your success. Better than a competitive partner who is on a mission to surpass you.

10 You Work Out Together!

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They say couples that workout together, stay together. Well, the same can be said for couples that Pokémon Go together. For those of you who don't know, the app forces players out of the house and challenges them to walk 2-10KM in order to hatch an egg. Also, you have to be constantly moving in order to make new discoveries. It puts a toll on the data plan, but this just means you can go running and biking together. Set some goals for yourselves and see if you can reach them as a team. More motivation to explore the great outdoors means finding new gyms! Go catch 'em all!

9 You Plan Your Dates Around Pokémon Go

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Living downtown has its perks for planning dates around the city. Especially since restaurants have started encouraging customers to Pokémon Go at their location. There are even signs posted outside the entrances to let players know if their store is marked as a pokéstop. You get to eat and hunt at your own convenience. However, not everyone has that luxury. Finding parking can be a real big pain in the butt. It’s better to go somewhere less crowded and peaceful. If you and your partner are devoted hunters, and want to plan a date around Pokémon Go then you should plan a picnic. Setting lures at pokéstops is a great way to mix business with pleasure. You won’t need a car to drive over either; you can just walk there and back. #Win

8 You Feel Betrayed When Your Partner Loses Interest

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It's sad to say that not everyone is a loyal hunter. Their passion burns out after a certain level and they don't see a point in catching Pokémon anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault and you don’t want to place blame, but you also don’t get it. Although your partner remains understanding and encourages your endeavors, you are left feeling a little abandoned. Do picnic dates mean anything after that? Why bother with a lucky egg when only one of you is going to be hunting? Do evening runs matter anymore if your partner isn't collecting pokéballs with you? What’s going to happen to all that hard work you put into helping them capture their Pokémon? The wounds will slowly heal, but till then wait for the next upgrade. Maybe Niantic will finally let players transfer Pokémon from one account to another. Maybe you can take their Magmar and Snorlax as compensation.

7 You Become Your Partner's Eyes and Ears

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Horror stories are piling up about Pokémon Go. Drivers and pedestrians both need to be careful when hunting. Whether you're driving or walking, you should have an extra pair of eyes observing your surroundings. Who better to do that than your significant other? Take turns hunting for each other while one of you is driving—make sure you’re looking both ways before crossing the street if you’re a pedestrian. If you’re not able to fight at one gym, there will be another for you to challenge. If you don’t capture that one Pikachu, don’t worry! There will be another... or there might not be, but that shouldn’t be the reason you dive into traffic. Pokémon Go is supposed to be fun, not morbid. If your partner is stubbornly defying the rules of the city, then you have to be the responsible one. Put safety first and try not to get into trouble with the law.

6 Pokéstop Near Your Place? Let's Stay In Tonight...

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When you find out that there is Pokéstop in front of your place, the socks come off and the cuddle session begins! No amount of fresh air will get you and your partner outside. As long as you can keep setting up lures, you will remain indoors where it is pleasant and comfortable. For once, you won’t have to go looking for Pokémon; they will come to you. Not to mention you can keep collecting pokéballs and potion items every ten minutes. It is a power play that gives you glorious control and satisfaction. You could make dinner together, binge watch your favorite shows, and it wouldn’t require any effort at all! This is also a perk for those office couples that have pokéstops and gyms near their workplace. Downtown is a goldmine for most players. When the clock reads noon, challengers should be aware because there is a power couple just waiting to dominate.

5 You Travel Together To Pursue Adventure & Pokémon

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Confining yourself to one city isn’t always the best idea for real Pokémon masters. There may be other discoveries waiting for you in another town, city or country. If you’re traveling somewhere with your significant other, take that time to make most of your sightings. Who knows? You may run into a few Dragonites at the airport. If you’re driving off somewhere, be safe and try not to take too many detours along the way. You don’t want to get lost on your trip... or maybe you do. Your GPS could be leading you towards a Gyarados. This would be a great opportunity to gloat about your findings on social media. Rub it everyone’s face that you and your partner are an unstoppable pair who are on a mission to catch 'em all. You may make some enemies along the way, but you may also run into other couples owning the game. Double dating just got easier.

4 Goodbye Dinner Conversation

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You want to spend as much as you can with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but your priorities have changed a little bit. Everything you do is resolved around Pokémon Go and your partner isn't exactly thrilled about it. They say date night is supposed to be just the two of you, interacting, socializing, and making some unforgettable memories together. Well, they’re not wrong, but you can’t help dedicate yourself to Pokémon Go as well. It has become an extension of you; you can’t leave your house without turning on the app.

People think it’s an addiction and it might be, but so what? If a Butterfree shows up at your dinner table then what are you supposed to do? Not catch it? It’s all you need to complete the evolution package. You want to keep your partner happy and give them your undivided attention, but you can’t do that at the expense of your collection. It wouldn’t be right. So what are you supposed to do? Well, from experience that's a clear sign that you should start making some compromises. Like any well working relationship, you need to agree to some of your partner’s conditions. It might help ease the tension, or it might not. They could just be a lost cause.

3 Take Turns Playing Or Face The Consequences!

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There is an unwritten give and take agreement you sign before you start a relationship with somebody. This also applies to Pokémon Go. Selflessness plays a big part in defining a relationship. You can’t be the only one giving into your partner’s demand and vice versa. You have to take turns or else one person will end up carrying the other. A good example is trying to win over a gym in Pokémon Go. If you're driving or taking public transportation, then you have to take turns challenging the gym owners. It's hard to suppress your hunger for destruction, but if you're selfishly claiming all the gyms then prepare yourself for a different kind of battle. A battle you may not be destined to win—one that may easily land you in on the couch for the night. It will all depend on how forgiving your partner is.

2 All Your Gift Giving Problems Are Solved! 

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Boys find it problematic to shop for girls and girls find it impossible to shop for boys. Let’s not forget that birthdays and anniversaries aren’t the only days couples celebrate. There is also Valentine's Day and Christmas. It seems with every passing year, you have to get more creative and more romantic. There are not enough DIY ideas to get you through all those holidays. However, if your partner is a dedicated hunter then you’re in luck. Go find the closest comic book store in your neighborhood and check out what they are selling.

Pokémon plushies are trending, and kids aren’t the only ones sporting them. Nothing says, "I love you" quite like a Charmander onesie. You can also order them a cake with a pokéball drawn over it. Why not get them a pair of Bulbasaur socks to match their Squirtle ball cap? How about an awesome backpack with Pikachu’s face on it? The possibilities are endless, so go ahead and shop till you drop.

1 Pokémon Go Makes You Both Feel Nostalgia

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Ash Ketchum is a pretty iconic character, and his Pikachu even more so. If you grew up in the nineties then you have a soft spot for the Indigo Series, which is currently on Netflix. Besides trading cards and watching all the Pokémon movies, most people grew up wishing they too could become a Pokémon Master. Niantic made this dream a reality with Pokémon Go. The app takes us back to our roots and makes us feel like kids again. More importantly, it makes us reminisce about our youth. A true fan ran home from school just so they could recite the intro song. A true fan collected the trading cards and exchanged them during recess. A true fan saved up all their allowance just so they could purchase more collectables and DVDs. There is so much nostalgia that comes with Pokémon Go that you have to share it with your significant other, especially if they are as passionate about it as you. It could become a family tradition that you pass on for generations, because who are we kidding? Pokemon is timeless.

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