15 Tricks Every Woman Uses To Make Herself Beautiful

Being a girl is hard; we never catch a break and could never just be. When we were kids we were taught to be ladies and play nice. We were dressed up in cute, little dresses and fancy outfits that restricted what we could do. When we moved on to being teenagers we had to worry about everything that we learned in our childhood and then some. All of a sudden we have a monthly visitor, we feel all these feelings; a mixture of insecurity, infatuation, and the struggles of being a teenage girl.

Instead of getting easier, things only get harder; as we get older we realize the benefits and harsh truths of how hard it is to be a woman and the undeniable fact that life will always be “this”. There are a multitude of steps that every woman goes through to be what they feel is beautiful, to be content with how they look when they step outside of the house. These steps are never easy. They normally cost a lot of money and they are havoc to pull off. Even the low maintenance girl who tosses her hair in a ponytail and throws on a baseball cap (instead of putting on makeup) has had a moment (or maybe two). The saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is quickly losing its value especially when the beholder is yourself. We are our own worst critics and because of this, we feel the need to take several steps that are meant to enhance our beauty. What are some of the crazy steps that you ladies have gone through in order to make yourselves more beautiful?

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15 Expensive Facials

Facials can be relaxing and exciting, but they are usually more of a luxury and come included in an expensive spa package. While there are generic facial scrubs, some women go to extreme lengths for that smooth as a baby’s bottom skin. There are treatments that include eels or snails and more extreme treatments that include human placenta, for hydrating, and even sperm treatments (for god knows what). Some people even rub bird poop all over their face because the results are apparently miraculous. Can you imagine telling your significant other that you have just come back from a facial that included you rubbing your face in something that people scream about getting in their hair? It cannot make for a great conversation. Little do they know that this is how you have been maintaining that glistening skin. It does not sound pretty but then again, no one said that the act of getting beautified was a pretty process.

14 Painful Hair Extensions

One would not think that putting in hair extensions could be strenuous or time consuming. With all the clip-ins and wigs it should be a breeze, right? Wrong! Extensions are time consuming and on top of that, they can cost a lot of money. People have spent up to $10,000 on a “good weave” and sat in a chair for hours getting them installed. They usually look amazing afterwards but let us remind you of one particular makeover episode of America’s Next Top Model, where one model sat in a chair for about eight hours getting very expensive extensions installed and cried the entire time. Her tears of pain scarred a generation of young women who are pro extensions. The model hated the extensions afterwards, but they looked amazing; in fact, they made her look like a completely different person, which is kind of what most women are trying to achieve with all of their beauty routines.

13 Ridiculous Booty Pads

via aliexpress.com

Believe it or not, booty pads are a thing and a lot more girls are wearing them than you might think. The sought after apple shaped buttock is driving people insane; mostly everyone is trying to achieve it through different methods. The workout method is probably the best, but there are also butt injections, butt-lifts and of course, when you cannot afford those options there is the cheaper and more uncomfortable butt pads. You know the ones we are talking about; women stuff them into their underwear and strut around like they are naturally big booty-ed. The problem with this is that while the butt pads work for some women and give them a great lift and seamless look, they get hot. Disclaimer ahead: You sweat more in your underwear and you become increasingly more uncomfortable as the day goes on. The sweat also absorbs into the butt pads (depending which ones you have) and that is not a very hygienic situation.

12 Any Kind of Eye Makeup Routine

Most people believe that putting on eye shadow is nothing hard; all you have to do is cover your eyelid with whatever metallic colour you see fit that day. After you have that on you move onto the eyeliner with one single stroke across, and then the mascara, and you are good to go; wrong. It is literally an art to put on eye makeup. Everything is so precise and detailed to make it look beautiful and vibrant and basically jump off of your skin. The reality is that it could take hours to perfect a good eye routine and what makes it even worse is the fact that when it comes to taking off the makeup, the process is even worse. It does not matter how hard you rub and scrub and what premium makeup remover you use, the mascara is always caked on and clumped together, with the eyeliner smudged all around your eyes.

11 Extreme Mani/Pedi

Women around the world are risking their hygiene by placing their feet in tubs that several other people have placed their feet in on a daily basis. Okay, let’s get more specific; getting a manicure and pedicure is probably one of the most unhygienic things that anyone can do. Just to have our nails look good, we go to nail salons where hundreds of people pass through a day and soak their feet in the same tubs you soak yours in, and use the same nail files and cuticle clippers that you use on your fingers. After women have risked their hygiene for some fabulous nail game, they then have to maintain them. This includes always being conscious of running their hands through their hair because the oils can make the polish chip, or doing too many strenuous household duties because submerging their hands in water softens the polish and encourages the chipping. Point being, maintaining a manicure is hard, annoying work and yes, it looks pretty but it is basically a pain in the butt.

10 Intense Exfoliating

Exfoliating is great for the skin and no one is questioning this, however when people talk about how good it feels they can be going a bit overboard. Exfoliating is meant to scrub off the dead skin which it does but in addition, it also rubs your skin raw and leaves you feeling sensitive. Why do women exfoliate? Well, that is easy they all just want their skin to be in the best condition possible and if that includes going though minor discomfort, well; bring it on. Exfoliating is just the beginning of a possible 20 step process to getting ready in the morning or a possible 10 step process of getting ready for bed. It is recommended that people do not exfoliate everyday but honestly, it gets everything off at night and it makes your face and body less greasy.

9 Hair Washing Routine

Every girl has a different hair washing routine, as every girl’s hair needs something different. For black women with natural hair, a washing routine usually consists of a full wash (shampoo, conditioner and maybe a treatment), then a few days later a co-wash (just conditioner); this is mainly to keep the scalp clean and few other great things. For a white woman with a frizzier texture, there is a whole other process that includes a serum that can help ease the frizz. And a girl with straight flat hair needs a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that gives their hair a little bounce and sexiness. The amount of product that is used in one's hair on a weekly basis can be insane, so in order to keep it healthy women have to spend loads of money on specialty shampoos and conditioners. In addition there has been a new craze with homemade treatments, so the grocery store has become a playground for product junkies; avocado and olive oil are no longer just healthy fats for the stomach anymore.

8 Drinks A Crazy Amount Of Water

The recommended daily intake of water is eight cups a day; that is just the recommended intake, however, in order to get that beautiful skin and help maintain a healthy weight you should be drinking more than eight cups a day. Do not go too overboard, but even up to ten glasses a day is what women should aim for. Every girl is looking for that slim, trim figure, and water is essential to achieving that figure. Even when women are not thirsty they are drinking water. The only great part about overindulging in water is that it is actually good for you; it keeps you hydrated, but it can be annoying having to run to the washroom a couple of times in an hour. However, the upside is it helps to flush out the excess weight.

7 Tight Spanx/Waist Trainers

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It is all about sucking it in these days, and there is equipment for that; the popularity of waist trainers (and Spanx) has skyrocketed. However, just because they are popular does not mean they feel good. These devices suck you in, leave marks, hurt and are probably the most uncomfortable articles of clothing anyone can own. Spanx are supposed to hide any imperfections in the stomach and thighs, and even drop you down a dress size but every women that puts them on knows that they are complicated and uncomfortable. You better go to the washroom before you pour yourself into them and do not expect to use the bathroom while wearing them. Yes, Spanx and waist trainers give us a figure that we may not otherwise have, but the whole restricted breathing thing, sweating profusely because of the amount of clothes you have on and not being able to eat a full meal, is a struggle.

6 Intricate Contouring

via cosmopolitan.com

Contouring has to be one of the longest makeup processes known to man. The amount of steps that are involved are insane; if you want to contour everyday you would have to get up at least two to three hours before you have to leave the house. This is mainly due to finding the proper positions for all of the makings, so you do not come out looking off balanced. The Kardashians make it look easy; they sit in a chair and have someone contour their faces possibly everyday, however, that is the life of a busy celebrity. When it comes to non-famous women, you know the doctors, lawyers, makeup junkies, and retail workers, contouring is a big pain in the butt. Yes, it looks amazing once you have mastered it but the process is long and daunting, and it always seems like no matter how early she begins, it is never enough time to finish it all. Kudos to all the ladies who have the strength to put on a full face of contour everyday and still have enough energy to leave the house afterwards.

5 Constant Plucking

Some women are not into waxing; in fact, they think it is less painful to pluck at those stubborn hairs on their face or in a few other unsightly spots. Most men do not realize that waxing or plucking, is pain in its own right. Women know if they want to adhere to the standards of “typical” (media influenced) beauty, then plucking a few hairs is the least of their problems. Either way, it must be done; it is one of the steps that is getting women closer to looking their absolute best. Plucking is precise, to the point, and can take a long time to get through, and if one is not careful she could completely demolish the shape of her eyebrows. While this art is best left for the professionals, some women think it is an easy feat to pluck two or three strands here and there; be warned you can really screw up the balance of your face that way.

4 Forever Starving

Before we start it should be known we are not promoting starving yourself, however, realistically some women (who are on a quest to lose a quick pound) will keep it to one meal a day to look good in a dress they purposely bought in a smaller size. This normally happens around wedding dresses and even bridesmaid dresses, as everyone wants to slay in their dress and look equally as hot in the pictures that will be shown to people for years and years to come. The crash diet is one that women have been dabbling in for decades, only now with all these teas, protein powders and pills, it has made it easier for women to drop a few pounds of water weight and see a significant difference in their body over the course of 7-14 days. Are they hungry? Hell, yes. Would they rather look good in a dress for a few hours and sacrifice a few meals? Yup.

3 Sweat Till You Drop

Working out is not just to look beautiful, but it definitely has that benefit. Having a nice tight, toned body is part of looking and feeling amazing, and sweating is supposedly great for your pores and allows the toxins to leave your body. There have been more and more inventions lately that are allowing you to sweat out those toxins and lose that weight without doing it naturally (like waist trainers that produce an extra layer of heat if you work out in it, all while constricting your breathing). Good old fashion sweat is not easy to come by, a lot of people do not sweat profusely, but the ones that do are completely questioning their body's balance. No women likes to sweat because in real life, it looks kind of gross. It is not like in the movies or fashion ads where there is one strategic bead of sweat that just happens to fall between the breast.

2 Tattoo The Makeup

Tattoo makeup is not for everyone; realistically, it should not be for most people. Tattoo makeup came about as a way for people to cover up something they do not like, have the perfect eyebrows, and even in some cases have their very own Cindy Crawford mole. This little beauty “trick” is pretty new in the makeup world, and one of the most popular treatments is actually the wing-tipped eyeliner. No one knows how hard it is to perfect a wing-tipped eyeliner like a non-professional makeup lover. Usually the tattoo is supposed to look as natural as possible and why would it not? No one is going to pay a lot of money to come out of the chair looking basic and worse than before. Unfortunately, there have been incidents that made that “natural” look go right out the door. The tattoo process can be uncomfortable, but pain is beauty, right?

1 Waxing

It is safe to say that most men do not realize that when women have no hair down there (or anywhere), it means that they have gone through some excruciating pain to be hairless. That sought-after perfectly smooth skin is a process that involves pulling hair out of the skin by the root with a hot sticky wax that sometimes burns a woman’s skin. In 2015 a study showed that men are not partial to either side of the waxing coin; they definitely get excited to see a female who embraces the art of waxing. However, most men are yet to understand the depths of how hardcore it can be; waxing is sometimes used as a way for females to feel more comfortable in their own skin, but truth be told as we get older we are less preoccupied with hair and more involved with so many other more important things.

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