15 Things Women Only Do In Front Of Each Other (Sorry Guys)

Men normally have a hard time deciphering women and what goes on behind closed doors between them. This list will not help that situation -- it may provide insight -- but mostly men will still be confused. Women feel comfortable around each other, this is not rocket science, it is only natural for women to feel comfortable around one another. It does not matter their body type, their circumstances or their background, it is innate for women to just click. That being said, this native connection allows women to feel comfortable talking about and doing just about anything in front of another woman. When it comes to men, women feel the need to hide certain things that may make them look a bit unappealing, or what may make their boyfriends, crushes and even husbands feel awkward.

The secret life of girls is one that men think they want to penetrate, but instantly regret it when they do. But at the end of the day, the reality is that girls fart, smell themselves, envy other women’s breast and even cuddle, yes cuddle. Who doesn't like a good spoon? And the fact is, girls will do something shady in front of one another faster than they will in front of their boyfriends, or even their husbands. Have you ever wondered why your girlfriend is always on the phone with her friends or at their house all the time? Simple, she can let loose without feeling like she has to be perfect and hold in that gas until you fall asleep.

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15 They Share A Bathroom Stall

It is no secret that girls have no problems with sharing a stall. If you have a friend who has not been in a stall with you while peeing then you should be very weary of her intentions. These kinds of shenanigans usually take place after a long night of clubbing and an even longer time of standing in the line to get rid of all that alcohol you ingested. There is no shame in a best friends game and she feels no type of way as you wipe and flush. The only problem is she wants you to hurry up because she is next and cannot hold it any longer.

14 They Smell Themselves

Girls have no problem smelling themselves and even less of a problem asking her girlfriend if her pits smell funky as she holds up her arm and waits for her to take a big whiff. In front of guys, girls are aware of every last thing they do and they do not ever want to seem insecure or worried that they are not at their best. However, in front of their girls all bets are off. Smelling weird, and talking about weird smells is a normal part of their day some even go to the extent of borrowing one another’s deodorant. Not the most hygienic practice, but there are worse things.

13 They Fart Just As Much As Guys

Staying on the topic of smells, most men like to live in la-la land and believe that women do not do anything that may be considered gross. But contrary to popular belief, women can do “gross” things and one of those things include farting. To us it is no big deal but in fact, we can be just as silly as guys and fart on command, or fart to get some laughs from our peers. We are really not that different from men when we get into our group of friends and let loose (no pun intended).

12 They Talk About Their Vajayjay

What are girlfriends for if not to talk about your lady bits with such ease and security? Nothing is off limits when we talk about our bodies; this includes how we maintain our vajayjay’s. We talk about our latest wax or why we refuse to wax, we talk about how our men like it or why we refuse to keep it a certain way. The V is often a foreign space to a man, and mentally they like to believe that is it naturally perfect and no harm can come to it. When in reality it takes us a lot of time to maintain it. Men will never be privy to the bush.

11 They Diss on Their BF’s Family

Not everyone gets along harmoniously with their in-laws or future in-laws or simply just their boyfriend's family. While most women are able to smile and get though the day, they will always need to vent about it later. A smart women talks to her partner and tells them what they were unhappy about; they allow that to simmer and are happy that he is aware of their displeasure. However, when she gets with the girls, she lets the trash talking commence. She discusses everything from the bad shoes, the muffin top, the cheap curtains and everything petty much under the sun. Can you blame her? Be real, how would it look if she told her partner that his mom looked horrible in her dress?

10 They Cyber Stalk Their Exes

A true friend will help you stalk your ex on social media even if you have moved on. When you get together with your bestie it is okay to feel very comfortable bringing up the idea that you want to stalk your ex on social media. This may be because you want them back or because you are just plain nosy and want to see if they are miserable without you. Either way, your girl has your back and will join you in the foolish act of stalking someone and wasting your time, seeing as you are clearly not together for a reason.

9 They Pick Out Wedgies

“Wait a second. Can you block me?” is usually what you hear right before your best friend is about to dive into her butt and pick out that relentless wedgie. There is always a millisecond of sheer horror that develops in your inner core but before you know it she is done and the both of you are way past it. Here is the trick with a wedgie; if you did it around say, your high school boyfriend, or maybe even your college friends with benefits, it would warrant a dramatic, face twisting response. However, if you did this in front of your husband of several long years he will most likely not be phased. For now, just keep it between you and your bestie.

8 They Change Clothes Together

Changing your clothes in front of your girlfriend is like a right of passage; if your best friend happens to be your sister, even better because you feel like this is one of the most natural things in the world. Sorry boys, but as much as you like to claim that you're cool about it, it is only natural for you to be a bit weird and squeamish when it comes to seeing a girl naked. Not to mention taking it the wrong way or bragging about it to your loser friends. Some of you even take it as a sign to start making endless unwanted moves and that is only from seeing us change a shirt in front of you.

7 They Walk Around Naked

Most women are simply not fazed by walking around naked or partially naked in front of a girl they call their best friend. Now, do not go and get any weird ideas; we are not doing anything that you think we are doing. However, if we are in a rush and running around the house looking for a particular top we may be doing it in a bra, or underwear. The reason we feel comfortable is because we have the same bits and we know that you are not going to be totally grossed out or equally turned on by our birthday suits.

6 They Burp Intentionally

Girls can do unsavory things and laugh about it too, boys. Contrary to popular belief we also like to be silly and make light of situations that could otherwise be embarrassing when done around the wrong people. It has always been said that it is not ladylike for women to burp in front of potential suitors; no man wants a gassy woman, right? Therefore, we keep our indiscretions to ourselves and feel no kind of way about letting loose in front of our girlfriends. After all, a burp is usually considered involuntary and we all know you cannot fight with nature.

5 They Eat Food Out Of Their Bras

Most men do not realize that when women have a bigger bust food easily falls down there. On a date we would try to avoid this at all cost and if food does happen to fall down there we would rather sit in discomfort the entire time then pull it out and have a potential embarrassing situation. When we are with our girlfriends they know our struggle so wholeheartedly that they may even dive in there and fish it out (okay, we are pushing it a bit). However, they will not look at us in an awkward way when they see us dive in to avoid stains on our overly expensive bras.

4 They Adjust Their Spanx

As women we have all tried spanx at one point in our lives; usually when we are trying to look our absolute best on a date. All women know that spanx need constant readjusting; not only are they unbelievably tight they tend to move around a bit and get stuck in places that things should never get stuck in. We cannot very well adjust our spanxs in front of the boys they do not even know we are wearing them. In front of our friends though, we feel way too comfortable, we may even ask them for a hand. Spanx are a two man job anyway.

3 They Wax Their Upper Lip

Make that waxing anywhere, basically. When it's girl time we use it to perfect our looks. Waxing your upper lip is crucial for some women but that does not mean we want our men to know about it. Imagine walking around with a waxing strip in front of the boys it would make for some awkward conversation. First they would know that we too can have mustaches (slight ones) and second this might scare them away or at least make them feel awkward. Honestly, guys know by now what we go through to be perfect for them, but that does not mean they want to see it. Girls know what other girls go through to be as close to perfect as possible, at times they may even help you.

2 They Talk About Aunt Flo

“I moved to my side and...”, “I tried to get up after sitting for 3 hours straight and...”, “I had to be stiff as a board when I got out of bed this morning because...”. Comments like these are all too common when girls talk, we know that the conversation must relate to their time of the month. This is a topic that no guy wants to hear about or even think about. Girls will gladly let other women know that it is their time of the month and the horror that they are currently going through. Guys would be totally grossed out and may even run for the hills #byeboys.

1 They Cry Uncontrollably

Not the cute cry we try to do in front of our boyfriends in fear that we have an ugly cry face (see Kim Kardashian). We are talking about the bawling, snot filled, uncontrollable crying; the one, that makes us hyperventilate and can come off looking quite dramatic if we do not reel ourselves in. Be real, unless it involves death, no girl will cry like this in front of a guy. Not only do guys not know how to react but an immature guy may never speak to her again (this has actually happened). In front of her girlfriends however a good cry is welcomed and sometimes suggested.

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