15 Things The Kardashians Completely Wrecked

The idea of a celebrity is someone who is known to the public— either internationally or within their own country. These people typically fall into categories such as a movie star, musician, singer, dancer, and some are even politicians.

When we think of a huge celebrity family where each member in the family is very well known to the public, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is 'Kardashian'. The Kardashians are the most popular trending news in current day. This family, who is made up of a female majority, is looked up to mainly by other females as fashion icons. Every move a Kardashian makes, whether it is Kris, the mother of all these children, to Saint, the youngest in their family, is being watched. For the youngest ones from the Kardashians, such as North, Penelope, Mason, and Saint even starting from their birth they have been in front of cameras.

However, none of The Kardashians fall into any of the 'celebrity' categories mentioned above. The unique fact about the Kardashians is actually that they were celebrities even before they became actors, entrepreneurs, and models. Though at first the show was mainly about Kim Kardashian, not before long, every member of the family became well known to the public eye.

Although many follow the Kardashians, surprisingly (or not), they've destroyed quite a few things during their reign in Hollywood. Read below to find out more about the 15 things the Kardashians have completely destroyed— knowingly or not.

15 How Old Are You?

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Many women use the Kardashians as an example of the way to live. Particularly, teenage girls look up to Kendall (20) and Kylie (19) as they are around their age. Both are very successful (financially). They are productively working in their individual careers— Kendall in modelling while Kylie's working on her own makeup line. But, just by looking at these two, someone who does not actually know their age would never guess it right and are bound to think they are a lot older. Looking at Kylie, for example, the way she dresses, and the amount of makeup she wears is not typically how a 19-year-old girl would. This could be influenced by their older half-sisters of the Kardashian side of the family (Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim). There was a lot of talk online about Kylie trying to copy Kim, who is over 15 years older. This could also be at fault of the parents Kris and Caitlyn as they should be the ones guiding their kids’ lives, which we can all tell they do not bother to get involved in. We can only imagine how these two will look when they reach 50. Then again, they'll probably get more work done to 'fix' whatever they're not happy with.

14 Family Bond

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As reality stars, we see the Kardashians in their happiest moments as well as their lowest. However, they also go through some dramatic twists and turns maybe a little more so than families who are not in the eye of media. First of all, the mother, Kris Jenner, is dating Corey Gamble (35) who is the same age as her second daughter, Kim. How would you feel if your mom’s boyfriend was your age? If Kris and Corey tie the knot, will Kris’ grandchildren be calling Corey grandpa?

Onto the hottest new drama in the family: the situation between Kylie and Blac Chyna. For those who don't know, Kylie is dating Blac Chyna’s baby daddy, Tyga. That's not all, Blac Chyna is engaged to Kylie's brother Rob. Still more... Blac Chyna and Rob are pregnant! Will this make Tyga an uncle to his first child’s sibling?

Did you think it was over? It's not. In some episodes of Keeping up with the KardashiansKourtney and Corey seemed very close; so much so that even Kim and Khloe noticed and found it a bit weird. Forget "bro code" and "ladies stick together", what happened to "family bond"?

13 I do. Do I?

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Kris, was initially married to Robert Kardashian whom she cheated on and, obviously, later divorced. She then married Bruce Jenner whom she has 2 children with. It was obvious that Kris wore the pants in the relationship, and after 22 years of marriage, the couple separated. Now, Kris is dating Corey, who could be her son. We'll just have to wait and see if ring #3 comes around.

Kourtney, having 3 children with Scott Disick, has still not followed in her mother's footsteps down the aisle. He even planned to propose to her only to hear that she is not ready for marriage. Maybe she plans to just keep making an army of babies with him?

Kim, was divorced twice with her second marriage to, Kris Humphries, lasting a mere 72 days! It probably took more time to plan the wedding.

Khloe married Lamar Odom in 2009. The couple separated for some time during which Khloe even dated other men, until Lamar recently entered her life again.

The longest relationship out of all of these was Kourtney’s, though she's still not married. Maybe this is a good idea, it seems marriage is cursed for the Kardashians. Or they just don't care about the sanctity of marriage.

12 All In The Name Of Fame

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Kim is currently known as a model, business entrepreneur, and reality show star. However, she was famous way before her current 'career'. Most already know this, but some might still be in the dark. Kim's debut into the spotlight was thanks to her private 'intimate' video with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

People obviously didn't get a very good impression of the Kardashian starlet. While some work hard within their talents to become well-known, Kim did it in a flash without even trying. This road to stardom is controversial, at best. Especially for those young impressionable teens, they may look at the Kardashians as a way to be successful and famous. Hide your kids! This is clearly not the right path to fame.

11 Scott Disick

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For men who enter the Kardashian family, there is always a 'before and after' story. Scott is Kourtney’s boyfriend and the father of her three children, as most of us know. He has been a part of their reality show since the first season. It took many years for Scott to be accepted into the family. However, he is not married or engaged to Kourtney, and yet has to deal with the family drama and has been for years. Scott can get a little or maybe much out of hand. He has come out to say he has an addiction and even went to rehab for treatment. The specifics of his addiction was never really spoken about. Scott did lose both of his parents a few years back and Kourtney is apparently not very emotionally supportive. The poor man is a mess and it wouldn't be surprising if the Kardashian family and all of its annoying drama has a lot to do with it.

10 Female Self-Esteem 

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Many of today’s young girls look up to the Kardashians for their sense of fashion, lifestyle choices, and beauty. Somehow, these women are considered “goals”. The question is: are the Kardashian sisters really that perfect? There are many images online comparing 'before and after' pictures of all the sisters where we can all see obvious unnatural change. But, Kardashians also have many flaws which are hidden on media. Their blemishes are filtered and bodies altered to make them look flawless. Can we talk about Kim's booty? She actually said during an interview that her butt is real; is it, Kim? Is it? Kylie’s lips have been the talk of the town for so long. Those who have seen Kylie before her current lips would know that is not something a simple lip plumper can do (maybe it can, but it won’t last for this long). These women are setting ridiculously unrealistic standards for those of us in the real world. Something the Kardashians should think of doing is showing themselves naturally to promote natural beauty.

9 Natural Beauty

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Speaking of natural beauty... Media plays a great role in how one should look to be accepted as beautiful. However, the Kardashian girls have completely destroyed natural beauty. As said previously, we have seen the 'before and after' pictures of all the women in that family and can see a drastic difference between how they used to look and how they look now. Changes so drastic that it is quite evident that they had some surgical alterations done to them. Kris seems to have had the most work of them all. Besides plastic surgery, the Kardashians also promote the use of waist trainers, which has been the subject of much scrutiny. Mainly because so many doctors advise against using them; there's even talk of waist trainers damaging the placement of your internal organs. How about we talk about botox? Not only are the Kardashian women guilty of a few injections, but even Caitlyn Jenner has joined the unnatural beauty party (albeit at a whole other level). Each individual is born with their own beauty and uniqueness but the Kardashians have completely wrecked the idea of natural beauty.

8 Kris Humphries

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Some may not know who exactly Kris Humphries is to the Kardashians as he only lasted in the family for about 72 days. From the start, the rest of the Kardashians, apart from Kim obviously, were not that fond of Kris (which is not a surprise as it does take quite a while for the family to accept anyone new). There were very few days where Kim and Kris were seen happily enjoying each others' company. In a few episodes of their reality show, we even got to see how uncomfortable Kris was around the Kardashian clan and could barely be himself while Kim would just argue with her sisters over the relationship. Kris even had something to tweet about after Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation saying he is happy to have gotten out of the family.

7 Lip Plumping

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Lips come in various shapes and forms. For hundreds of years, this has never been seen as an issue. But recently, plump lips seem to be trending. While the Kardashian sisters have been blessed with plump lips apparently from birth, the Jenner sisters haven't been so lucky. There has been talk about Kylie’s lips for quite some time now as there is a major difference from what her lips used to look to how they do now. Though she has avoided the topic on many occasions, she has admitted that she uses temporary lip fillers as thin lips were an insecurity of hers. She is now selling and promoting some kind of lip plumping tool, when in fact she doesn't even use it herself. You've surely heard of it; as well as the countless girls who have seriously damaged their lips in the process. Thanks, Kylie.

6 Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian’s Relationship

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Happily engaged with a baby on the way, everything seems pretty happy and smooth for the couple. But, with Tyga and Kylie together and the Kardashian sisters not approving of Blac Chyna, who knows where this will lead. In the sneak-peek of the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians it was revealed that Rob went missing after a fight with his fiancé Blac Chyna. Could this be something caused by the Kardashians, or has the Kardashian curse hit Blac Chyna as well? We know when Rob was dating Adrienne Bailon that the two families seemed like opposites. There is a pretty good chance that there will be heat between Blac Chyna and Rob because of the Kardashians. We will have to wait for the new season to find out how Rob and Blac Chyna’s relationship will be affected by the Kardashians.

5 Caitlyn Jenner

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Another one. Bruce Jenner had been married to Kris Jenner for 22 years and they have two daughters together, Kendall and Kylie. When Bruce came out as Caitlyn Jenner, it was not only a shock to the Kardashian family itself but also to the rest of the world. Kendall and Kylie were devastated when their parents were separated and we can only imagine what they went through when their father came out as the new and improved 'Caitlyn'. We have seen in many previous seasons that Bruce had no say in the relationship and all goes Kris' way. Even their kids Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob have pointed this out in previous episodes. After coming out as Caitlyn, she publicly bashed Kris Jenner and their relationship in front of the media, which the Kardashians were obviously upset about. Without a doubt, there are groups of people who think the gender transition was a result of those evil Kardashians.

4 Rob Kardashian

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Yes, we know Rob is also a Kardashian. But looking at the family itself, it is ruled by women. It seems very tough for a man to last in that family, even if they are an original Kardashian themselves. In the first few seasons of the show, we saw Rob hit a very low point in his life and had very low self-esteem when he gained a ton of weight in a short period of time; Rob started to hide from the cameras. Even during the seasons where Rob disappeared from the show, it did not seem like his family tried to help him. They barely had contact with him until recently when he proposed to Blac Chyna; which they only found out through social media. The Kardashians even had a part in destroying their own blood.

3 Fashion

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Fashion is one of today's largest industries. Everyone has a different style which suits their personality and some use celebrities as inspiration for fashion. The Kardashians are known for their chic fashion sense which is followed by millions. But they too have their fashion mishaps at times. Especially when Kim wore a long floral dress which some mocked as material stolen from an old sofa or inspired by Robin Williams' Mrs. Doubtfire. Also, is she wearing gloves out of the same material?

The times celebrities wear something like this is when we wonder what on earth they were thinking. When Kim had the short blond hair sleeked back there were many memes comparing her to the Lord of the Rings character, Legolas. Or let’s rewind back to when Kylie had blue hair at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. The last thing we would think the Kardashians would ever destroy is fashion. Alas, they've done it. What's with all the see-through stuff?

2 Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom married Khloé back in 2009 after dating for a very short period of time. Regardless, the couple was seemingly in love. Lamar was at a successful point in his life at the time, playing for the Lakers. A while after their marriage ended, Lamar's best friend Jamie passed leading him to a severe depression. He nearly disappeared on Khloe for two years or so. The couple was separated for a while and Khloé even dated French Montana during that time. Just last year, Lamar overdosed and was hospitalized, leading Khloé to the rescue. Lamar’s father even pointed at the Kardashian women for his son hitting rock bottom. Yet another male destroyed by the Kardashian women.

1 Future Kardashians

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We already have a set of the next generation of Kardashians coming along with Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, and Saint. But are the Kardashians destroying these kids’ minds with their fame, money, and good sense? These kids are in front of cameras and paparazzi 24/7 since the day they were born. Mason got $100 from the “tooth fairy” when he lost his tooth. The idea of a child earning $100 at that age just for losing a tooth should blow your mind. If the first child of the family already got $100 for losing a tooth, just imagine what the rest of them will get. Have they ever considered teaching the children the value of a dollar? Of course not, they never did.

These kids are always in the public eye, obviously they will never have a regular childhood, or any at all; just look at Kylie (how old is she again?). They may be home-schooled like Kendall and Kylie were. Even if they do go to school, will they have true friends, or will everyone know them simply as part of the Kardashian family? This is probably what every celebrity child goes through, however. Then again, everyone can agree that the Kardashians are a special breed of celebrities. The future generation of Kardashians is doomed.

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