15 Sketchy Things In Your Phone That Will Get You Dumped

In this day and age, cell phones aren't really just an accessory anymore - they're more of a component to everybody's every day life. Most people tend to feel "naked" or even unsafe if they don't have their phones with them or when it dies when a charger isn't nearby. Cell phones are now seen as a necessity.

Since most people keep their entire lives in their cell phones, it's easy to say that some of us have some stuff stored that we don't want others to see. Whether it be pictures, videos, or messages - sometimes it's just best that people don't snoop around in each other's phones and discover something they didn't want to.

One of the most common running jokes when it comes to relationships is that men and women always hide things from each other in their phone. Some people accuse their significant others of having a pass code on their phones, seeing it as a way to "hide" something. Unfortunately, there's usually a time in a relationship where a woman is going to want to see what you've got hidden in your phone. You might be acting distant, or maybe you're always attached to your phone - whatever it is, she's going to want to know and you're going to have to admit it. The best piece of advice that can be given is to stay faithful in a relationship. Don't hide things in your phone and don't toy with people's feelings.

If you decide to ignore that advice; here are 15 things that she could find in your phone that could lead to a break-up.

15 Search history

It's often a joke that men (and women, sometimes) delete their search history almost religiously. This often means that the accused search history deleter is looking up adult material or just content that isn't something to be proud of. If your girlfriend were to look into your phone's search history, what would she find? Know that an empty search history isn't going to help your case, either - then it definitely looks like you've got something to clear up and hide. It's best to just keep your phone rid of that kind of material anyways.

14 Contacts with nicknames

Your girlfriend isn't going to be too happy if you have tons of women's numbers in your phone to begin with, but it's going to be even worse if some of these women have assigned nicknames. Not only does this imply that you know them well, but it shows you know them well enough to come up with some cute version of their name. Having a nickname assigned to a woman isn't going to be the only strike, though; if any of these said women have an emoji assigned to them as well, you're definitely in the doghouse.

13 Snapchat

Snapchat is already a delicate situation in relationships - the app is practically known for sending inappropriate pictures and videos back and forth, so it's no wonder that it'd be detrimental to a relationship. However, it's not that big of a deal if both parties in a relationship have the app. What is going to become a problem is if your girlfriend finds out who you send personal snaps to back and forth. If it's another woman, you can guarantee there's going to be issues.

12 Messages through social media

Most social media sites have made life really convenient; we don't even have to be near a computer to be able to send messages on Facebook or check out our Twitter feeds. While this might be convenient, it also opens the door to more things for her to check out in your phone. If you've been sending messages back and forth through different social media apps with other women or people she doesn't like you talking to, it's only a matter of time until she finds out.

11 An empty message inbox

It's pretty common for most people to just leave their messages inside of their phone alone. Most individuals don't go on rampant deleting sprees as it's easier to just pick up off on a past thread with somebody rather than starting a new text message. If you do delete your messages every day, that looks sketchy. If your girlfriend goes into your phone and sees that all text messages have been wiped (including hers), she's going to wonder who you've been texting and why you feel the need to hide hers as well.

10 Unconfirmed plans

Here's the thing: girlfriends pretty much always want to know where their boyfriends are and what they're doing. Can you really blame them, though? If your girlfriend goes through your phone and sees something on your calendar that you haven't run by her, or sees a thread of messages about a boy's night out, she's going to hot you with, "When did you plan on telling me about this?" The longer you wait to let her know about plans that she might be wary about, the bigger the blowout is going to be when you do finally tell her.

9 Flirty Emails

While it may seem that a lot of people don't use email messaging too much anymore, it's still pretty common for a number of people. If not for personal use, almost everybody has a work email address that they use day in and day out. One of the most common types of affairs are office work affairs - and if you're having some sort of flirtation via email whether it be work related or not, she's going to find out. It may seem like a "safe" place to hide that sort of thing, but it's definitely not.

8 Long phone calls

The thing about men is that they don't seem to think about how things would affect them if roles were reversed - let's say your girlfriend has been having long phone calls with an unsaved phone number almost every day. How would that make you feel? It'd send most boyfriends into a series of emotions, and thinking that it's okay to do that to your girlfriend is immature and insensitive. If you're hiding long, secret phone calls and she finds out - you might as well pack your bags now.

7 Talking about her with your friends

As a boyfriend, it's pretty much your job to stick up for your girl (if needed) when she's not around. If your friends are teasing you about how you're "whipped" or they're saying anything negative about her at all, it's best to shut it down as soon as possible rather than participating. At the end of the day, your boys aren't the ones you're laying in bed with. Talking about her behind her back not only makes you look like a terrible person, but it makes you look stupid for dating somebody who you don't think very highly of.

6 Saved texts from past girlfriends

Girls are worried about every other girl wanting to try and make a move on their man, but they're even more wary of the girls who already have. It's almost second nature for girlfriends to be on high alert when it comes to any one of your exes - you could've been with her for three months or three years, and your girlfriend is still going to hate her. At one point, you felt something for her, so it's only fair that they'd be worried. You're going to be in major trouble though if you have any saved text messages from a past relationship, though. That only makes it look like you miss her and want her back.

5 Saved pictures from past relationships

As stated before, girlfriends are not fans of ex-girlfriends. It's best to just delete any trace of them from your personal life - if you still have a ton of pictures saved from your time with an ex, it's time to let go of those. It makes it seem like you miss the relationship, or the way your ex-girlfriend made you feel, and that's only going to draw you closer to a break-up. Women love to take pictures with their significant other and be shown off, so if you still hold onto images of other women, that's going to be an issue.

4 Nude pictures of yourself

While men may love to receive nude images of their girlfriends, girls don't exactly share the same love for receiving the same from men. If your girlfriend is that way and she doesn't care to receive them, it's best to just not take nude pictures of yourself. If she goes into your camera rolls and sees nude images of you that she's never seen before, she's automatically going to assume that you're sending them to another woman. Why else would you be taking them?

3 Nude pictures of other women


If having secret nude images of yourself wasn't bad enough, it's even worse to have received nude images from other women. Soliciting and asking for nudes from other women is without a doubt a form of cheating. Not only does this make you look sleazy, but it's going to hurt your girlfriend. This tells her that you either don't care to ask her for images of herself or that you aren't interested in what she has to offer. It's best to just not get wound up in that kind of trouble at all.

2 Dating apps

For this generation, using a dating app is pretty common. Using and connecting to somebody on a dating app is often easier than going out and actually trying to meet somebody, so it's easy to see their convenience. For those who are already in a relationship though, it should hold no purpose. If your girlfriend goes into your phone and finds a Tinder profile, you can pretty much say goodbye to your relationship.

1 Suggestive Texts with other women

Girlfriends want to be able to believe that they are the only woman you consistently text message. It's okay to text family, of course, but if there's another woman you're constantly texting and your girlfriend finds out, that's the beginning of a downward spiral. There was once a time where your girlfriend was just a "friend," so telling her it's just a "friend" isn't going to do anything but add fuel to the fire. The best thing to do is to avoid the situation altogether and remain faithful instead of single.

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