15 Things Immature Women Do In Relationships

It takes two to tango in relationships. Sometimes though, one person just isn’t cooperating- whether they’re not putting too much effort into the whole thing or their behavior is just off. And just like women have their turn on’s and off’s, men do too.

Ever heard of the old saying "Happy wife, Happy life?" The saying seems obnoxious, possibly sexist, and maybe unrealistic, but unfortunately, it’s kind of true as well. Unless you find a miracle and your girl fully understands you and doesn’t over-analyze things, you’re bound to cultivate your life around her in order for everything to be at peace. It’s usually women who are still working on themselves or going through things and have yet to reach a mature level. So not all women are the same just like not all guys are the same. That’s the truth.

However, guys are generally really simple and easy to understand. It’s usually the gal that questions everything and commits to unattractive behavior but, honestly, it’s because most of the time they are coming from a good place; they want everything to be perfect. But things could get out of hand and it can chase the guy away and end the relationship, especially if the woman is acting in an immature way.

Relationship immaturity- that's what it's all about. There are certain actions that guys just won’t put up with and we totally agree with them. It would be nice if women could refrain from doing these things but sometimes the nerves just strike and you can’t help but do it. Perhaps, if you’re a girl and you’re reading this, you can learn to resist doing these 15 things immature women do and help yourself to save your relationships.

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15 Looks Through His Phone

This is a tough one because sometimes the guy misbehaves and it gets her thinking maybe something is up. Other times she’s just being insecure and wants to know every detail about her man. FYI, men are private beings. They like their space and they like their independence. They want their own life, too, besides her. If she decides to look through his phone, she can expect a bad outcome in her relationship. He won’t trust her anymore which makes it even worse for her because he’s the one who apparently wasn’t trustworthy. She lost her man’s trust and that could be a detrimental thing. Trust is everything in a relationship and by her looking through his phone, things can go south very quickly. This is just a big no-no for a guy. Not only because he feels like she doesn’t trust him but his privacy was invaded even if he didn’t have anything to hide.

14 Tries To Make Him Jealous Or Gets Jealous

Trying to make your significant other jealous is overall quite immature and girls are more likely to do it because they like that feeling of being wanted more than guys do. Regardless if it works or not, it is an unnecessary thing to do. She’s actually showing her insecurities; not knowing if he wants her or not. Why would you want to be with someone you feel doesn’t want to be with you in the first place? If you’re having doubts, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way and make him jealous. At the end of the day, it’s rude and disrespectful to him. Once again, it's something that will just turn him off. Not only will making him jealous irritate him but also getting jealous of something that doesn’t even exist doesn't help. Women are known to get jealous more often than men but it’s the way the jealousy is handled that counts. So next time you feel jealous and not sure what to believe, take a few steps back to see if it’s worth it or not.

13 Wants To Know Where He Is All The Time 

This is basically just being too controlling and observing. Going back to guys being independent, they really do like having their own space and lives. That means, his life doesn’t revolve around his relationship. He did have a life before he met her and sometimes, she forgets that. She thinks now she is his life and whenever he’s not with her, something is off. Girls can be a little controlling sometimes and can’t just leave something that's out of their hands alone. He could be at work, he could be having lunch with friends, he could be getting her something, etc. Whatever it is, he doesn’t want to have to report back to her. Sometimes it’s okay to check in with him just like it’s okay to check in with her. But once it becomes a chore where it feels like there’s no sense of individuality, it can chase the person away, especially men, because they value their independence.

12 Plays Hard To Get

Unless you can do it in a slick way, guys don’t have the time for these types of games, just like girls don’t either. Men are usually simple and just like the truth to be out there. In addition, guys can be a little clueless, so why waste time playing with his head if he’s never really going to get it? However, if he does figure it out, playing hard to get is just too exhausting for them to fall for. Once again, it displays insecurities from the girl as if she’s not sure whether he’s into her or not. Just be confident enough to know he’s with you for a reason.

11 Stops Him From Socializing With Others

This is a huge turn-off for guys. It’s different if his friends are bad influences but it’s another story if the girl is just being delusional where she thinks something is going on between him and his friends and really, there’s nothing she should be worried about. As you can see, women can be controlling because, if they feel a sense of "no control," they began to feel insecure. So they look to have some type of control wherever they can find it and sometimes they find it in unnecessary places where the guy then gets confused. He looks back and wonders what he's done to deserve this. The truth is nothing-well, sometimes. Stopping him from hanging out with his friends is really immature and shows signs of insecurity.

10 Flaunts The Relationship On Social Media

Okay, this one is an interesting one. There has been evidence that the more someone shows off their relationship on social media, the more likely they are looking for validation from others, which means only one thing-they’re insecure in their relationship. Usually, it’s the women who seek validation from others, especially when it comes to their relationship. Men are likely to not care about what anyone thinks. Women want everyone to know their relationship is going just great but the truth is, they want to convince themselves as well that their relationship is going great. In other words, this is simply being in denial about what’s really going on in their romance. This is sad, but let’s say the relationship is actually doing okay, yet she finds the need to throw it in everyone’s faces. He might not be happy about it as, again, guys like their privacy. Is it really necessary to show everyone how amazing things are going? Only for her satisfaction and he’s just turned off by it. Refrain from inviting everyone into the relationship and leave it for just the two of you. Trust us, it’s going to feel even more special when you keep it between just the two of you.

9 Is Glued To Her Phone

Let’s be real. Women are most likely to be the ones on social media or reading an article on their phone like you’re probably doing right now with this one. In actuality, men are more present and resisting when it comes to their phones. They can step away and see what’s right in front of them. This comes from the fact that women are social creatures and, ironically, they want to be on their phones seeking what’s the latest trend at the moment or see what their friend is up to. In the end, it’s undeniably rude to the other person as they are trying to spend quality time after she perhaps just complained that he don’t make time for the two of them to be together. This is a sign of hypocrisy which can be quite annoying.

8 Demands Too Much

Yes, "Happy wife, Happy life." But seriously, that doesn’t mean to the point of where the guy feels like he’s being taken advantage of. That leads to why sometimes when a man really likes someone, he holds back since he knows he is willing to give her everything yet he carries the fear of being walked all over. So it’s important to maintain a balance where everyone is getting what they want without losing respect for each other. There are some men who take a while to stop putting up with overly demanding women but most men will tell her NO right off the bat. By being demanding, it puts him in a tough position where he feels like everything depends on him. Sometimes he can’t offer whatever it is she wants and it can take a toll on his ego. Regardless, it’s just being considerate to not be so demanding for the things you want.

7 Acts Selfishly

You know when she takes a while to get ready for a day out with her beau? Yeah, it’s nice to know she wants to look good for her man but women tend to get carried away and believe he’ll always be there for her no matter what she does. WRONG. First of all, if he’s going to be there for her no matter what, then she has to appreciate him for that, not take it for granted. Second, not all men are willing to put up with it, so she has to think twice before she believes he’ll stick around. Additionally, a relationship is between two people, not just with one person where the other has to oblige. Being selfish in general is a turn-off in a relationship.

6 Clings Onto Him

This is a term that no girl ever wants to be called. However, there are some girls who deserve to be called this. Guys find it a turn-off when all she wants to do is be with him. If he happens to want to go out only with his friends, it comes off as if he no longer loves her and she’s off being miserable. This is such a turn-off for a guy; to watch his girl upset just because she’s not with him. Yes, it’s flattering to know someone misses your presence but at the same time, it’s even more attractive to know they have their own life, too. It’s definitely important to be fulfilled individually so your happiness doesn’t depend on someone else. It’s a turn-off for him and overall, it’s not really healthy for her.

5 Compares Him To Others

Possibly the worst thing she can do is compare him to her ex or to another guy. Nobody wants to be compared- especially if it’s to point out you’re doing something wrong. Guys have their pride and most of them carry it as a first priority (something that actually turns women off). So once they feel they've been compared to, their self-esteem takes a left turn and as a result, they get turned off. If you want him to leave you, this is a good way to do it. Just talk about your ex and compare them both. I promise you he won’t accept it and he’ll leave for good for someone who appreciates him, and does not look down on him.

4 Gossips

Guys rarely gossip. It’s all girls. So the last thing guys want to talk about with their girlfriends are about other people in a bad way. The whole talking behind their backs is just going to make her look bad, not the people she’s talking about. Not only is it going to make her look bad but it’s going to make him think he can’t trust her. He’s going to think she talks badly about him, too. In general, you shouldn’t gossip but you should definitely hold back from gossiping around your boyfriend. Plus, she’s representing him just like he’s representing her. He wouldn’t want her to make him look bad by having her dish out on the drama going on between all her friends and enemies. People will think that’s what their relationship is all about and that’s overall just a bad look.

3 Is Too Traditional

There’s a big debate about who is responsible for what in a relationship. For example, who should pay on the first date? Well, we all know it’s the man’s job to pay on the first date. But what about everything else? If she gets too carried away with all these dating rules, he’ll get really annoyed and just assume she has no sense of direction herself. Additionally, he’ll feel like the whole relationship depends on him. Where does that leave room for him to breathe and rely on the other half? Just another reminder that a relationship is between two people and it takes two to make it work.

2 Tries To Change Him

This is one that women will probably never learn. There’s always a mission to change a man, whether it be small (such as his taste in clothes) or big, such as his values. Whatever the need to change is, it’s not necessary and it’s not going to happen. A man likes the idea that he’s loved for who he is, not for who he can potentially be. What’s the point of being with him if you’re not fond of who he really is? Sometimes the man can take it and sometimes he can just get fed up and leave. Either way, it leaves the relationship rocky and unsatisfying. It doesn’t feel good if someone is trying to change the way you’ve been your whole life. Considering a man’s ego, it must sting. You're only going to chase him away by trying to change him.

1 Nags

Probably the number one thing guys can live without is nagging and being too dramatic. Men do NOT like tension, drama, fighting, confrontation-you get the idea. Of course, men aren’t angels and women can get fed up, too, with their misbehavior. However, that doesn’t mean you need to burst out in tears or act like the Hulk to confront him about something he did wrong. As you grow up, it should get easier to talk it out like adults without having a big blow out. But it is the man’s job to hear her out without calling her out as a “nag.” This can cause her to be even more dramatic. So it’s important to take each other into consideration no matter how annoying the other is acting in order to prevent more tension. Overall, though, women are known to complain a lot and men are known to like a drama-free zone. If anything, we all would like a drama-free zone so try to control your emotions in order to prevent him from getting turned off.

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