15 Surprising Things Men Are Attracted To That We Don't Realize

Traditionally, women play hard to get, flash their pretty eyes, show off their long legs or dye their hair blonde or red, in order to get men to submit. But guess what, the male mind does not react to any of these things in the way that we think. There is so much more to men than what women think. Men are not the shallow creatures that female mythology tends to stereotype. Nor do they react to what ancient Hollywood movies tell us. At least not in every sense. When looking at what men like and why they like it, one is reminded of one thing; people are like the animals they share the planet with. They instinctively need to survive through pro-creation. At least that's what psychologists and scientists think anyway, as pretty much everything that men love involves fertility and breeding children in their mind. If one was to read a study of what women like, their mind will go to the same place, as well.

What will shock most men and women is that personality actually does matter, as it is probably more important than looks. Every physical characteristic that men love is related to the personality they most desire. One distinction made here is the difference between a one-night stand and something a little longer. Most scientists tend to look at the long-term attraction over the short- term attraction. In some instances, certain traits accomplish both.

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15 Brunettes


Gentlemen may prefer blondes (if you believe the decades all adage), but real men actually prefer brunettes. That is if you buy into a recent poll from the dating website, Badoo. In the poll, 60% of those surveyed found brown or black hair more attractive.  Even redheads were no match at a measly 9%.

Another study found that men are more likely to approach a blonde in a bar, but most likely to go after a brunette when shown a photograph. This study concluded that blonde hair made a girl look more needy and thus less reliable. So, wear a blonde wig at a bar and show off your dark hair on Tinder and you can't lose. Just look at Jessica Alba above for a little while and decide who you would want to date?

14 Big Hips

Whether we like to believe it or not (because let's face it, not a lot of people like the subject) math plays a pretty big role in deciding who one likes. Studies have actually found that the ideal waist to hip ratio is 7:10, which is actually relatively wide. What does this mean, you ask? For the normal man it means that an hourglass shape indicates that a woman is single and in the mood to mingle. In scientific terms it means that a thin waist indicates that the woman is not pregnant and the big hips mean that she can provide an easier child brith. Men don't readily admit to it or realize it per se, but subconsciously that is why those hips need to be big and wide. There is a reason why waist trainers are all the rage in Hollywood at the moment, it would seem.

13 Big Buttocks

Men want a buttocks that does not look out of place with those hips. Look at Kim Kardashian as an example. Proportions and symmetry are important in all physical features as will be seen later. Sizes cannot appear out of whack. One might think that this has more to do with ­"cushioning", but once again it has to do with bringing a child into this world.

Ask any man and they will just say that they like the feeling of something to hold onto. But there is more. Women with bigger bottoms have smarter kids. The fat stored in that posterior is important in a baby's brain development. Somehow every male knows this in the back of their mind. Some scientists even believe that women with those features are smarter.

12 Full Lips

The face is obviously important to both sexes, but why the concept of luscious lips? Of course, no one can know exactly what goes through one's mind, but those full lips demonstrate a woman's health which consequently increases the perception of a woman's fertility. That is the general consensus anyway among most studies you find online.

Paint those lips red, and men can't resist. One study in Manchester, England, found that red lips will make a man stare for 7.3 seconds, far more then any other color. Even more impressive is that when those lips are red, men will spend less than a second staring at the eyes or hair. Take off the lipstick and men start staring at the eyes and hair more. Nevertheless, more studies seem to feel that men place more emphasis on the hair than the lips, but few state that men spend more time on the eyes.

11 Modesty


Eventually people do talk to each other, and after all of the fun and initial excitement has gone away, something else has to take over. And yes, men will be seduced by a personality as much as looks. Men lust after the "hot ones" and fall in love with the "modest" girls. Modesty is in the way women dress and talk. Men lose interest in looks very quickly as the "hot ones" scream high-maintenance and unreliable. In the long-term, the good girl usually wins.

A modest woman dresses in a way that leaves things to the imagination, such as a simple summer dress. In terms of personality, men prefer someone that they can bring home to mom, someone polite, not full of themselves and definitely not mean.­ Another factor of course, is the male insecurity. They know that a half dressed woman is better able to attract the competition even if it's only for a minute, and it only takes a minute to ruin a relationship.

10 Symmetry


Once again math is important, and this time we are talking about the perfectly proportioned face. What is that perfect proportion one may ask? It is what men of a given region see as typical and average. In other words, if you look more like the women around you, then you are sure to attract more men. This goes against the current myth that most women believe which insists that men compare the opposite sex to some Hollywood celebrity or supermodel. In real life, normal is in.

If you want to know which female celebrities represent the best overall face, then one study from a couple of years back found that men wanted  Miranda Kerr's nose, Jennifer Aniston's forehead, the Duchess of Cambridge's eyebrows and Angelina Jolie's cheekbones and full lips. In other words, no one celebrity is perfect in the eyes of men.

9 Make The First Move

Shyness is nice but shyness can stop you from getting some of the things in life you want. So if there is someone you like, just make that move. In a recent study of speed dating patterns, many men seemed frustrated at always having to do all of the work. Playing hard to get is out. What does making the first move mean? Body language such as leaning in, smiling, keeping eye contact and just seeming interested in the man's life gets those engines roaring.

No matter how much we perceive to have gender equality, it is not there in dating yet. Because many women and men still do believe that it's a man's job to approach but a woman's job to wait. Many women also still believe that the man must make all of the decisions. But they are wrong.

8 Less Makeup

The natural look is in. What is less makeup? Men prefer women who wear 40% less makeup than the average woman. So, this begs the question; what will men like when the average woman starts wearing very little makeup? Probably the opposite. What is the average woman? Just look at the women around you, but not the women in magazines. Men compare women to the girl next door.

Also note that most studies conclude that the natural look is in. This may not necessarily mean that all women look better with no makeup, but does mean that if you apply makeup then men like it to look as if you are not wearing any. Does that make sense? In other words, put just enough to cover up those blemishes. Of course people are fickle and even science can't predict what men would want five years from now. After all, women have been wearing makeup since the dawn of modern man.

7 A High Voice


This is not to say that all men like the same voice, but most men want a high-pitched voice as it somehow signifies youthfulness and a small, feminine body. There is no surprise here as many men seem enamored just talking to certain people over the phone. What is a high voice? According to the Macmillan dictionary, synonyms of a high voice include breathy and clear. A study at University College in London also noticed that men like voices with high formant spacing. Apparently, this means that men like women whose pitch and tone is relatively consistent as opposed to up and down, moody and hysterical. Women want the opposite. What is most interesting is that humans mimic most animals that way.

6 Long Arms

Every musical artist has written songs about sexy, long legs. They all missed the point by a mile. It is arms that men want more than legs, and the longer the better. This according to a study based on the reaction of Chinese and Australian men, so perhaps it is geographically specific. Think about it though; who is the highest paid supermodel in the world right now? Gisele Bündchen; and look at the arms on her. Maybe the study had a point. Ideally men like tall women with long arms. In fact, with taller women men noticed the arms far more than the legs. The study never reaches any conclusions as to why this is. It just presented facts. So next time you see a girl, try checking out her arms before her legs.

5 Quirky Interests


Women still like the stereotypical man, strong and powerful. Men like cute or interesting. Part of being cute is having that hobby or style that no other girl dreams of having. While the attraction of an artist, musician or actor fade for women, men just love anything out of the ordinary forever, even if that hobby is "Tap Dancing". So be different. Of course, these are the differences that men see at first, but it also extends to quirky positions and quirky fetishes.

Do not confuse quirky with funny, though. Men do not like funny girls who try to crack jokes. That stereotype has not changed yet. The fun that men want is in everything else that has to do with one's personality. So when it comes to personality, unlike looks, don't be like the girl next door.

4 Hair That Shines

Is there a reason why girls twirl their hair when a man that likes them approaches them? Of course there is, because men love shiny, glowing, great smelling, healthy hair just like all those shampoo and conditioner commercials preach. It is a common trait across virtually every study. So any guy that complains about all of the money and time their girl spends in the hair salon is all a crock as they are just dying to see what comes out. The ultimate hair is also longer, typically shoulder length. Like everything else, it's all a sign of health and fertility. It takes a healthy woman a very long time to grow that hair. This one item is probably the least surprising item on this list.

3 The Smile That Can Make You Melt

This is one that almost all men can agree with. Women like moody men, but men want happy smiling women. Not just any smile will do though, as men mostly want those pearly whites and symmetrical teeth. A smile demonstrates characteristics that men love, like having a positive attitude, laughing at their jokes and cheerfulness. The allure is not only physical, but social as well, and is key to a long-term relationship. Another thing that a smile does is improve the confidence of men, as well as any glum or angry mood they may be in. Of course no one expects the perfect smile 24/7, though.

2 Loyalty And Kindness

Men can no longer rely on the stereotypical notion that women are more prone to "fidelity", leaving men with a bit of a conundrum. So men are constantly on the lookout for a woman who can invoke trust through her integrity and character.

Part of that character includes random acts of kindness like paying the bill, being polite to servers and other people. One major study that interviewed 10,000 men and women found that kindness was the number one requirement for men pretty much across the board. There are those few exceptions that need "the mean girl", but few will stay with a woman that will run to another person's arms over minor differences. In other words, the cool primadonna who thinks everything is beneath her is out, for anything more than a one night stand.

1 Anything Red

Valentine's Day is not necessarily geared towards women alone. The red color found everywhere on cupid's day is scientifically proven to attract men more than any one thing on this list. Few (if any) items or traits stimulate the male senses more. Like anything though, it needs to be done in moderation but it is almost essential for instant attraction. What needs to be red? Definitely the lips, but it could also be a hat, a scarf, blush and definitely the scarlet red dress. Nothing exemplifies the spirit of the Greek God Eros more.

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