15 Stupid Things Women Do That Totally Turn Guys Off

Let's face it - a lot of girls, hot or not, do things all the time that are total turn-offs. We have all been there before. You are out on a date, or you are hitting on some girl at a club or a party, things are going well, she is hot, and you are ready to go. Then all of a sudden she does something wrong and you are done with the whole scene.

Or maybe she did something irritating right off the bat and you never even got turned on by her in the first place. This might be a bit of a secret to a lot of women, but most of the stuff you do bugs us, pretty much all the time. We just put up with it because we think you look good. But sometimes the things you ladies do are so bad that we can't even pretend anymore.

It might be something that you say, it could be something that you do,  or maybe it is just something to do with the way you are, but whatever it is, we guys are here to tell you, when you do it, it leaves us cold. So read on, ladies, because here are 15 things women do that totally turn guys off.

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15 Acting Desperate

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I get that this one is confusing. Guys want to hook up with girls - of this there is no doubt - and a guy often doesn't even mind it when a woman is not that hard to get. None of this means, though, that a woman should act desperate. A guy wants to feel like he has made a conquest. He does not want to feel like the chick he is hanging out with is desperate and would hang out with anyone. That is a total turn off.

14 Being Flirtatious With Other Dudes

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Yeah, this one is a total turn off. You can ask any guy anywhere and this will be near the top of the list. There is nothing worse than that woman who tries to turn guys against each other and flirts with every guy at the party. I don't know about you but I don't compete for a woman. If she is flirting with me then goes off and flirts with some other guy a few minutes later, I don't chase after her. That chick that tries to act all sexy to every guy in the room is simply not hot - not at all.

13 Sending Mixed Signals

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The type of women that do this are simply awful. We all know the type. One second she has her hand on your leg, and she is leaning in, then you go to kiss her and she pushes you away and looks at you like you are crazy. Really? This is a total turn off. If this happens to you just get up and walk away. Unless she is at your house of course, then tell her to get up and walk away. The thing is, no one has time for games like this. The whole hot and cold thing is not hot, not even a little bit.

12 Being Needy

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Here is a simple fact. Guys always get turned off by needy chicks, not just sometimes, but always. Most guys can chill out and do their own thing, whether that be at home, at a bar or out on a date. When a woman shows any sign of needing things to be her way, or that she needs more attention, or she needs to go someplace else, or she needs the guy to talk to her more or... most guys will run as fast as they can for the nearest exit. As they should, because needy women are a drag.

11 Being Insecure

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This one is always a turn off. Guys, at least ones that are not complete jerks, like a woman who has some self confidence. We don't want to tell you over and over how good you look, or explain to you that you were really good in bed. We also don't want to be accused of cheating or flirting any time that we look at or talk to another woman. An insecure woman is going to be at or close to the top of any list of things that are a turn off. Sorry, but we can't make you feel better about yourself.

10 Bashing Other Women

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Who needs this? I had a girlfriend once that was ruthless. She and her best friend would do nothing but the whole "Mean Girls" thing all the time with all sorts of other women they knew, making fun of them and saying mean things. So not hot. This is a total turn off. Who wants to go out with or even hang out with someone that is that much of a tool, even if they are hot? And also, people that talk badly about other people when they are not around, usually talk badly about you, when you are not around. Fact.

9 Trying to Make You Jealous

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I have been jealous before, a lot of guys have, it isn't pretty, but you know - it is what it is. But being jealous is one thing, having someone trying to make you jealous is another entirely. This is easy to spot and is incredibly lame. Women that do this think they are making you more into them, but in reality you become way less into them. Women who try this often end up going home alone, and with good reason.

8 Playing Hard to Get

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Playing hard to get is something that many women do. They probably were told when they were young that it is the right thing to do, that they shouldn't be too easy and so on and so forth. Well, the thing is- just don't do that. I mean, if you really are hard to get, then fine. That is cool. It isn't like all women have to want just any old guy. But if you actually are into a guy and are teasing him and pretending you are not? Well, that is an entirely different story, and is also a total turn off.  So ladies, do us a favor and knock it off.

7 Talking About Her Ex

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Hey ladies. We don't want to hear about your old boyfriend.  We don't want to hear about how cool he was, or how mean he was. We don't want to know if he was good in bed or bad in bed, or if he broke your heart. We honestly don't care about him; we don't care if he is a millionaire or homeless. Just stop talking about him. Please. Women that talk about their exes rank very high on the turn-off scale. We don't want to hear about it. Sshh. Seriously.

6 Never Getting Off the Phone

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This one is big for me, and I am sure for most other guys that are reading this article. Hey babe, get off the phone! Hanging out with a woman, whether it is your girlfriend or some random chick you meet at a bar, and having her get on her phone the whole time just leaves me cold.  I mean, seriously, I get that you want to Snapchat your buddy, and that you have a whole bunch of new likes on Instagram but... okay, actually I lied. I don't get it at all. It is totally lame as well as a turn-off.

5 Getting Sloppy Drunk

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Drunk girls can be fun, all guys know that. Their inhibitions are down a little, they are ready for a good time. Whether it is your girlfriend or someone you just met at a club there is nothing wrong with getting your party on. But then there is that line where a girl starts to stumble and slur, and becomes a piece of luggage. Then there is the next stage when that piece of luggage might get sick and start to puke. No thanks on any of that- drunk girls are a turn-off to any guy that is not a creepy predator.

4 Wearing Too Much Make Up

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I once went out with this girl that reminded me of the ski report; it was like two inches of powder and three inches of base. A little make up is cool, in fact a lot of women need a little make up. But with that said, many don't need any at all. Either way, hanging out with a woman that is wearing too much make up is not hot, and it is not a turn on. So why do so many women do it? Hard to tell, really. I think a lot of women think that trying too hard makes them look hot. It doesn't.

3 Being Rude

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Rude could mean a lot of things. A woman could be insulting to you, she could be rude to a waitress (which is a personal, huge deal breaker for me) or I don't know, she could just burp or fart next to you. Pretty much any way that you cut it, though, being rude is a huge turn-off in a woman. You don't have to be all perfect and ladylike, but at least have enough game and enough sense not to be a disgusting pig or to be mean to people publicly. If you can't figure that out you will probably be alone for awhile. A long while.

2 Being Manipulative

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Now a manipulative woman is a turn off, that is true. But sometimes a woman is so good at being manipulative a guy doesn't even know what is happening. You know what that type of manipulative woman is usually called? Well, normally she is called a wife! "Thank you, thank you very much..." But seriously, half of my friends are married to someone who pulls their strings constantly. But for me, and for most guys that can figure out what is going on, a manipulative woman is out the door fast, and not a turn on at all.

1 Constantly Complaining

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This one is a no-brainer. A guy simply cannot deal with a woman who complains all the time. This could be in a long term relationship, or even some "Random Betty" that you just met. Sometimes women just can't stop whining and complaining. If you are thinking about going after some hot woman, and she starts complaining about everything and anything, then it won't be long before she gets the boot. Why? Because women that complain are a total turn-off.

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