14You Use The Word "Classic" To Describe Yourself

If your Twitter or Instagram account is named something like classicluke213, you should really evaluate if you may actual be a douchebag. I mean, what really is Classic Luke? And, how old must one be before they become classic? I wouldn’t necessarily call a film that is 25 years old a

classic, so why is this 23-year-old a Classic Luke? The use of the word classic to describe yourself is just so damn confusing.

Even worse is if you do something stupid and call it a Classic Luke Move. Luke, no. Vomiting or having a one night stand is not something that should be a "classic move" for anyone and if you consider it one of your classic moves, you’re a douchebag. Perhaps your classic move should be treating people with respect and only drinking an amount of alcohol that you can handle.

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