15 Scariest Realizations You Have About Your Parents

From the moment a person is born, they are immediately loved by at least one or two individuals, and those individuals are the parents. A parent is someone who raises you, who cares for you, and who looks after you, and whether they are a single parent, a common-law couple, married, or members of the same gender, their roles towards you never change. There are instances in which a parent does not deserve the right to hold that title, whether it be due to neglect, abandonment or abuse, but in most cases a parent will never do anything to harm their child, as said child literally means the world to them.

Your parents are likely a part of the majority who are indeed great at parenting, and because of that, you probably viewed them as sort of almighty figures who were always there when you needed them. As you got older, your parents were, and likely still are, always by your side, aiding you in every which way they can. But as you do get older, you come to realize some things about your parents that can truly be considered scary in one form or another. Here is a list of 15 of the scariest realizations you have about your parents.

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15 They Don’t Actually Know Everything


Throughout your childhood and young adult years, you would usually seek out your parents if you ever needed help figuring something out, if you ever had any questions, or if you just needed some kind of advice. You go to them for these answers, because when you are young, they always seem to have an answer for everything, but the reality is, that they only have answers to things that they themselves have experienced when they were younger. As you get older, you begin to notice that your parents start to come to you looking for some answers or advice, and that is because you have now experienced things in your life that they may know very little-to nothing about. A good example of this is when a young adult asks for their parents’ advice when it comes to raising a child: that is because they have experience with raising one; and when your parent asks you something about social media or technology, it is because you obviously know more about that stuff than they do.

14 Their Opinions Change

When you were a kid, you likely played with dolls or action figures, because your opinion on those toys was that they are fun, but by the time you hit puberty, you likely stopped playing with them because your opinion of finding them fun changed. Opinions change over time for everyone, regardless if they are a child, an adult, or a senior citizen; you simply do not come to realize that until you are old enough to see that your parents’ opinions on certain things do change. When you are young, your parents say that they love each other, but if they get divorced, you realize that they do not really feel that way anymore, as their opinions towards each other have changed. Possibly the most impactful way a child can come to this realization though, is if they are gay, and grew up with one or both parent’s saying that being gay was wrong. When a parent’s love is strong enough though, they will support their child’s way of life, demonstrating to their child that people’s opinions do in fact change.

13 You Mean Everything To Them

In almost every story ever told in literature or on screen, there is almost always at least one sequence in which a parent confesses to either their child or some other individual, that said child is their world, and that they would do anything for them. This sequence does not only play out in stories however, it also occurs in real life with nearly every parent on the planet, and it is quite eye-opening when you realize it is the same with your own parents. They make sure you are fed if they plan to be away from home for a few days, and you realize later on when you are older, that they have, and even still do, put work aside for you if they believe you need them. The biggest shock however, comes when you realize some of the sacrifices they made to raise you, like if your mom or dad either individually or both work two or more jobs just to give you a home, or to pay for college so that you can have a great future.

12 They Know How to Have Fun



One thing that every kid likes to do is to have fun, and it is something that they continue to like to do as they get older. The way in which people have fun varies from person to person, and can include things like playing games, watching movies, concerts, conventions, going to a sporting event, or going out to a bar or club with people you know. What you come to realize later on though, when you actually pay attention to them, is that your parents like to have fun in their own way just like you do. When you were younger, you probably used to think that your parents never really had any fun, and that they were serious individuals all the time, that is why you likely found any sort of party or get-together that your parents held for other adults was boring. When you get older though, and begin to do some of the same things your parents once did, you realize that all this time they had simply been having fun with their own friends.

11 They Still Do... The Deed 


Intercourse is an act that almost everyone experiences in their life, and as many of you will certainly agree, it is probably one of the most enjoyable things you can do in life. Sexual intercourse means nothing to you before hitting puberty, and that is simply because you do not really have any sexual thoughts until then. Once you do hit puberty though, that all changes, as the hormones in your body go wild and steer you towards wanting to have intercourse with whoever you become attracted to. Whether it is with a complete stranger, or with the partner you love, sex feels great, but at some point after actually becoming sexually active, you do come to the (sometimes mortifying) realization, that your parents do it, too. When you were young, you just assumed that when they went to bed, it was just to sleep like you did, but when you get into your teenage years, you figure out that they sometimes do more than just sleep in their bed.

10 They Absolutely Have A Favorite

Now this is something that every child who has one or more sibling thinks about at least once in regards to their parents: do they have a favorite child, and is it you? Now, do not worry, whether you have one or multiple siblings, your parents do love you, it is just likely that they like one of their children more than the other. You come to realize this truth when you become aware that your parents have more things in common with, get along better with, and have more fun with one of your siblings instead of yourself. Some parents do admit that they do have a favorite, but most claim they do not, even if it obvious to you that they are lying, and it is your prerogative to take offence to this or not, but you have to understand that your parents are people too, and people have favorite things, be it other things like a favorite book, movie, singer, or sports team. This entry also includes people who are an only-child, because even though your parents love you, they still get thrilled when you move out and leave them alone.

9 It’s Okay To Disagree With Them

Something you learn during your childhood, is that it is easier to agree with someone than it is to disagree with them, and that logic is especially true when you are young in regards to your parents. When you were young, you did whatever your parents said, and even though you would sometimes throw tantrums and get your way, things would usually still go your parents’ way. And the reason for that is because as a youth, you simply did not want to make your parents get upset with you, lest you get punished. As you grow up though, you come into your own and discover that you are your own person and that you are capable of forming your own viewpoints and opinions. What you realize after though, is that your views can sometimes clash with those of your parents, and you also come to realize that unlike when you were young, it is okay to disagree with them from time to time, especially since you will usually continue loving them and seeking their advice.

8 They Have Demons 

As you get older, the world you live in gets bigger, and as you venture out into that world, you sometimes do some questionable and downright stupid things. This can mean any number of things, like getting arrested for a silly or serious reason, getting into a car accident by pure chance or causing it yourself due to some form of impaired driving, which could have serious repercussions; or you can be introduced to drugs and alcohol, and become an addict, a drunk, or both. If you manage to get through any of these scenarios in a positive manner, the experience itself will always be with you even if you become a parent yourself. When you do become a parent, you will try to keep your embarrassing or shameful actions a secret from your children, and it will be then (a lot of the time) that you will come to the realization that your own parents have likely done things that they are too ashamed of to tell you about.

7 They Fear Adulthood Too

Growing up is actually a very scary thing when you think about it, and it does not really sink in just how terrifying adulthood is until usually after your very last day of high school. When you are young, you quite literally have no care in the world, as you live in a house for free, you get fed on a regular basis, and you usually have everything you need paid for. All of this is thanks to your parents whose responsibility it is to provide these things for you, but when you enter into adulthood, you realize very quickly that life gets much harder. You begin to start worrying about things like making ends meet, saving enough money to live off of in the future, getting a job and working in order to support yourself and your own family, and dealing with health issues that have or may arise. At some point during all of this, you will realize that the things which concern you during adulthood, have, or continue to worry your parents as well. 

6 They Are Not Always Happy

Happiness is an emotion felt by almost every individual on the planet nearly every day that they are alive, but things do come along from time to time that causes happiness to turn into sadness and pain. These things usually deal with some form of personal loss, a terrible experience at school or work, the loss of a job, or simply just having some kind of argument with a random person or someone you know personally. Everyone at some point has a bad day for any number of reasons like those just mentioned, and you have undoubtedly suffered from some sort of sadness and emotional pain, usually from a young age, but it is not until you yourself have suffered through such a thing, that you realize your parents sometimes do as well. For most of your upbringing, you always see your parents as happy individuals, primarily because they are always trying to make you happy, and usually whatever pain or sadness they do feel, they hide from you. It is when they are unable to keep their emotions in check that it really hits you that they are not really happy all the time

5 They Are Flawed



As mentioned earlier, your parents, just like you, have had experiences that they are too embarrassed and ashamed of to tell you about, but what they also have that you do as well, are flaws. A flaw is an imperfection, and humanity is filled with flaws because as the old adage goes, “nobody is perfect”. People, especially adults, make mistakes of varying degrees every day, mistakes such as telling a little white lie, being involved in a criminal activity, cheating on their significant other, or being a neglectful or even abusive parent. The point is, that your parents sometimes make mistakes like those just mentioned, along with others, but so do you. That is why, at some point you come to the realization that the parent you looked up to as a role model is a flawed individual just like you are, and that you need to accept them even with all their flaws, just like they accept you and yours.

4 They Won’t Always Baby You

From the moment that you are born, you are your parents’ top priority, and for the first couple of years of your life, they usually tend to never let you out of their sight. As you get older, and are able to do more things on your own, your parents tend to gradually back off in terms of watching over you and telling you what to do, but they will still continue to feed you, advise you, give you a place to live, and even help to pay for things like bills, your education, or down payments on either a car or your first home, whatever it might be. There will come a time though, when your parents will finally want to move on with their lives, which will mean that they will treat you as a fellow adult instead of a child like you were accustomed to being. They will eventually want to retire, which will mean they will likely stop aiding you financially to focus on themselves, they will also want to completely remodel your entire room for their own purposes, or simply just move away to a more comfortable place.

3 Sometimes They Need Love Too

This entry on the list is possibly the hardest one for any child to realize about their parent, which is why it is in fact one of the scariest. Love is a very powerful emotion, and it is usually the very foundation upon which a family is built. Your parents love you, usually with nearly every single fiber of their being, and obviously you love them in return, but how often do you really show it to them? Your parents are just like you and every other person alive, in that they want to be loved, and your parents likely reminded you of their love throughout your life, especially when they revolved their lives around yours. What many people fail to realize however, is that parents sometimes need to be reminded that they are loved as well, which is why they sometimes beg for you to come visit them, or call you nearly every day just to check up on you.

2 At Some Point You Will Have To Look After Them

One of the only constants in life is the fact that every single person ages, you were once a newborn baby, and at one point, so were your parents and grandparents. When you were born, it became your parent’s responsibility to keep you as safe and as healthy as they could, and in most cases they fulfill that duty, which is why it is sometimes hard to watch as your parents get older. The reason for that is simple, because as a person reaches old age, they tend to become physically weaker, more frail, and are more susceptible to various forms of illnesses, and it is often around this time that you become aware of your parent’s mortality, and how important being healthy really is. When you do finally become aware of their old age, you begin to realize that at some point they may not be physically or mentally capable of taking care of themselves, which is when you also realize that at some point you will have to look after them, like they once did for you when you were young.

1 One Day They Will Be Gone

Death is something that comes for every living thing in existence, and it is a fact of life that you are often introduced to from a young age. Usually, your first experience with death comes when either a pet, a friend, a grandparent, or another family member passes away, and sometimes, you are far too young to understand what death means. As you get older though, you do come to understand just how sad and painful death can be in regards to losing something you really care about. At some point or another, your parents will die, and that is the scariest realization of them all, because you know that one day, the people who raised you, did everything for you, and loved you like nothing else on Earth your entire life, will be gone.

Source: EliteDaily

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