15 Reasons Why You Secretly Love The Kardashians

At this point, the Kardashians are here to stay. They have slowly made their way up the ladder to Hollywood royalty. Yes, we are aware that they are basically only famous because of Kim and yes, we noticed that they are sometimes intolerable. However, in realizing how intolerable they are, you still somehow know what they have been up to. What dress Kim wore on the red carpet, or who Khloe is currently dating. And you even know what is going on in Kourtney and Scott’s love life.

For as many bad things that you can point to about this unique family, there are at least ten good things that you are overlooking. Clearly, they are not bad people, right? Truly, you do not know them on a personal level to question their morals. Usually when people hate the Kardashians, they say the most vile things, but then go home and find some good in all of them. Listen, it is okay to secretly love the girls and their brother, after all, they do have some funny moments and everyone loves a good laugh.

Yes, it is okay to admit that you love to love the Kardashians. It's obvious that most people do. The family is at the center of a media frenzy almost all the time, they sell magazines like no one has before, their social media followers are off the charts, and their little reality show has lasted way longer than most. What we are saying is, we know that you may spew hate to get in with the cool kids, but deep down, we know that you secretly love the Kardashians. Don't worry. We will not fault you for that, in fact, read on to see some of the reasons why we too secretly love the Kardashians.

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15 They Are Funny

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Whether you would like to admit it or not, the Kardashians have had a hit reality show on the air for almost a decade, they must be doing something right. If you really sit and watch an episode of the reality show you would know just how funny they actually are. Their humor comes from their strong family dynamic, they know how to laugh at themselves and each other. They see the value in humour especially when it comes to their show and getting as much viewers as possible. Their Gifs, Memes and Snapchats get millions of views and are used all the time by people who are looking to perfectly express what is on their mind without completely offending people.

14 They Are Business Savvy

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This family is so business savvy it is insane, there is no denying that this family knows how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Considering that their entire celebrity is based off of one sister's sex tape, no one can argue that this crew knows exactly what they are doing. They have turned a one time incident into a lifetime of riches. These girls are set for life and they even got the Jenner side in on all of the fun; Kylie has her own lip kits that sell out as soon as they become available, and Kendall is a world travelling model. Kris Jenner is one smart cookie, she knows how to market her family and keep them in the media for doing useless things.

13 They Are Unintentional Motivators

As much as you do not want to see these people as role models, they are just that. They have mastered the art of just about everything at this point and even if you hate them to their core you admire how much they make you want to do something with your life. A common saying is “if they can do it I can do it.” Great-- so go out there and do it. They are hard workers and push others to be just as hard working. You cannot watch the Kardashian's and not be in awe of how far they have come and how hard they have worked to stay there. They get a lot of hate from people who think that they do not deserve to be in the position they are in. Unfortunately for every one hater there has to be at least ten followers, everyone wants to do what these girls do next.

12 They Are Not Bad To Look At


Call it natural beauty, or blame it on the contouring, but there is no denying that Kris Kardashian has produced some beautiful kids. Their exotic look is one that not many can pull off. Their olive skin tones are so smooth and natural, and they look good with or without makeup. We can all agree that makeup and the art of contouring only enhances their beauty, and it does not make them who they are. Can we take a minute to address how pretty Kris was when she was younger? How can a woman like that not make some great looking kids? All the unnecessary baby-daddy drama that surrounds Khloe should not matter, she is just as good looking as her older sisters and continues to work on herself. In those bikinis, they could sell sand at the beach.

11 There Are So Many, You Have To Like One

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Altogether there are 12 people in the Kardashian/Jenner clan, only four of them are actual Kardashians, that means you have four people to choose from that you can say “yes, I like” or “no, I hate.” Out of the four people there has to be at least one that you can tolerate; do you love Rob’s shut-in mentality, Kourtney’s natural, organic lifestyle, Kim’s high fashion, high glamour lifestyle, or Khloe’s love yourself and be proud of who you are lifestyle? They are so diverse that there is no way you would be unable to find something you like about one of them. It may just be time for all the haters to seek out which one they can tolerate the most and jump on the bandwagon.

10 One Word: Booty

A big booty is so sought after at this point, and we have to give the credit where credit is due. While actress Jennifer Lopez trotted around with a big booty her entire career, the Kardashians took it to another level. Kim in particular used her huge asset to climb up that fame ladder (along with a few other things), and is still known for big buns. This butt has broken the Internet, been in an x-rated film, and protruded out of so many outfits. People just cannot get enough. As much as people have argued that it is fake or modified in some way, Kim has proven time and time again that it is 100% homegrown. Even her sister Khloe, has gotten in on the butt game, focusing a lot of her workouts around getting those squats in and single-handedly proving that if you work hard enough you can get a booty like Kim’s, and maybe even better.

9 Their Clap Backs

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This family has always been one to stick up for themselves, however, in some moments they would bite their tongues just to keep the peace and avoid the backlash of the media and social media haters. They have so many quick one-liners and snappy comebacks that deserve awards. In some cases they really make you open your eyes and question why you felt so compelled to spew hatred at them in the first place. A few notable gems are when Kim called Bette Midler a “fake friend” and told the 70 year old that it is “way past her bedtime.” Or when Kris put Perez Hilton in his place for claiming that she did not support Caitlyn Jenner's transition (she only kept his secret for 20 plus years). Or anything that comes out of Khloe’s mouth in defense to her family, friends and life decisions. Their clap backs are so real.

8 They Take Risks

Yes, they take risks in life decisions but we are specifically talking about the risks they take in fashion. The Kardashian family always steps out on the red carpet in something questionable. When Kim wore that floral pattern dress to the MET gala a few years back, she slayed. And while she got a lot of laughs, some people actually praised her for being confident enough to step outside of the norm. The family has never been one to care about what people think. They continue to make statements in the fashion world, Kim in particular has been the source of inspiration for many design houses like Balmain.

7 They Are Loyal To Their Staff

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The Kardashians staff has been mostly the same for the majority of the height of their careers. If you watch their show you already know this. Those of you who do not watch may not have known that a lot of their assistants have been around for years, and when it comes to the really important people, like makeup artists and wardrobe stylists, they are like family. You may see Kim constantly posing with a beautiful platinum blond bombshell assuming she is a friend, and while she is, she is also their makeup artist and does makeup for all the girls including Kris. Her name is Joyce Bonelli, and she, and a lot of other really talented people, make the girls look phenomenal. It is reported that Kim alone spends $2.6 million a year on her beauty team.

6 They Took On Taylor Swift

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No one ever wants to stand up and call out Taylor Swift, she has done a lot of shady things and most of the time she acts oblivious, like a spoiled brat. However, Kim shook the world when she called out Swifty for who she really is-- a liar and a low key mean girl. The drama is so juicy that no one has time to hate on Kim, Kanye or Taylor individually, they only have time to comment on the craziness. Challenging someone like Taylor Swift is risky because she has so much influence over so many people-- she is America’s sweetheart. However, Swift being called out is something that no one else had the courage to do.

5 Kim’s Epic Crying Face

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Over the years we have all seen sides of Kim that we do not necessarily love; she is materialistic and says questionable things that makes everyone think “what the hell is wrong with this woman?” Besides the obvious, the best thing that Kim has offered is her cry face-- that hideous, pitiful cry face. Mostly people are thinking, "how can someone so pretty have such an ugly cry face?" Or, "why does her mouth open so wide when she cries?" The truth is people are happy to see an imperfection on a celebrity. Celebs always seem so polished and put together. It says a lot about Kim that she lets her guard down. She knows that her cry face is awful, but she also knows how to make fun of herself and laugh along with everyone else.

4 Having Kids Made Them More Real

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Sometimes society forgets that celebrities are actual human beings who bleed red like everybody else. Especially when it comes to the Kardashians; they get so much hate it is shocking. The family is always being told how horrible they are, how embarrassing they are, and how poor they are as parents. First, calling anyone a bad parent when there is a chance that you do not have children of your own is disgusting. Second, just because they are in a position to afford nannies and all sorts of help, does not mean they are bad parents. If anything having kids has made this group more likable and more relatable. We now realize that they have the same problems as any other parent.

3 They Stick It To The Media

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This family does not take anything lying down, most of the stories you hear in the media about the Kardashians are falsified, or stretched. They use their show and their social media presence to be honest with their fans, clear their name and any rumors that sound completely insane. A prime example of this is when Kim admitted to secretly love the rumors that she was not really pregnant. Not only did she address this on the show, she also Tweeted about it; “I secretly loved the rumours I was faking my pregnancy bc I was so “skinny!” LOL well can't hide it now 5 months (20 weeks) and 20lbs up.” She also posted a picture of how great she looked at 5 months. Do not expect to try and shame this family without the consequence of getting called out or the negative comment being turned around in their favor.

2 They Are Street Smart

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While most people believe that this family is composed of a bunch of uneducated idiots... in a way, they would be right. As far as we know the only one of the siblings who is formally educated is Kourtney, and the others have taken their education from the school of life. Kris is great with money management and making something out of nothing. Rob started a sock line, and well, we just seem to know what everyone else is doing. They do not try to act like people they are not and they do not venture into business where they know their fans would have no interest. They definitely know how to market themselves and have capitalized in a big way.

1 For Someone Who Is "Famous For No Reason", Kim Is Making A Lot Of Headway In Hollywood

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Kim recently appeared on the cover of Forbes as one of the highest earning celebrities this year, and for being part of one of the America’s richest families. The cover brags about her making $45 million off of one App. The article goes on to tote all the good she has done, and boldly promotes the fact that for someone who is famous for no reason, she is making a lot of headway in Hollywood. Kim lives in a glass house and instead of griping about it, she made millions off of it. While the family started off as being famous for nothing and quite frankly riding the coattails of Kim, they have moved on to developing makeup lines, appear in films, model around the world, develop clothing lines, and expand their own stores. Realistically, this list can go on and on and on as they just keep improving and dipping their hands into things that people would enjoy. Forbes is right, not bad for someone who is famous for no reason.

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