15 Qualities All Women Desire In A Man

Everyone is different when it comes to what they look for in a partner. Some people put more emphasis on physical features while others have high standards when it comes to the person's mind and upbringing. We are aware that everyone is different, however, a lot of people in life want the same thing and that is love. When talking about what women look for in a man, there are certain things pretty much every woman will agree to. Most women, even though the divorce rate is so high, still dream about getting married and finding their prince charming, it is just so hard to find the right person. That is why we at TheRichest compiled a list of the top 15 most important qualities a man should have. Gentlemen are a rare breed nowadays and women are constantly looking for their happy ending. This list is designed for both men and women because our entire generation needs a little help in the love department.

The following qualities are important to women who are looking for a partner, this is not qualities women look for in a quick fling. These are real substance qualities that are a must for most women when looking for a man to date or even marry.

If you're out there riding the single train, maybe it's because you're lacking some of these key elements. Similarly, if you're in a happy relationship, perhaps it's these features that make you so desirable to your partner. Know someone that needs some help in the love department? Feel free to share this list on social media!

Know someone that needs some help in the love department? Feel free to share this list on social media!

15 Intelligence

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There is no two ways about it, intelligent men are sexy. In relationships, you want to be able to learn from your partner and if you do not think a man is smart, then chances are you will get bored very quickly. Women need to be aroused by a man both mentally and physically and if one of those is off, there is less of a chance of you guys working out as a couple. Being with an intelligent man is something that women never get tired of. Women like to be challenged mentally and when a guy is able to provide that for her it is an extremely big turn on. So, to all those “nerds” out there reading this, don't worry, it is only a matter of time before you meet someone that falls in love with you because of your mind and usually, that is the best kind of love.

14 Charisma

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Charismatic people are more attractive, there is no denying that. Charisma is a quality few possess but one that pretty much every woman seeks for in a man. Being charismatic is something that money can't buy and it is something, especially in men, that is beyond sexy. Charisma is a quality that is hard to explain, it is in the way a man moves, speaks and even in the way he looks at you. It is a mix of personality, confidence, and self-assurance. However, the only thing negative we will say about charismatic men is that often times, they know how to charm their way out of sticky situations, like getting caught in a lie, which can be dangerous! However, this is a list of qualities all women want in a man, and charisma definitely had to be added to the list.

13 Ambition

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To most women, a lack of ambition is the least attractive thing in the world. Being lazy and not wanting the best for yourself is not something women tend to look for in a man. Let us clarify something, ambition is not solely about making money, it is about having the desire to better your life in any way you see fit. Ambition is similar to having a dream and believing in yourself. When a man is ambitious it means that he has a vision of where he wants his life to end up. The fact that he is working towards a goal not only something that is extremely sexy, it is also not as common as you would think. Ambitious men are a dying breed however, they are extremely sought out after. Today's generation is constantly looking for a “quick fix”, but men with ambition are aware that hard work and time is what is needed to succeed, and that it can't happen overnight.

12 Kindness

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A little kindness goes a long way. A lot of men have the misconception that women only like assholes. This is a statement that is so far from the truth it is unbelievable. Yes, women, like most men, enjoy a bit of a challenge, however, being kind is something that should always be appreciated. A lot of the time, a woman falls in love with a man because of the little things he does, those kind gestures that make you not only love him more but appreciate the man he is. Kindness does not mean being a pushover, kindness is going out of your way to make someone else's day better, it is doing something purely out of the goodness of your heart. It is a man who is kind is conscious of who he is and how he treats everyone around him, especially his woman. All in all, kindness is sexy, there are no two ways about it.

11 Loving

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Every woman, whether they will admit it or not, wants to feel loved. Love is one of the greatest emotions ever and being able to experience and feel it is something everyone wants. Being with a man who is loving is one of the most incredible feelings and is something that all women search for. Being loving is not about being physical with a person, it is all about in the way you care for her. Women like to feel taken care of, and when someone is loving and nurturing a woman is more likely to put her guard down and feel safe. This is a pretty obvious one because lets face it, who would want to be with someone who is not loving? However, you would be surprised to know how many men out there do not show a loving trait in their personality. Too many people are cold or unwelcoming, and that is something not many women would look for in a partner.

10 Attractive

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This is not about being shallow and finding the hottest man in the club, but let's all be honest, for any relationship to work, you need to find your partner attractive. We all have our “type”, that look we tend to go for, and a lot of us tend to date people with similar features both mental and physical. As much as women are able to try and see past physical features, they still want to feel the desire to get intimate with their man. Attraction is something that is very hard to explain because it is unique to each individual person. We don't know what makes two people attracted to one another, but we do know that it is something that is necessary to make any relationship work. Relationships are a combination of physical and metal compatibility and attraction comes with sexual attraction. Sex may not be everything, but it is something and women want to be attracted to whoever they are with, it is that simple.

9 Happy

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This goes for both men and women, people want to surround themselves with happy people, not with those who bring them down. Happiness is a quality that everyone has the power to possess, however, a lot of people enjoy basking in their misery. For women, having a man that has a positive attitude and who has a joy for life is one of the most important and beautiful qualities anyone can have. Everyone goes through hardships throughout their life, however, it is how you deal with it that counts. Some come out of it stronger and use their difficult times to grow, while others use it as an excuse to be miserable. Happiness is by far one of the most appealing and amazing qualities any human being can have. Women are attracted to warm smiles and positive energy and happiness is exuded through both of those.

8 Committed

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Most women look for commitments, while most men try to avoid them, that is just the circle of relationships. However, that's really too bad because what most women desire most in men is someone who is able to be committed to them, and only them. A lot of the time, men fear commitment and it leads them to losing an amazing woman who really cares about them. The idea of committing to one person and one person only may be a scary thought, however, once a man gets over that fear, it makes him that much more attractive. Not being afraid of commitment has a lot to do with maturity, for some men it takes longer than others to want to commit and some men never do. Women like to be the only one that matters, the only one that can “have” their man. Letting a woman know she is the only person you want to be with and actually following through with it is extremely attractive, even just being open to the idea of it makes you more appealing to a woman.

7 Family Oriented

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This is something that our generation has kind of lost value in, however, a lot of women still look for this quality in a man. Being family oriented is a huge turn on for women because they are able to picture how a man would be if he had a family of his own. A relationship between a man and his family members can also be very telling of the person he is and the kind of future family he would want. Also, a man who is close to his family, is often times more likely to be attracted to quality women, which is another great quality to have. Family is important and the way a man treats certain members of his family are very significant to how he would treat his girlfriend or wife. Women observe the way men speak about their mothers and sisters and it is something that is a huge turn on to women. We like knowing men understand and respect the women in their life, which means it may not be too shocking that respecting your family as well as hers, can be one of the most attractive things you can do.

6 Protective

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Women want to feel safe when they are with a man, both physically and emotionally. When a man is protective of his woman, it shows how much he cares for her. Let's get something straight, when we say protective we don't mean that the man does not let his girl out of his sight, that is the misconception so many men have. What we mean is that he has your back, no matter the situation. When a woman looks for a partner, she searches for someone who will be her person throughout her life, through the good and the bad. Women want someone that would fight for them and honour their women. Women also want to feel like they are their man's prize, which he protects both emotionally and physically. You need to hope that doesn't mean he'll always be dueling in your honor, but it's not a bad thing to know that your partner is never going to be afraid to stand up for you when you feel insulted or disrespectful.

5 Trusting

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There is nothing worse than a guy who does not trust you. Women, like men, need a certain amount of freedom, even if they are in a relationship. A woman wants to make sure that her man knows where her heart is, and lets her enjoy her time with her friends. A lot of women, however, date men who do not trust them and this is a problem. Trust is absolutely the foundation of any relationship and without it, your relationship is doomed. A man that is “cool” and “chill” about letting his girl enjoy her time with her friends is more than attractive, it's a necessity. Women want to feel trusted, and we believe that until someone gives you a reason to doubt them then you shouldn't. Trusting men are extremely hard to find and once a woman does, a lot of the time she doesn't let him go.

4 Polite

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Any woman who says they don't want a man with good manners clearly doesn't know what she's missing out on. We can only hope that those are the women who end up with men who have awful manners, though they're probably not too polite themselves!  Our generation does not put as much emphasis on manners as previous generations however it is something that is important to a lot of women. Chivalry is not particularly dead, however, a lot of men don't find is necessary to be as polite as the men that came before them. Opening the car door, pulling out the seat at dinner and treating the restaurant staff with respect are all things women take notice of. Polite is not the same as being a pushover, and a lot of men try to act tough but in return, they almost always end up looking like douchebags, which is really far from what a woman is attracted to.

3 Accepting Of You

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A lot of the time people go into relationships hoping to change the other person. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to dating. Men often try to mold women into what they think they want, however, women just really want to be accepted fully for who they are as a person, flaws and all. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to conform to certain social norms, however, in 2016, women are much more independent. Women want to be accepted for who they are and in return, they want to be with someone who they also accept fully. My advice to women is in order for a man to accept you, you need to accept yourself and vice versa. You should never be with someone who tries to change you. Trying to better you is one thing, but trying to change the core of your being is unacceptable.

2 Successful

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Being successful does not mean being rich. However, it is true that women are attracted to success. Men who give off a confident successful vibe are more likely to attract women than a man who doesn't. Success is something that is always being worked towards, and a man who is working towards being successful is just as attractive as a man who is already successful. A man who has earned his own money is also way more impressive than a man who has inherited it. A lot of people mistake success for wealth and those people could not be more wrong. Yes, a lot of successful people have money, however, a lot of unsuccessful people have money as well. Success is without a doubt a quality that women are attracted to because women like men who work hard and excel in things they care about, and you definitely succeed a lot more when you're passionate about what you do.

1 True To Himself

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A lot of women have experienced men who are so untrue to themselves. Let us elaborate on this a bit, there are times, when a woman begins a relationship with a man, only to find out he is a different person entirely when he is around his friends, or co-workers. A man who is easily changed and who does not stand true to his word is by far the most unattractive quality he could have. This goes for both men and women. In order to be in a good and healthy relationship, especially one that gets serious, you need to be true to the person you are. When you are not it eventually comes back to haunt the relationship later. Never try to impress a woman with lies, and never try to change who you are because people see right through that. And trust us when we say, being a fake person is absolutely one of the least attractive things you could do.

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