15 Major Celebs You Didn't Know Loved Firearms

Gun control will always be a hot topic, but it’s a major point of debate for most people right now due to all the terrorism and gun violence that has been occurring at home and abroad. We all know that most major celebrities are in favor of gun control. Outspoken ones include Jim Carrey, Bob Costas and Barbra Streisand. But that got us thinking, what celebrities are on the opposite side of the fence? Tom Selleck, Miranda Lambert and even Brangelina, have been open regarding the fact that they believe in the right to bear arms – and own their fair share of firearms. But we wanted to know what other stars shared their beliefs. As ordinary citizens look to celebrities to guide them in their political ideologies more and more, it’s important to learn about differing viewpoints.

The fact is that plenty of celebrities are pro-gun – we just don’t hear about it. For example, Ben Affleck is known for being politically liberal – just not regarding firearms. He is not in favor of gun control in the least. Were you surprised to learn that? We certainly were! So read on to see what other stars are pro-gun, why, and what their weapons of choice are. It’ll blow your mind!

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15 Pamela Anderson

via baywatch.wikia.com

Pamela Anderson is a total gun lover. The public just forgets about it because they are so distracted by her association with PETA – and her bountiful bosom. During her heyday with Tommy Lee, she was very vocal about keeping guns handy in her home. She was quoted as saying that there was no second-guessing her and her family. Her gun of choice was a shotgun, which can do some serious damage. Anderson apparently isn’t the trigger-happy sort, since there haven’t been any allegations of her shooting guns aside from target practice. But she certainly could have the motive to turn a gun on someone, since she is always hounded by the paparazzi and her home was broken into more than once.

We suspect her love of guns comes from her Canadian upbringing, since that is a country known for its gun enthusiasm. Which brings up an excellent point: since Canada loves its guns so much, how come they don’t have nearly the amount of gun violence that America has?

14 Joe Biden

via independentsentinel.com

Sorry, liberals, but one of your own loves guns – and it’s none other than Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States! Who could forget when he went off on that weird tangent about home defense during a 2013 Facebook video chat? His advice to his wife was, “…if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. You don’t need an AR-15 — it’s harder to aim. It’s harder to use, and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!”

Those were fighting words, and they landed Biden in hot water. Not only did gun enthusiasts and gun-control advocates think his reasoning was foolhardy, it also served to further speculation that he is suffering from dementia. Remember when NRA-lover Charlton Heston had to rescind his guns when he had dementia? Just saying…

13 Eva Longoria

via ctv.ca

Eva Longoria may have spoken at this year’s Democratic National Convention, but she has one viewpoint that doesn’t jive with most liberals: she’s pro-gun. It’s easy to see why, since she’s from Texas. According to People magazine, she is quite comfortable around guns, and first started handling them when she was four years old. Apparently growing up in Texas helped her prepare for her role on Desperate Housewives, as many of the ladies on the drama was shown brandishing guns – including Longoria.

Longoria isn’t very vocal about her views on gun control, probably because she think it will garner her bad press. She has been outspoken about her beliefs on immigration, women’s rights, and equality for people who are disabled. While we applaud her tenacity, it all seems like she’s just being political to revive her career. After all, Desperate Housewives fever was cured long ago and her latest TV project Telenovela, was dead in the water.

12 Luke Bryan

via pinterest.com

It’s no secret that country superstar Luke Bryan, likes his guns. He currently has a hit song out titled, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.” He also had a popular song called “Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin’ Bullets.” There are pics of him posing with guns, and next to game he’s taken down like deer, turkey and even a moose. He’s even sounded off on what weapons he would use to kill zombies. That sort of enthusiasm has drawn the ire of many liberals, who are anti-gun and anti-hunting. Bryan doesn’t seem to care, because in his mind he’s just a Georgie boy having fun like his ancestors before him. He does promote gun safety, though. His male fans look up to him and a guy’s guy; and his female fans couldn’t care less about his belief system because they think he’s the cutest cowboy in town.

11 Jose Canseco

via goodmenproject.com

When Jose Canseco was in his prime, he played for the Oakland Athletics. Years after, he shot himself in the hand while at home “cleaning” his guns. Canseco was rather vague about the whole gun incident. He first reported that he shot off his finger while cleaning his gun. Then, he reported that his injured finger fell off during a poker game. Finally, he retracted the poker story – only to later insist that it actually happened. We know steroid use leads to small testicles, body acne and rage, but apparently it also leads to being a freaking moron. Even all the juicers from The Jersey Shore weren’t dumb enough to mishandle a loaded gun. Here’s a hint, Canseco: next time take the bullets out of the handgun before cleaning it. It’s similar to baseball: swing the bat after the pitcher throws the ball.

In terms of gun control, Canseco has been quoted as having said, “Control the people, not the guns.” We don’t know if his beliefs have changed since his little accident. But we do know that now both of his hands are grotesque. The right one has that infamous dark birthmark, and now the left is disfigured.

10 Luke Perry

via jenny.gr

Is that a gun in Luke Perry’s pocket, or is he just happy to see us? It’s been years since Beverly Hills, 90210 went off the air, but the gossip continues to flow. Muckrakers are still uncovering dirt, and the public laps it up. One often forgotten tidbit is that Perry loved guns, according to fellow 90210 cast member Jennie Garth. She reported that Perry often got stir crazy during down-time on the set, so he would play with his guns when not filming. Apparently Perry didn’t learn anything from the season two episode when David’s best friend Scott, killed himself while playing with his father’s gun. It was one of those “very special episodes” that you only saw in the 80s and 90s.

Perry’s favorite part was cleaning the guns. This isn’t a surprise to most gun enthusiasts, who claim that taking apart guns, cleaning them, and reassembling them is just as fun as hitting a target. It seems that Perry always loved his firearms. He’s quoted as having said that he played with guns as a child. He reportedly once brought a fake gun to school and aimed it at the school secretary in order to get his friends out of detention.

9 John Popper

via proboards.com

Lead singer and harmonica master, John Popper, of Blues Traveler has made headlines exactly three times. The first was with the hit song “Runaround”. The second was when he lost an enormous amount of weight after gastric bypass surgery. And the third was when he was caught by cops with a virtual arsenal of guns in his car. It turned out that his guns were legal, but it led the public to see him in a new light. Suddenly his harmonica bandolier didn’t seem so innocent.

After his little run in with police, he became very vocal about his support of the right to bear arms. He appeared on an MTV roundtable discussion about gun control, and has even been rumored to skip performances in order to attend pro-gun rallies. He takes gun ownership very seriously, and apparently carries a gun on his person wherever it’s allowed – and this includes on stage. He even had a private gun range erected at his home in rural Pennsylvania. He previously lived in New Jersey, but moved because he thought its gun laws were too strict.

8 Jessica Simpson

via easybakegunclub.com

Jessica Simpson is a gun lover, which is dangerous because she’s known for being ditzy. Just look at her posture in the above pic – it’s priceless. We’re surprised she knows which end of the gun to point forward. You might need a license to buy most firearms, but in her case we think she should also have to pass an IQ test. On one episode of her reality show Newlyweds, she claimed that she would shoot her then-husband Nick Lachey, between the legs if he ever cheated on her. Papa Joe Simpson immediately piped up that he had a gun or two to loan her. What a family!

Simpson has hocked every sort of product imaginable, from CDs to moisturizer to shoes. She’s a shameless self-promoter, and has made millions. But you can never be too rich, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this Texan eventually endorses a line of handguns. We bet they’d be pink, sparkly and over-priced. Thanks, but no thanks. Any girl strong enough to shoot pistol doesn’t want something dainty.

7 Dean Cain

via ravepad.com

6 Amber Heard

via rozblog.com

5 Robert De Niro

via youtube.com

In case his movies weren’t any indication, Robert De Niro is pro-gun. He has a concealed weapons permit in the state of New York, which is a feat in itself. He won’t confirm or deny that he carries a gun on his person, but the smart money is that he does. De Niro has been vocal about supporting the “stand your ground” law, which is a bold move for a major celebrity. He probably gets away with it because he’s an icon. A lesser actor would be ruined by the press. De Niro is a realist, and is quick to say that there needs to be better regulation for guns. He thinks it’s “crazy” how easy it is to obtain a gun. As for his movies portraying guns and violence, he totally owns it. What he stresses is that there is a difference between fiction and reality, and that audiences need to be responsible enough to realize the distinction.

4 Jeremy Renner

via mrcolionnoir.com

Jeremy Renner has openly said that he has developed a love for guns. He used to be afraid of them, but he has made it a point to conquer his fears. He says that he doesn’t carry a gun on him, but that he believes in them for home protection, target practice and sport shooting. Renner was able to become proficient with guns and other weapons after using them so often in films. In a 2015 interview with Playboy, he reported that he only owned a couple of guns. However, he was photographed later that year in Nevada buying some serious stuff: a Remington shotgun and a 9mm pistol. Renner also owns swords and machetes, but he reports that he keeps all his weapons locked up now that he has a young daughter. Apparently that wasn’t enough for his wife, who cited during divorce proceedings that she should get primary custody of their daughter because of Renner’s gun collection.

Renner participated in a public service announcement to increase awareness about gun violence in schools after the Sandy Hook attack in 2012. Some of his fans took offense, so he was forced to clarify his position on his personal website. He wrote, “Taking guns from people is no answer. I own guns and want to keep it that way. But guns don’t kill people… people kill people.”

3 Johnny Depp

via celebuzz.com

Johnny Depp is a gun aficionado. He’s been reported to have a collection of guns, which isn’t surprising since he’s a collector of just about everything from bugs to Barbie dolls. What may surprise fans is that this laid-back guy frequents the range, and has taught his kids to fire guns. He grew up around guns, which instilled a love and respect in him for firearms. A year ago his gun slinging wouldn’t have made anyone bat an eyelash, but today it is making people think twice about him. Not only has he struggled with alcohol, but his soon-to-be ex-wife alleged that he physically abused her. Many think that things could have easily gotten out of control at his house, and that Heard is lucky she got away when she did.

2 Charles Barkley

via sufficientvelocity.com

1 Demi Moore

via babeoftheday.net

Ashton Kutcher outed Demi Moore as being a gun lover via a Twitter post in 2010. Apparently she’s a gun fanatic, and celebrated her marriage to Kutcher by buying pistols for each of them. She got a Glock and he got a Springfield. They saw it as a symbol that neither one of them would stray. Moore doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She’s super-proficient with firearms and frequents gun ranges to keep her competencies up. Of course, Moore taught her three daughters to shoot, and even bought her daughter Rumer a gun-shaped cake for her 26th birthday. We don’t know what started Moore’s obsession with guns, but her acting roles probably helped. She’s carried firearms in everything from G.I. Jane to Striptease. She sure is a pistol-packin’ mama.

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