15 Insane Origins of Famous "Intimate" Positions

The Kama Sutra is considered to be the Holy Grail of sex. Yet even if you haven’t delved into the Kama Sutra, you probably agree that the sexual experiences that are within are well worth knowing, but that's where we come in! Whether your arsenal of bedroom tricks is chock full, or if you are a newbie to the whole intimacy thing, here is a countdown of 15 Insane Origins of Famous Intimate Positions. We are going to give you the run-down on where these crazy sex positions may have come from, whether they came into popular society because of the Kama Sutra, Cosmo or otherwise; all we know is that a lot of these positions look downright near impossible to master!

We can read all we want and check out some diagrams or whatever, but the truth is that a couple should use whatever position(s) feels best to them. Of course, it is always nice to spice things up, but there is no need to go to great lengths to try and twist into the shape of a pretzel just to get it on! If anything, we hope that this list will give you some laughs and pique your interest. Heck, maybe it will even give you something to look forward to tonight or this weekend. At least it makes for good dinner conversation with your partner!

So let’s take a look-see at the Reverse Cowgirl, The Bridge, and the Missionary poses, among others, and find out what all the fuss is about. Are you ready?

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15 The Bridge

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Okay, we can already tell where this lovely little position came from. Straight out of the Kama Sutra, this one is! Anyway, if you are a yogi, then The Bridge will come quite easy to you, probably. As for the rest of us? Well, to be honest, this is probably  a bit out of your range. We don’t know about you, but we can barely do the bridge pose in yoga class, let alone get some intimate action while holding that posture! Yes, this one is definitely going to have to be reserved for the more - ahem - advanced lovers, but I am sure if you can do it, you probably will find yourself doing it often!

14 Standing

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We have seen the standing position in movies and even on TV dramas for years. It is one of the sexiest ways to get your O face on, and while it looks super amazing and special, in reality, things are a bit...different. You see, engaging in sexual intercourse while standing is a tad difficult, especially if there is a significant height difference between you and your partner. So, this might be a circumstantial kind of posture to take on, even if it is hot in theory. If you can swing it, more power to you! Standing sex can work whether you go for face-to-face or aim to get some entry from behind.

13 69

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Perhaps one of the first sex positions for teens to hear about from their peers, the 69 is quite a doozy. If you can manage to get yourself and your partner into the correct alignment, then that’s half the battle. The other half is actually engaging in your business once you both are all settled in. The 69 probably originated from the Kama Sutra and was meant to be a complete and balanced connection between two bodies. Some kind of hippie logic like that. For the rest of us, it is just another one of those crazy positions that Cosmo throws at us.

12 Woman on Top

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Oh yes, the woman on top! We can already guess where this one position came from. Giving it all to your partner can be a drag if you are the one on top all the time, so why not mix it up! We are sure that guys just got tired and easily drained and thus you may find this to be a position that makes its way into most sessions. It is always nice to switch things up from time to time, and having the woman on top helps to play up the dominant woman type. That too can be a really fun element to bring into the bedroom.

11 Missionary

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Hmm, so did the Missionary position come from religious missionaries? After all, this technique is considered to be one of the most intimate and maybe romantic sex positions of all. Both of the partners can lock eyes with each other and be face-to-face, giving the entire sexual experience something extra magical. Plus, it can leave one partner vulnerable to the other person to do as they please. It’s kind of like the vulnerable partner is being ‘converted’ to the other person’s sexual desires. If you’re into that kind of thing, this one can actually be a super hot pose.

10 Reverse Cowgirl

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Yeehaw! Where did the Reverse Cowgirl come from? Well, probably from someone who was getting bored with the ordinary Cowgirl position. Mixing things up and turning the tables sure does keep things exciting, so why not try tweaking a sex position? In Reverse Cowgirl, the guy typically lies down on his back and the girl saddles up to sit on his manhood with her back facing him. We’re pretty sure you can visualize this one for yourself, kids. Plus, there’s the added bonus of the girl getting in her squats and quad exercises. Come on, girl! Work those legs!

9 Doggie-Style

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The iconic Doggie-Style seems to be a recurring favorite among sexually active adults. And why not? It is meant to be fun, erotic, and totally pleasurable. In Doggie Style, the girl gets down on all fours and sticks her booty out. Then the guy kneels behind her and gets to work. Obviously, this position must have come from some folks who witnessed some canine friends getting it on. Dog sex must have looked nice, so why not have humans give it a go? It turns out that it was very nice indeed, and thus Doggie Style remains a favorite for many.

8 Spooning

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Good old spooning. If there was any way to make the act of spooning better it would be to actually have sex while doing it. And there you go: Spooning sex. It is pretty self-explanatory, but we suspect that this position is favored by many folks because one can be quite lazy while doing it. Think about it, you are on your side, in bed, nice and comfy. Your partner is right there and there is no sharp thrusting or movements that you can to make; no need to flail your arms about. It is sensual and personal and both partners can be touching. Spooning it is!


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CAT stands for the Coital Alignment Technique, and it is meant to bring extreme sexual pleasure to the clitoris. MEOOOW! This is a tweaked version of the Missionary position (see, we told you that switching things up made it more exciting!) In the CAT position, the woman is lying down and facing her partner, but unlike Missionary, in CAT, her legs are together, while the man’s legs are apart. He then uses his legs to make some thrusting movements inside of her, and while he doesn’t get deep, both man and woman receive a whole lot of stimulation and satisfaction.

6 Waterfall

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This is probably the one time where it is perfectly okay to “go chasing waterfalls.” This sex position is probably named because it will make a guy cry tears of pure pleasure and excitement. In this position, the guy has his lower half on the bed, but he leans the upper half of his body off of the bed and onto the floor. Then the girl gets on top of him and you know the rest. It provides intense feelings where it matters most and sexual satisfaction while giving the guy a rush of blood to the head (another reason why this is called the Waterfall!)

5 Butterfly

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This position seems to be taken right out of the good ol’ Kama Sutra. In the Butterfly position, it is the girl who is the lovely butterfly that is ready to spread her wings. We think this must have originated from some yoga asana, because it looks very much like a stretch or pose you would do on a yoga mat, but with a sexual twist! In this position, the girl lies down on her back with her legs in a butterfly position, while the guy gets down to business and does his thing. Is this position some kind of metaphor for a transformation?

4 Valedictorian

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This one should be called “V for Victory,” because if you manage to get into the Valedictorian sex position, considering yourself successful. We personally do not know anyone who would be able to master this position, but hey, it might be reserved for those yogis who follow the Kama Sutra. In Valedictorian, the girl is in Missionary position, but she links her ankles around her man’s neck. Yes, it is supposed to provide intense sensual happiness, but who can actually accomplish this one? It really is no wonder that it’s called The Valedictorian. Good luck with this one, people!

3 Flatiron

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As we said before, when a guy is on top all the time, he can get straight-up tired. So what better name for a guy relaxing than The Flatiron? In this sex position, the girl is lying on her belly, sort of as if she were going to do a plank (yes, sex sure is great exercise). Then the guy gets on top of her and prepares for rear entry. He flatirons the life out of her! Well, hopefully not literally, but if done correctly this is apparently supposed to feel pretty darn good. We kind of wish it had another name though.

2 Lotus

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This is so Kama Sutra. We can see all the hippies doing this one back in the day! Or even today, really. The Lotus position has both partners sitting facing each other (usually the girl is sitting on the guy’s lap.) While she straddles him, she can intertwine her legs around his. This is a spin on the woman being on top, because sometimes you just don’t have a bed to lie down in, but you still want to get it on. An added bonus with the Lotus position is that while the man is facing the woman, he can pay more attention to her breasts.

1 Kitchen Confidential

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Because we all want to have sex in our kitchen at least one time, right? This is the fantasy that we all have...partner is doing something in the kitchen, their significant other comes into the room, takes them by storm, and gets down and dirty right there on the counter. Be sure to disinfect that kitchen when you’re done! We aren’t sure when exactly this sex position came about, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was during the time when women were the heads of the kitchen. Perhaps you can take some of these new positions you've learned and want to try them out in a new location! By the way, you don’t have to be in a kitchen to do this; a dresser or table works too!

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