15 Hot And Hilarious YouTubers You Have To Watch

If you haven’t heard of these hot and funny YouTubers, where have you been? As platforms such as YouTube continue to grow, so do the amount of online stars we’re seeing every single year, so it does get hard to try and keep up with all of them at once. But for the most part, these 15 “YouTubers” are the ones you should be checking for endless reasons: one of them being that you’ll rarely find yourself not being entertained by one of their videos. The likes of Lilly Singh and Alex Wassabi, who document their everyday lives, have gained a tremendous following on the internet, which has now seen many of them jump start their own business, ranging from beauty products to clothing lines. Their genuine personalities have made fans feel like they are part of their lives — evidently enough, when you share so much about yourself on YouTube, people tend to have a rather close connection with that person, almost as if they are part of the family. Yousef Erakat, for example, shares his longtime battle with depression while Ameriie has publicly talked about finding fame at an early age, only to then be faced with one of the biggest downfalls when being told that her record label was planning on dropping her. All in all, however, if you’re ever in need of some inspiration, want to see some good looking people on your screen and, at the same time, be entertained, these are the 15 YouTube stars you need to be watching!

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15 Lilly Singh

via celebmafia.com

If you’re not familiar with iiSuperwomanii and her hilarious skits on her channel, then you really need to check her out. Lilly Singh’s huge following came about when some of her spoofs aimed at her parents ended up going viral. She would reenact how her mother would instruct her not to wear certain things when she would dress up for an event; very stereotypical but at the same time extremely accurate. From there, Lilly launched a vlog channel which now boasts of more than 250,000 daily views per video, followed by the announcement that’s releasing her own book and that she was going to be starring in Bad Moms this year.

14 Jenna Marbles

via skim.gs

Jenna Marbles is presumably one of the most hilarious YouTubers out there. Having established herself a strong following way before YouTube became the number one go-to platform for all things concerning video streaming, Jenna has entertained millions of her fans with her spoofs and joke-filled segments, talking about being hit on by guys in the club, among other things. Her popularity has landed her television appearances — her most recent appearance was actually on Khloe Kardashian’s now-canceled talk show, where she gave her opinions regarding all things pop culture. Her delivery is always very funny and humorous. Jenna is not only really good looking but has that personality of someone you’d just want to be friends with because you know they would be a right laugh to hang around.

13 Grace Helbig

via vk.com

There’s no denying that Grace Helbig is one beautiful YouTuber. No, she’s someone who dedicated her videos around beauty and makeup — she actually just tends to talk about topics that seem to interest her the music on that given day. This usually ranges from how to make pancakes to pass time to covering the fashionable outfits at a red carpet event; and you can always trust Grace to add her own touch to the video. Helbig has gained a massive social media following and YouTube fan base because she delivers her content in a humorous way. Fans can tell that Grace doesn’t take herself too seriously, and often finds herself making a joke about herself. She has collaborated with a ton of YouTubers over the last year and even landed her own talk show on E!, which was sadly canceled after its first series. One shouldn’t be too upset, though, because this has just given Grace more time to spend on building her YouTube brand, resulting in more videos for her fans.

12 Zoella

via inthframe.com

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is an actual fashion and beauty vlogger, having started her journey on YouTube more than four years ago. The 26-year-old’s channel took off rather rapidly as her motivation to build herself a community at the age of 22 became more and more promising. Zoe would go out and purchase all the cosmetic products she found interesting, film a video about them, and before she knew it, thousands of people were interested to hear what she had to say about the items. Her following quickly grew, eventually leading Zoella to write multiple books and work on a cosmetic line of her own. Sugg was recently named one of the most successful YouTube stars in the United Kingdom alongside her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, who share more than 20 million social media followers and YouTube subscribers when combined.

11 Joey Graceffa

via cdn.flutter.co

The ladies were stunned to find out that Joseph Michael ‘Joey’ Graceffa was gay because they found him so cute, but by the look of things, this YouTuber’s popularity with his female audience continues to stay just as popular as it was before he made a video, titled “YES I’M GAY.” The 25-year-old is often named as one of the most handsome video creators on YouTube, which some people even believe has helped him land some minor roles in Hollywood movies lately. With that said, Joey is hilarious, and to see his huge following on YouTube really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone — especially when watching some of Graceffa’s daily vlogs. His video vlogs are very easygoing; these are videos you watch when you want to smile and be cheered up. Joey just has that vibe about him that can put someone else in a better mood after a rough day at work, or maybe even at school.

10 MarkE Miller

via vlog.life

MarkE Miller’s channel grew rapidly when this YouTuber began documenting his life with his partner, Ethan. Their story seemed to resonate with a lot of people in the LGBT community, so much that, within a matter of six months, Miller had gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers from it. Mark would share his stories on how his parents struggled to accept the fact that their son was gay for several weeks before they eventually came around and asked to meet Ethan. Fans have more or less followed this couple’s journey from when they first met to how far they’ve come. One of their big milestones came when they decided to move in together while their loyal fan base has often stressed how much Ethan and Mark should get married already. Judging by their love for one another, this could probably end up happening very soon.

9 Jesse and Jeana

via baypins.com

Jesse and Jeana both praised each other for their dedication regarding everything that involves fitness; from swimming to gym sessions — these were literally some of the most active YouTubers out there. Unfortunately, though, the twosome would go on to announce their breakup just before hitting 10 million subscribers on their main channel, PrankvsPrank. While the former veteran and his hot ex-girlfriend are no longer together, fans were stunned to see both parties still upload videos to their vlog channel, which led to speculation of whether the breakup was just one big prank. Regardless of what the situation may be, Jesse and Jeana have not seen each other since their split, according to reports, but continue to remain active on YouTube for the sake of their huge fanbase. On top of that, they’re both really good-looking, so their absence from YouTube would seem kinda odd without them.

8 Yousef Erakat

via timeinc.net

Last year, Yousef Saleh Erakat dedicated himself to a strict workout routine, having gained tens of pounds following one his deepest depressions to date. The YouTube star, who was still vlogging at the time, admitted that he felt uncomfortable in his own skin and knew he needed to make a change, leading him to work out almost every day for six months. Fans were stunned to have seen the 25-year-old’s physique drastically change, and not just that but his personality also seemed much happier and funnier — more or less how it used to be before his depression. His main channel has garnered millions of views for their pranks and parodies, with some of his most popular including the Yoga Pants Prank and the Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank. Yousef has become one of the most notable people on the video-sharing website, having surpassed 10 million subscribers earlier this year, an achievement that certainly has to be commended.

7 MsAaliyahJay

via ri-fresh.com

MsAaliyahJay is one of the most popular fashion and beauty gurus on YouTube. While she has yet to reach the age of 25, it is believed that this feisty (and sometimes opinionated) online star is already worth millions thanks to her sponsorship deals, her Adsense earnings, and the launch of her own upcoming beauty line. Aaliyah has a lot of diversity on her channel which often ranges from beauty tips, makeup tutorials and vlogs. The vlogging part happens once every month or so, but does connect her audience with the YouTube star on a deeper level. To say that Aaliyah can be quite feisty would be a massive understatement, but nonetheless, she’s incredibly entertaining and knows how to keep her audience interested. She also famously documented herself undergoing the surgical procedure to have her breasts enlarged, which many people didn’t agree with, arguing that she was too young to even make those kinds of decisions. Aaliyah says she hasn’t regretted the decision since.

6 LaurDIY

via mywallpaper.top

Do it yourself videos have become increasingly popular on social media and YouTube, and luckily for Lauren, she was one of the first people to really gain an audience that was passionate about all things which required you to do it yourself. From videos that were relatable to college students — who could save a fortune through Lauren’s tips — to decorations, LaurDIY has pretty much covered so many angles, you are bound to find something you like on her channel. Lauren is also very active on Instagram, showing off her healthy meals that have kept her in such good shape over the years. If it’s not her DIY tips you can feel inspired by, it’s her choice of food and healthy living that she constantly boasts about on her social media pages.

5 Alex Wassabi

via channelmeter.com

If you love laughter and fitness, you’ll definitely like Alex Wassabi. His affiliation with FouseyTube’s Yousef Erakat would eventually see this YouTube star start his own vlogging channel, which has drastically grown in the last 12 months. So much that Alex has already surpassed 1 million subscribers, evidently making it one of the fastest growing vlogging channels this year. With that said, his content is super hilarious — Alex knows how to be entertaining without being forceful; he’s all about positivity and avoiding conflict whenever it may occur. One should also note that he’s currently in a relationship with LaurDIY, who often makes appearances in his vlogs, so if that isn’t good enough for itself, I don’t know what is.

4 HeyParis

via twitter.com

It’s quite unbelievable to see that the channel HeyParis has grown so tremendously fast in a matter of roughly 10 months. YouTube star Paris says she didn’t start uploading videos on the platform until November 2015, and before she knew it, her videos were being featured on social media websites, giving her plenty of exposure to really use that opportunity to her advantage. She stayed consistent with her videos, which eventually saw her surpass 260,000 by June 2016, making her another YouTuber with a significant growth in less than 12 months. Paris’ videos are usually revolving around altercations she’s had in the past, in segments she calls “STORYTIME.” Her fanbase continues to grow, and the fact that she happens to be very good-looking is only going to work to her advantage. Some are presuming that she’ll hit 700,000 subscribers before the year’s end, which wouldn’t surprise anyone.

3 Simmi Singh

via getlinkyoutube.com

Simmi Singh has only been vlogging for about a year, but in this short amount of time, she’s earned herself a massive following on YouTube — mainly thanks to her affiliation to FouseyTube, whose career she happens to manage. Also known to be Fousey’s personal assistant, Simmi has somewhat been able to build a brand for herself, and it’s certainly working for her. Singh’s videos range from daily vlogs to skits, and even challenge videos with other famous YouTubers.

Simmi is known to have a weakness for junk food, having often stressed how hard it is for her not to indulge in a slice of pizza — but her humor and genuine personality seems to be what people seem to love about her the most. Aside from her good looks, the fact that she’s very relatable, hardworking and down to earth has really helped Singh connect with her 190,000 subscribers.

2 iJustine

via flutter.com

iJustine has been part of the YouTube platform for such a long time, it’s hard not to know who she is. Fans often mistake her for Jenna Marbles, which is strange when considering the fact that their videos are completely different — but if we were talking about looks, there definitely seems to be somewhat of a resemblance. Justine, who focuses most of her time working on technology-based videos, has gained quite the following through her adoration with every related to Apple. When it comes to her tech gear, Justine is fully covered with Macbook laptops, iMacs, several iPhones, iPads — you name the Apple product, she has it. The fact that she’s so in love with technology and what it has to offer has really helped her channel grow to what it has become, especially since not many female YouTubers are focusing their attention on tech gear, gaming, and Apple products the way Justine does.

1 Ameriie

via thefashionspot.com

As strange as this sounds, can you believe that Ameriie is a platinum-selling R&B singer? Many may remember her hits, ‘1 Thing’ and ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love?’ Well, it seems like the former top charter has changed career lanes, now solely focusing on her YouTube career, which consists of posting regular videos about her favorite books. Yes, books! Ameriie says she’s obsessed with reading, and can easily get through an entire book within a day, depending on how much time she has on her hands. So, when it comes to learning more about certain books that one has been dying to read, Ameriie has most likely already reviewed it. Every now and then, she changes it up with Q&A videos, but for the most part, it’s all about literacy when it comes to Ameriie’s channel. One cannot deny her beauty either, so when watching her videos, you’re not just watching because you care to hear about a new book but also to see how gorgeous she happens to be looking yet again.

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