15 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Affect a Man’s Performance in Bed

Hey guys, let’s talk a little bit about sexual performance. Okay, okay, so this doesn’t have to be 7th grade health class, but we do think that we could teach you a thing or two about this taboo topic. It turns out that there are actually quite a few everyday things that can put a bad spin on things under the sheets. So take a moment or two to read through our list of 15 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Affect a Man’s Performance in Bed. We think you will be glad you decided to dedicate a few moments to read this list!

From the things you put in your body to how you treat it, to even communicating with yourself, your doctor, and your significant other...these factors can all contribute to whether or not you have the best time of your life in bed. So be sure to pay close attention, because you might not realize how badly you snore or just how much coffee you tend to drink every morning, and what impact that may have. As you'll find, these seemingly small details can really add up when it comes to enjoying sexual pleasure with your partner.

We hope that you will take a look at our list and find out some new things about your own sexual and personal health in the process. There is nothing wrong with seeing the doctor and opening up an honest conversation about how you’re feeling about everything. In fact, one of the items on our list is bottling up your emotions, so communication is key.

When you start making some of the changes in this list, and start having the best sex of your life, you know who to thank!

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15 Bottling Up Emotions

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This is a biggie for just about everyone. We all know that keeping our feelings inside without any means of escape can be a very bad thing. Well, we weren’t aware that keeping things bottled up inside can actually affect a man’s performance under the covers. So if your man is not being communicative or tends to hold everything to himself, be sure to have open and honest conversations with him. Not only will it make everyone feel better, but it will most likely improve your man’s sex drive! It doesn’t have to be a therapy session, just be receptive to your partner.

14 Eating a Big Meal

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No one can really do much after eating a very large meal, so this one makes perfect sense. Even so, we often forget that eating a lot before bedtime or sex time can reduce the amount of satisfaction a guy gets from it. So it is best to have sex a few hours after eating. Or hey, try out morning sex and see how that works for you. The science behind this is that digestion takes a lot of energy and work from the body’s systems. So while the digestive system is working to break down the food, you will be too tired to get it on!

13 Drinking

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Now guys, you don’t need to refrain totally from the booze, but drinking a lot before you get down and dirty can actually have a negative effect on your libido and sexual performance. So watch the nightcap and maybe just keep it to a glass of wine or a can of beer. Of course, you know your own limit, but anything more than that might end up causing disruptions under the sheets. Not only that, but alcohol can make you have to go pee, which can put a damper on your sexual activities. So while nothing is wrong with a sip of some bubbly, you want to be careful with your drink of choice.

12 Smoking

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While drinking alcohol can be a part of a healthy lifestyle (as long as you don’t overdo it), smoking is a no-no for everyone. Not only do cigarettes contain all sorts of gross and nasty chemicals and additives, but they can really decrease a guy’s sexual stamina and satisfaction. And those are just the most obvious negative effects. Besides that, smoking on the regular can make your fingertips and teeth yellow, your breath and clothes super stinky, and your partner seriously turned off. So if you are having trouble kicking the habit, try out patches, gum, medications, or a support group. It’ll be worth it!

11 Eating Junk

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Don’t get us wrong, we love noshing on a burger and fries every once in awhile. But having junk food on the regular has so many bad consequences for a person’s health (and sexual activities). For instance, eating a lot of processed foods, red meat, and foods filled with added fat, sugar, and salt can make a guy feel sleepy and sluggish. That means that when it comes time to get sexy and turned on, a dude is turned off! So be sure to stay active and keep your diet looking fab (everything in moderation!) and you should be good.

10 Plugging into WiFi

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Now this is something that we weren’t too keen on! It turns out that WiFi (which is everywhere these days) can have a negative effect on a dude’s sperm count. Who would’ve thought? So, what can a guy do to combat this? After all, it is nearly impossible to function in today’s society without WiFi. So men should be careful about keeping phones in their pockets and using their computers, tablets, and laptops on their laps. Guys make new sperm each and every day, but prolonged exposure to WiFi devices and networks can slow down the production of the little guys.

9 Not Masturbating

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Believe it or not, abstaining totally from masturbation can make the real deal a bit wonky. While you don’t want to just spend all of your sexy time with yourself, you will want to get it on solo regularly. It helps you to know what you like, and then you can show your partner once the two of you are in bed. So find the strokes, rhythms, and pressure that feels nice to you and then your sexual experiences with your partner will become so much more enjoyable. And if you and your partner are into it, you could masturbate in front of each other.

8 Stressing Out

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A bit of stress can be a good thing because it keeps us sharp and on our toes. Yet too much stress can really take a toll, not only on our sex lives, but on our day-to-day activities as well. This kind of circles back to the whole communication piece that can keep a couple or sex partner happy and healthy. So if you feel that you are getting super drained and stressed out, be sure to find an activity that you enjoy and that can help you just unwind. Hey, maybe it will even be getting it on with your sweetie!

7 Taking Medications

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As annoying as it is, there are some medications out there that can negatively impact a guy’s sexual performance. In particular, antidepressants, hormones, and medications that are used to treat high blood pressure can cause sexual dysfunction. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, be aware that some over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal decongestants can also lead to erectile dysfunction and other sexual woes. And even if you don’t experience anything as concerning as this, there are other sexual effects, such a loss of desire or libido and an inability to reach climax or orgasm. It’s a bummer, but speaking with your doctor can help.

6 Snoring

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Do you or your partner snore like the old man in the nursery rhyme? If so, you might want to look into it with your doctor or even a sleep institute. Why? Because snoring can be a sign of something else, such as sleep apnea, which could also negatively impact sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction. Plus, snoring can be downright annoying! Lots of people do it, but when your partner is keeping you up all night with their loud snores of dreamland, it can put a damper not only on sleep, but on other nighttime activities. Get it checked out!

5 Being Inactive

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Just as we talked about ensuring that you get your proper nutrition, you also want to get enough physical activity. One of the obvious benefits of becoming more fit and active is that it helps you to trim down your physique and gain some lean muscle, That will definitely make your sexual partner more attracted to you, which could in turn, make the sexual experience a whole lot better. Who doesn’t want to look good naked? On top of that (no pun intended) having a regular exercise regimen can help you perform to the best of your ability under the covers. Plus nothing may be a bigger turn-on then confidence!

4 Caffeine

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So, we talked about alcohol and such, but we didn’t know that caffeine could hurt sexual desire and performance. It turns out that loading up on multiple cups of joe day after day can actually hamper your ability in the sack. The important thing to remember here is that you want to take your own personal health history into account. People with diabetes will need to be careful since caffeine can raise blood sugar levels. Also, caffeine has different effects on different people. Some people get a huge buzz from it (yay!) while others feel more tame and relaxed (no!)

3 Watching Adult Videos

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We know that this sounds a bit odd, considering that we told you that masturbating on the regular can help with sexual performance. So what are we doing saying that watching porn could have a negative impact on sex? Well, just hear us out. Watching too much can actually make it harder for a guy to reach his sexual peak. Getting to orgasm or climax can become more and more difficult the longer you watch adult content because it will take increasing levels of stimulation to get you going. So be careful with it and try to have your sexual partner be the one to turn you on.

2 Turning 30

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While 30 is the new 20, the sad reality is that once a guy hits their 30s, their sex drive tends to drop little by little. When a guy is in their 20s, getting aroused just seems to happen oh so easily. Unfortunately, the big 3-0 can mean that a dude will need some extra motivation and help getting to climax. That doesn’t mean that sex will be any less enjoyable though. In fact, more mature adults tend to report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction because they know what their partner likes and they tend to feel more confident!

1 Tighty Whities

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Those tighty whities may be super sexy to your partner, but be careful on how tight your underwear is, guys! Too much tightness in your undergarments can squeeze your goods a little too much, causing disrupted blood flow and we know that this is no good for getting it on in bed. So be sure to wear underwear that is the right size for you. And if you just feel too darn uncomfortable in briefs, then it is perfectly fine to switch to boxers. We’re pretty sure that your partner will still find you incredibly sexy. Boxers or briefs? Who cares!

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