15 Essential Tips To Get You Through College

College students are considered mature enough to start living their life independently and are required to adopt certain habits such that their financial, mental and physical health is preserved and their college years are spent in peace and one is able to make the most out of them. Going to college is one of the most crucial and life-changing events of your life and to make the transition from home to college life can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. So if you happen to get into one of the best universities in America you have to give your best and do it full justice.

Tone down the apprehension that seems to take over every individual before or during college life. However, there is nothing in life which cannot be controlled with conscious effort.

Stepping onto your college campus or attending your first lecture can bring mixed emotions, and while you struggle to align your class schedules, study time, leisure time, meal times and the innumerable other responsibilities that you might need to shoulder while you are in college, you are always looking out for ways to make your freshmen years easier. You might be a hard worker but you need to be a smart worker as well to help eliminate the usual hurdles that college students face. Here are some life hacks and DIY tricks to make your college journey a truly memorable one.

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15 Your Campus Is Your Home Now, Get To Know It

If you do not want to feel like an alien to your surroundings and want that you get attuned to your new environment as soon as possible, it is best to not confine yourself within your dorm room and in fact go out and explore. Find your way around the campus so that you are not lost or waste time looking for your classes or the library when you are in dire need. Knowing the whereabouts of your campus will make you feel more comfortable and at home. Go outside the vicinity of your campus as well and dig into transportation options that will take you around.

14 Stay In Shape By Making The Best Use Of Campus Facilities

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Health concerns are a major concern for college students and they cannot afford to gain excessive pounds and become a victim of laziness and health issues that may hamper their productivity. To avoid gaining excessive pounds in your freshman years, hit the gym frequently in the morning or early afternoon so that it is not over-packed with people trying to get a chance with the gym equipment. Make use of your campus facilities so that you are provided with convenience and do not need to go an extra mile to incorporate a fitness routine in your daily life. Making it a point to at least work out 30-60 minutes a day can have a substantial effect on your overall health. An on-campus trainer can be your constant guide in helping you stay fit and healthy as you manage your academics alongside.

13 Do Your Laundry In The Dark Hours Of The Night

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If your eyebrows are raised with suspicion, put them down! There is nothing too suspect about doing laundry at night. This is for your own convenience as you take time to get rid of the pile of smelly clothes, especially when you realize that you seem to run out of socks and bed sheets (they are sure to be buried beneath that pile of clothes). To avoid this clutter becoming too huge, it’s better that you clear it up at least once a week as per your convenience. Doing your laundry at night will help you do multiple loads at one time.

Your mom will surely be proud of you for independently getting your laundry done. After all, you’re all grown up now and you’ve got to leave no stone unturned to give your mom satisfaction back at home.

12 Make Your College System Your Best Friend

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Learn to go with the flow and adopt the policies and procedures of where you are studying with an open heart and willingly so that you do not have to face undue resistance. There are chances that a misunderstanding may evolve and you may be at conflict of opinion or at cross purposes with your management. However it is always wise to build and maintain cordial relations with your management and college authorities. They can help you deal with any situation that comes your way during your college years and you will be less hesitant to approach them. Remember this throughout your college life and you will never regret it.

11 Meet Your Professors In Person

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Your professors come into contact with so many different kinds of people throughout the semester and if you want them to remember you particularly by face and name, you need to make a conscious effort to interact with them personally and help them get to know you. This way you will always be at the back of their mind even when checking transcripts and this will help you gain an advantage as your professors will have your performance registered in their minds.

They will not only guide you in your academics but be a constant source of moral support and help you build a stronger rapport and reputation and image as a college student.

10 Be Financially Responsible

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College life calls for making financially sound decisions so that you do not regret them later on. Make efforts to become more and more financially literate so that you can make important life decision based on certain facts and figures so that even if some calculation mistake occurs in the future, you have a whole record to tally with and are not left blank in the middle of your financial crisis.

Learn to budget well and prioritize your expenditures and savings. If you save smartly while in college you will be financially stable when you are ready to settle down or enter into your corporate life. Understand the thin line separating your needs and wants and do not indulge in things just because everyone is doing it.

9 Time Is Money. Money Is Time.

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We have been taught the importance of time management since childhood and efforts are made to instill it as a part of our life through experiential learning as well. Only when time seems to fly by do we realize its utmost importance and start valuing it. Learning to juggle between your several responsibilities and tasks as a college student is pivotal to achieve productivity and efficiency in your work. Know when to work and when to relax, because striking that perfect balance will help you make the most of your time. Do not make commitments you cannot fulfill, as having more work than the time you have can set a negative impression and burn you out.

8 Social Life Is A MUST Have

Once you get the knack for college life you will realize that the demands can be quite intimidating and exhaustive and a break becomes a necessity. Having a group of friends you can party, hang out and chill with can be a sure stress-buster. Having a friendly and amicable relationship with your fellow colleagues and roommates can help you gel quite well and also to get to know people from diverse backgrounds and befriend people who will be at your side through thick and thin. Your college assignments should always be your priority but you deserve a break once a week at least.

7 Always Have A Goal In Mind/Plan Ahead

Gone are the carefree days when you used to leave your life in the hands of destiny and procrastinate and delay your career plans. Now you are at that stage in life where you need to realize your responsibilities and set SMART goals in your mind before approaching college life. Right into the first week of college you will get to know the assignments due which you can assign specific dates to on your academic calendar to accomplish them timely. Keep yourself motivated and be goal-oriented with a clear-cut plan in mind, because I am sure you all know that a goal without a plan is just a wish.

6 Organization Is The Key To Success

If you do not align your work schedule with the necessary resources to accomplish them and get your work down you are bound to end up in doldrums. Be organized from day one and keep a proper checklist and a folder to keep your things tidy and in one place. Do not make yourself so dependent on technology that you are unable to operate without it. Note-taking is always beneficial and helps you keep a record of whatever is going on so you never tend to miss out on anything or a deadly deadline. Be consistent in your efforts and be committed to your work.

5 Know About Your College Research Resources/Facilities

Research is the "next big thing" in college and may require you to put in all your efforts to clear this stage and finally get the degree in hand. Your research work can become an intimidating and overwhelming task if you are left to your own, which is why it is recommended that you keep yourself abreast of the research facilities provided by your college and find help within the premises before trying to extend your influence outside. You can facilitate yourself by attending remedial/tutorial classes or arrange one if they do not already happen.

4 Internships And Job Opportunities To Hone Your Skill Set

Students may be looking out for opportunities to make money in college so that they are not a financial burden on their parents, or if they need to self-finance their studies. For this purpose there are several opportunities available out there that will support you in your endeavors. These mainly include internship opportunities which will most likely mature into a permanent job if you are able to fit into their culture. Furthermore, sometimes it’s not about the financial part but you need a platform to unleash your talents and leverage them to build credibility in the market and build up your CV to avail further job opportunities.

3 Sleep Away Your Stresses

Sleep if not taken at the right time and in the right amount can have detrimental effects on your health. Never skip your sleeping hours to work on an important project because you will not be able to deliver it with the precision and accuracy you would want to deliver it with. Sleepiness can cloud your sense of judgment and sleep is also essential for a normally working metabolism. Furthermore, did you know that sleep consolidates your short-term memory and transfers it to long-term memory, which is a key driving force in learning? Sleep deprivation builds up stress which inevitably affects your work performance.

2 Be Interactive/Speak Up In Class

In these highly competitive times it is important that you continuously strive to deliver your best by differentiating yourself from the rest. Interpersonal skills are something that matter the most and you can take a head start by being interactive and vocally expressive in class. At first you might feel hesitant, but gradually you will realize that speaking up will always go in your favor and open up new doors for you. Question your professors and do not let any doubts be left in your mind. Sharing your opinions helps you be heard by your fellow class mates and also instills a feeling of self-confidence in you.

1 Home Is Where The Heart Is!

Keeping in touch is an art that brings together even the most distant hearts. Even though you might be away from home, having the time of your life, still you should always want to go back to that familiar and comforting feeling which is nowhere to be found. You might feel that your high school friends are slowly drifting apart but you need to put in a little bit of effort to keep those friendships alive. Being connected to your loved ones always keeps you positive and helps you eliminate the negative vibes that seem to develop from time to time because of academic and work pressure.

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