15 Amazing Diet Tips To Get You Summer Ready

Now that summer is here it is time to seriously start shaping up and getting on track with your summer diet. We all know the basics of eating well and working out but there is so much more you can do to increase your chance of success when it comes to weight loss. We are not getting any younger and it is seriously time to begin taking care of ourselves before it's too late. Weight loss is about 20% working out and 80% what you eat, so keep that in mind the next time you want a piece of cake! There are countless workouts to choose from, a lot of which have been proven effective. The next fifteen tricks are all ways you can better your life and improve your health. Getting healthy is not always about losing weight, yes losing weight feels great but there is something incredible about getting into a healthy routine that is extremely satisfying.

The next fifteen tricks will help you shed those last few pounds you put on during the winter and have you ready for the beach in a few weeks. Just remember, when choosing a workout, make sure you find something that works well for your needs. Some people love the action and music that comes with a spinning class while others enjoy the tranquility and difficulty of a yoga class. Regardless of who you are, there is a workout that is perfect for you, you just need to find the one that’s right for you. Losing weight can often be discouraging and difficult but in the end it is all worth it. So eat healthy, work out and follow some of these tips to lead a healthier and more fabulous life!

15 Eat in Moderation

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Eating in moderation is one of the best diet tips anyone can give you. By eating in moderation you are able to eat whatever you want…to a certain extent that is. When people say “you can eat whatever you want” many people take advantage. Diets such as Weight Watchers promote eating in moderation. Moderation is a huge component of dieting and it allows you to have the freedom to still enjoy the foods you love. Instead of eating a bag of chips a day, eat a small bowl of chips a week. This will satisfy your craving and won't go over the calorie counts.

14 Curb Your Sweet Tooth

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Having a sweet tooth is one of the worst things when it comes to dieting. In order to satisfy your sweet tooth without over indulging in sweets you can go for a healthier option like fruit. There are many delicious deserts you can make that are not fattening, for example apple slices with almond butter is a great alternative to fatty deserts. Dieting is all about creating healthier habits and by getting into the habit of munching on fruit, as opposed to candy there is a big chance you will create a new habit, a better habit and your body will thank you for it.

13 Find a Diet Buddy

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It's hard to be on a diet when all of your friends are constantly eating junk food around you. If you and one of your besties decide to eat healthier together, it will make it much easier for you. Having a friend motivating you is a very positive reinforcement when it comes to dieting. This friend not only shares your workout and weight loss goals with you, but will also encourage you to succeed. It is claimed that having a diet buddy can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to losing weight. So what are you waiting for? Get your friends into shape and do it together, trust me it will be fun!

12 Meal Prep

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Meal prep is a huge trend around the world of fitness and what it means is that you prepare meals in advance for the week. This trick has been proven effective when it comes to losing weight. What you eat has a huge impact on the amount of weight you gain and lose. By preparing healthy meals for the week you are making sure that you won't take the easy way out (like ordering pizza). By committing to eating healthy meals everyday you begin to commit to a healthier lifestyle, which is something everyone should be doing. Meal prep is a great and effective way of leading a healthier lifestyle.

11 Eliminate Junk Food From Your House

Eliminate all temptation from your house. A lot of the time when we are dieting we feel it is okay to just have one Oreo or a couple chips. Although eating in moderation is always a healthy option, it is not ideal for many people. For those who have little to no self-control (like myself) it is important to eliminate all fatty foods from your house. By getting rid of all the junk, you are able to gain control over your eating habits. In time, allowing junk into the house is okay, but only once you have become completely in control of your cravings.

10 Reward Yourself

Rewards in the world of dieting are often called cheat days. Cheat days are actually essential when it comes to losing weight. When deciding what a good cheat meal should be, don’t waste a cheat on an ice cream cone, and instead eat something with more substance and protein like a cheeseburger. It is also important to schedule your cheat meals to ensure that whatever calories you intake are burnt. Make sure you don’t mistake a cheat meal for a cheat day, it is one indulgence not an entire day of indulgences. Rewarding yourself is important when dieting and is being proven more and more effective in aiding with weight loss.

9 Take the Stairs

The dreaded debate: elevators or stairs. We all know we should always be taking the stairs however we rarely take them. Get into the habit of taking the stairs everywhere you go, whether it is on the first floor or the eighteenth, stairs are an incredible way of shedding the pounds and getting into shape. Stairs are a great cardio workout and by getting into the habit of using them over elevators you will see a huge difference in yourself in a short period of time. This is a simple and effective way of getting healthy and it is proven to be extremely beneficial.

8 Cut Carbs

Pasta, pizza, bread, rice….the list could go on and on. Carbs are delicious and are more or less the only foods a lot of us actually enjoy eating. However, by cutting them out of your daily diet, your body will thank you immensely. By replacing your morning bagel with a delicious bowl of oatmeal you are one step closer to becoming a better version of yourself. Not all carbs are bad, in fact there are a lot of carbs that are really actually good for you such as Quinoa and pop-corn (unsalted, unbuttered) and anything whole grain or multi-grain. Stay away from white carbs and you are sure to see a big change in your body.

7 Juice

Drinking your fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways of getting them into your system. Juicing is an incredible way of becoming healthier and they are also delicious. Get creative with your juices; use whatever fruits you can find and add spinach, kale, carrots or any other vegetables you think would be yummy. Not only are juices delicious they are filled with healthy fats and natural energy boosters that will leave you full. Juicing is an amazing alternative to eating a meal because it is an all-natural method of filling yourself up. If you juice for breakfast I promise you will only be hungry by lunch!

6 Leafy Greens

Green leafy veggies are one of the most incredible and potent super foods on the planet. Although many of us despised eating our greens as children, the older we get the more important it is to incorporate them into your diet. Greens contain a large dose of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Spinach and kale are some of the most popular of the leafy green family. By adding leafy greens into your daily diet, you are rewarding your body because they are filled with such great benefits. There is nothing bad about eating a lot of green vegetables, in fact many doctors recommend you eating as many greens as possible, they are that good for you and they don’t taste as bad as you remember.

5 Never Stop Moving

Find any excuse to move; squat before you pee, lunge before you put on pants and push up before you get into bed. By finding new ways of incorporating your workout into your daily activity you are increasing the amount of calories that are burnt. Many people believe working out only a few days a week is enough but for those who are looking for serious results, it is not enough. By continuously moving throughout the day you are burning fat non stop. This is a great and easy way (that is not time consuming) to get in those extra workouts throughout the day.

4 Booze in Moderation

Vodka martini please! We all have that one drink we are known for. However, even after eliminating sugary drinks from your alcoholic beverages they are still filled with calories. A lot of people who drink regularly find it hard to lose weight, they eat properly and workout daily however their intake of booze eliminates all the work they have done. By drinking alcohol in moderation, you are able to gain control over the amount of calories you are taking in. Alcohol is often seen as “empty calories” which means pointless calories. However, if you are anything like me you will never see drinking as pointless, just like everything else it is something that is to be done in moderation.

3 Have a Goal

Set a goal for yourself and stick to it. By having a specific goal in mind you are more likely to stick to your diet and workout regime. When setting your goal make sure to be realistic. When your goals are realistic there is a bigger chance you will accomplish them. Goals are crucial when it comes to weight loss. Focus on the process and always remember the goal you set for yourself. Know that there will be setbacks but understand that working towards a goal is very effective when dealing with weight loss. This is an important and great trick to remember!

2 Don’t Weigh Yourself

This is a very difficult thing to ask, I know, however as tempting as the scale may be it is wise to stay away from it. Scales are often tricky and can be very discouraging. Instead of weighing yourself try and get in tune with your body. When you begin to feel a change, chances are your body is changing. Set a goal (weeks, months) and weigh yourself then. Always keep in mind that muscles actually weigh more than fat so keep your goals realistic. You don’t need a scale to know you are losing weight, you know your body and you will be able to tell when it begins to change.

1 Eat Breakfast

I am sure you have all heard it many times before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people think that skipping a meal will help them lose weight, however the opposite is true. Eating breakfast especially is a big help when trying to lose weight and it also helps with long-term weight management. By getting into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast every morning, you are doing something extremely positive for yourself. A lot of people find it hard to eat in the morning that is where smoothies and juices are great. The important thing is to make sure you eat something within the first two hours of your day!

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