14 Of The Worst Paparazzi Vs. Celeb Incidents

They make the existence of a normal life virtually impossible for actors, singers and reality television stars: the infamous paparazzi are always buzzing around celebrities, ready to capture the next newsworthy moment and share it with the world. Although on the one hand, paparazzi help keep celebrities in the media, there's no doubt that most celebrities can grow impatient - and even angry - at the nonstop attention from paparazzi cameras and celebrity gossip reporters. It's no wonder: there have been many highly publicized cases where celebrities (and even their fans) have been mobbed, attacked and trampled by the paparazzi.

Since paparazzi attention can lead to very dangerous situations, some celebrities are calling for stricter restrictions and laws in order to limit the danger that they are put in whenever they step foot outside. The following are reasons why celebrities' tempers can wear thin with the paparazzi: these are recent examples of cases in which stars have been mobbed, attacked and put in danger by attention from these notorious photographers.

14 Harry Styles rescues fan from mob of reporters

One Direction member and teen heartthrob Harry Styles is no stranger to the paparazzi. A few times, all of the attention he receives from the photographers has also put some of his fans (who turn out in equally large droves to try to catch a glimpse of him) in danger. In February of this year at New York Fashion Week, Harry Styles actually rescued a young fan who fell down in the middle of a paparazzi swarm. Naturally, the 1D fan he rescued managed to capture the moment on Instagram. She detailed the incident on her Instagram, writing that Harry pulled her away and walked her through the crowd with him. The 1D band member has had an up and down relationship with the paparazzi, and has been known to stop and ask them to stop following him around as he goes about his daily life.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio violated by prankster reporter

Ukranian "reporter" and prankster Vitalii Sediuk tackled Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this year at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The man nuzzled his face against DiCaprio’s nether region for several minutes before being hauled away by security. DiCaprio handled the bizarre incident like a pro: he managed to smile during the incident and afterwards continued with his business as normal.

12 Lindsay Lohan crashed car after paparazzi chase

In a highly publicized incident in 2005, Lindsay Lohan was followed by a pack of aggressive photographers during a day of shopping and ended up crashing her Mercedes. She and a friend who was also in the car suffered minor injuries. This wasn’t the only incident between Lohan and the paps: Lohan’s many issues with the paparazzi in the mid-2000s led to a proposed law in California that attempted to rein in celebrity photographers.

11 Kim Kardashian trampled in Paris

At Paris Fashion week in September, Kim Kardashian West was nearly trampled by a group of reporters and fans. There was one person in particular who targeted her: as she and husband Kanye and mom Kris Jenner were getting out of their vehicle, someone tried to tackle Kim. Luckily, Kim was ushered out of the way immediately and her bodyguards held the attacker down while Kim was whisked away. It has been reported that the attacker might have been Ukranian "reporter"/prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who had also made Leonardo DiCaprio one of his "victims" earlier this year.

10 Johnny Depp bombarded by a mob

Johnny Depp is a regular draw for paparazzi and fans when he is out in public, but one particularly bad incident happened in 2011 when he was at a Hollywood Club and bombarded by a hoard of both fans and the press. He was tripped by the large mob of people and fell to the ground. Depp managed to get back on his feet right away and even continued signing autographs for a few fans before finally leaving the scene.

9 One Direction mobbed at LAX

Every so often, word gets out in advance that a celebrity will be arriving at an airport at a certain time. That is exactly what has happened from time to time for boy band One Direction. Late in November, word leaked that One Direction would be departing/arriving at LAX. The boy band was confronted with a massive crowd of reporters and fans clamouring to take selfies with the group, which was chaotic.

8 Justin Bieber mobbed at LAX

Justin Bieber has been one of the hottest targets by paparazzi photographers and reporters for years. One of his worst moments of being confronted with a large mob of people in public came early in 2014 when he was detained at LAX on his way from Japan. He was asked in for secondary questioning at the airport, but was finally released by authorities two hours later. During that time, however, there was ample time for word to spread that he was at the airport, and when he emerged a huge swarm of people was waiting for him. The crowd ended up trampling each other, and paparazzi clamoured to get snapshots of the young singer.

7 Britney Spears hounded by paparazzi on way to hospital

No one seemed to attract more paparazzi attention than Britney Spears in the 2000s. In fact, she had so many paparazzi incidents that in 2008, a law was proposed to protect both Spears and the public from the paparazzi. The law was proposed after an incident during which it cost $25,000 to take an ambulance with Britney Spears to the hospital because the entrance to the hospital was blocked and hampered by paparazzi photographers attempting to get a photo of the singer.

6 Halle Berry's daughter pursued by paparazzi

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In 2012, Halle Berry had a confrontation with paparazzi after they pursued her daughter at school. Inspired by that particularly bad incident, last year Berry testified before a public safety committee involving California lawmakers who were considering passing limits on paparazzi that hound celebrity children. She let them know about her daughter’s fears of photographers.

5 Jennifer Lawrence surrounded by an aggressive mob

In November 2014, the much-loved Mockingjay: Part I actress Jennifer Lawrence was making the rounds to promote the latest film in the "Hunger Games" series. After she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, fans and photographers who were waiting outside of the studio were overly frenzied as she walked over to sign autographs. The group of paparazzi and fans was so aggressive that she had to be whisked away by bodyguards before she got trampled.

4 Nicole Kidman run over by a paparazzo on a motorbike

In 2013, Nicole Kidman was taking a walk outside of the Carlyle Hotel and was run over by a member of the paparazzi on a motorbike. Although she wasn't injured from the incident, she pressed charges against the photographer. Kidman is known to have a very calm demeanour, however with incidents such as being run over by a paparazzi she knew harsher measures needed to be taken.

3 Will Smith kissed by a "reporter"

In 2012 at the premiere of Men In Black III in Moscow, Will Smith was mobbed by the crazed "reporter", who reportedly tried to kiss him on the lips. Smith slapped him and he was pulled away by security. Smith was clearly shaken up by the incident, which was caught on tape, but the actor continued to greet fans and other reporters at the event. The reporter was none other than Vitalii Sediuk, who also attacked Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian this year.

2 Sharon Osbourne mobbed by paparazzi

Sharon Osbourne was mobbed by reporters when she went out to dinner with Johnny Depp in 2004. As she emerged from the restaurant with the famous actor, she was trampled and pushed aside because the paparazzi were waiting to take Depp’s picture instead. Osborne reportedly laughed off the incident.

1 Suri Cruise called names by a paparazzo


Suri Cruise, along with her famous mom and dad, are often hounded by the paparazzi. In 2013, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter, who was 7 years old at the time, was actually called a “brat” and a “bit*h” by a member of the paparazzi after she yelled at the photographers, telling them to stop and to get out of her way.

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