13 Things Mature Women Don't Do In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships everyone has their ups and downs. Keeping a relationship intact is one of the most challenging things in our society; with the likes of social media it is hard to be in a relationship where both parties are mature enough to know that a relationship is more than what is seen on the surface. Truth be told, when you have reached the age of 30 the norms of a relationship should not include breaking up over something stupid like a Facebook “Like” only to make up and pretend like you are not mad anymore, but bring it up every time you and your significant other get into a fight. These are the kind of small achievements in life that mature women hope to accomplish in their relationships; a world where she is not questioned for her decisions.

Mature women get a bad rap; most people believe that because they do not walk around flaunting their bodies then they are uptight and no fun to be in a relationship with. Honestly, a mature women is one of the best people to be in a relationship with, they have had all they can take of the jerks and are ready and willing to accept a good man in their lives; small flaws and all. Hooking up with a mature woman is almost a guarantee that your life will be drama free because she has no time to deal with negativity, childish behavior or questionable situations you have found yourself in. In addition she is more interested in making that coin then sitting down wasting valuable money making time disagreeing with you.

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13 They Don’t Play Games

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A mature woman has no time to play games. She is on a mission to find a good man, have a successful career and ultimately lead a life that she is content with. She knows what she wants and it does not include someone who is not ready to go the distance with her. In a relationship that she has invested time in, a mature woman is not willing to sit around and defend a man who is involving himself in unsavory acts. This includes cheating, lying, sexting, texting and anything else that is not conducive to the calm, free flowing lifestyle she is trying to live.

When was the last time you came across a successful, good looking, hard working and confident woman who was with a guy who looked like he was just getting his act together? Playing games takes up too much time and too much mind space. If she has time to sit around and figure out ways to play games with you, then she is not ready to step into the world of maturity.

12 They Don’t Disrespect A Good Man

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It has long been said that a good man is hard to find and any woman who has not learned that yet is maybe not ready to claim mature status. One thing about a mature woman in a relationship that is very prevalent is that while she knows her man is not perfect, she knows that he may be the best guy that has stepped into her life. Even if they do not agree on everything she knows that it is okay and worth working on whatever problems they may encounter. Have no fear you are not discrediting your bad B status because you decided to approach a situation with a level head.

You are simply giving mutual respect where mutual respect is due. Besides things could have been worse; there are a lot of shady guys out there today, and it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad. At the end of the day, even if he is not at the level you want him to be at, a mature woman takes some time to grow with him if she thinks he is worth it.

11 They Don’t Fight Losing Battles


Which, let’s be honest, every battle is a winning battle when it comes to women. All this means is that they refuse to carry on a frivolous conversation that they and you know is leading nowhere. Realistically, this should be a goal for everyone; there would be a lot less drama in the world if we all refused to fight losing battles. The amount of time and energy it takes to fight someone on a topic that is not worth fighting about is not worth it. Any mature woman knows in a relationship you should pick and choose your battles wisely.

However, that being said if she truly believes that she has a point she wants to get across and is adamant about not being in the wrong, she may bend her rules a bit and push back; there is nothing wrong with a little healthy debating, right? It could even lead to blowing off some steam in the bedroom and that is never a bad thing. Every mature, smart lady knows that s*x trumps everything

10 They Don’t Rely On Their Partner For Financial Stability

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Back in the day it was easy to say that you aspire to be a housewife and even in some parts of the word currently, this is still an aspiration and a noble one at that, raising kids and being a spouse is a full time job but keep in mind there are also a bunch of women out there who do not want to have to rely on a partner for their day to day well being. Call them feminist, call them man haters whatever it may be, a mature women enters a relationship with a financial confidence that lets her partner know she is choosing to be with him because she likes him, not because she needs anyone to take care of her.

At the end of the day, marriages and partnerships are failing more than ever before and usually the devoted housewife is left in a less than savory position. We are not saying that in order to be a mature woman you should compete with your man’s salary, but we are saying that being finically smart is just smart in general. Many situations can arise where you will need to have your own money. Who knows maybe one day you will have to be the breadwinner.

9 They Don’t Focus on The Bad Traits

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Everyone has bad traits, unfortunately every relationship suffers from one person’s bad trait at least once a year. For some relationships, a bad trait has a women with one foot out the door however, a good mature woman knows that not every bad trait is one that should leave you running for the hills. If he is messy, simply let him know you are not his maid, if he expects you to cook all the time simply let him know his hands are not broken. A negative trait here and there that is part of someone’s character does not mean they are not worth exploring.

If anything you should be looking for someone who compliments you and if he happens to have a few quirks that you would normally frown upon, give him a shot. It usually ends up being the least likely guy that you spend the rest of your life with. Shocker, his “bad traits” may actually be what you find the most attractive about him; it has always been said that opposites attract.

8 They Don’t Give Up Self Respect

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One essential thing to being a woman is having self-respect. If you do not respect yourself then no one else will and this has been proven time and time again. Having respect for yourself does not mean you are disrespecting anyone else or think that you are better than your significant other. It only means that you know your worth and you know your strengths. Giving up respect for yourself is like giving up on your life; you are allowing people to walk all over you and every success you have ever had. A mature, most importantly smart woman, knows that self-respect is all you have in a world that pretty regularly classifies your gender as insignificant.

If you feel the need to allow a man to tell you what you are worth and in the same breath limit that worth so you are always under his thumb, then you should avoid relationships until you are confident and mature enough to know what is right and wrong and ultimately what is best for you.

7 They Don’t Hesitate To Leave

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One false move and you are out the door, okay maybe not that easily, but a mature woman does know when it is time to exit an unpleasant situation. If something is not working for them and they have given you a chance to fix it then why should they stay? Being an adult and owning your maturity is knowing that not everything in life is for you and if you feel like you have given it a good chance that is all you can do. Leaving does not mean you are weak, if anything it makes you incredibly strong to withstand the pain and disruption that comes with walking out a door, locking it and losing the key.

Many women claim to be a ride or die, but what that really translates to be insecurity and allowing others to dictate how your life should be lived. Walking out puts a new set of rules on the relationship; if he cares enough to switch it up and get you back then possibly you have proven your point. Besides a mature lady never looks back, so if you are walking it means you have given it all you got.

6 They Don’t Stalk

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A break up is a break up, that is it. Do not expect to break up with a mature woman and assume she is going to run after you and beg for you back. Her body just will not allow her to grovel at your feet. Do not play games with a mature woman because she is smart enough to know that there are plenty of fish in the sea and that there is someone out there for everyone. If you choose to leave she will be smart enough to know that stalking you is not the answer; after all you did pick her because she was unlike anyone you have ever known.

So why now would you turn around and assume that she would be like every other girl that you have known? She will not play this cat and mouse game with you and if she chooses to entertain the garbage, you can guarantee that at the end of it you will be the one who gets played. Who is stalking who now? Checkmate.

5 They Don’t Cower

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The definition of cower is to shrink, be small; a mature woman would never do this. A mature woman does not back down; she fights for her rights on just about everything. In a relationship do not expect her to lower her standards, back down when it comes to right or wrong or bow down to your stupidity or for your convenience. Cowering is like giving up to her and giving up is never an option. If you want to discuss something with her that she does not stand by do not expect her to sit there with her mouth shut and agree wholeheartedly, it is just not in her nature.

She will debate and challenge your point of view, being a coward is not a trait that is desired and let’s be honest, what confident man wants a woman who is a coward? A real man, in return, wants someone who can challenge him and stimulate his mind, and a cowardice woman is not that. If you do not want to lower your standards, why should she? If you are ultimately looking for someone who will not challenge you in a healthy way, then keep moving because any woman with a mature mindset will not want you.

4 They Don’t Share Their Personal Relationship Woes

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A mature woman will have a significant relationship problem and you would never know. She does not feel the need to talk to every man-hating friend she has about what her and her man are fighting about. If she does choose to talk to someone it is a confident someone she has known and trusted for decades, a sister maybe or someone she considers family. She gets no kick out of trash talking the man she is hoping to make a life with and furthermore: she values the science behind privacy. If you are meeting up in hopes to get juicy gossip you can repeat then keep it moving, she sees you coming a mile away.

A relationship is full of challenges and she is looking for someone to talk it out with and offer real advice, not someone to go on secret stalker missions to see what her man is doing when he is not around her. Do not expect that she is open to trading relationship horror stories, especially if she is currently with the guy. That can make for some awkward confrontations later.

3 They Don’t Vent On Social Media

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Social media has become a tool for people to talk a lot of trash about everything they feel is wrong with the world. A mature woman would never take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else to talk about everything that is wrong with her life. Neither will she post subliminal, passive-aggressive messages directed at “you know who” and then act as if she has no idea what you are talking about when she is confronted. Social media is an adult playground for most people; any woman with common sense can see that it is made to tear relationships apart.

Social media means different things to different people; to teenagers it is a hub for keeping up with what their friends are doing without them when school ends, and to adults, it has become more of a networking tool or a place to keep in touch with family and post a few pictures here and there. When it becomes a place that you go to, to write essays about everything that has gone wrong in your life, with your man and with your friends, well, it may be time for you to get a hobby and re-evaluate why you have all these problems.

2 They Don’t Fear A Strong Man

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A mature woman is fully able to appreciate a strong man. In this sense a strong man is someone who is okay with his sensitive side, and knows how to shower his girl with more than material things. A strong man is ultimately someone who can exert himself as the man of the house but underneath the brawn he is someone that really knows who is boss. A mature woman is able to appreciate a man who likes to do the stereotypical manly things; she appreciates that this may be the only way he knows how to help out around the house, or show her love.

For a woman to understand that he is not trying to push her into a stereotypical role is a sign of how well they understand one another. Mostly it is a sign of how open her mind is to understanding that love comes in all shapes, sizes and gestures. A man who is strong both physically and mentally is rare, so when a mature woman finds one she is open to letting his take charge every once in a while; after all, a good woman knows when to make her man feel strong.

1 They Don’t Underestimate An “I Love You”

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Do not be fooled, not every girl appreciates the words “I love you”. It takes a woman who is ready, willing and able to accept love to truly understand and appreciate what those three words really mean. There is puppy love where you do not fully realize what love is and accept the words from someone who also does not fully know what love means, but when you are mature and have gone through some stuff, when you hear those words again something clicks and you appreciate them so much more; you are also able to realize who really means it and is not just saying it because he does not know any other way to stress that he likes you a lot.

It takes a lot for someone to allow those words to roll off of their tongue; the longer they take to say it, the more serious it is. A mature woman knows that life is blessed when you have real love in it, she wants to work harder to keep that person around and find out what else is in the future for their relationship.

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