12 Reasons Exam Season Is The Best Time To Pick Up Chicks

College is known for being prime mating territory, and for good reason. The girls are smart, beautiful, and most importantly willing to try new things. The trouble is when to make your approach. It’s a little harder to strike up a conversation to a girl sitting in a coffee shop or in a lecture hall, or any other time she’s obviously going to be a little distracted. College parties can also end up being sausage fests more often then not, and the competition on campus always tends to be a little steep.

It’s crucial that you pick the right moment. College girls typically don’t have the time to waste on a million temporary flings, and are smart enough to see right through whatever line you try and use on them. Chat them up when they’re not in the mood and you can expect to go down in flames.

At first glance, exam season might seem like exactly the wrong time to pick up; everyone’s stressed out, nobody seems to want to chill, but there are a few overlooked facts that nobody takes into account when they’re looking to pick up. Exam season is a raw emotional time for a lot of people who suddenly have a lot more time for themselves. If you talk to girls now, when everyone else is distracted, you might find that you’re her perfect outlet for some much-needed stress relief.

12 They Need to Blow off Steam

After a hard exam following weeks or even months of studying and intense grinding, everyone wants some much-deserved R&R. This might mean she just wants to stay in bed for three days, or she wants to head out for a different kind of intense grinding. There’s no better way to take a load off then to go out for drinks, meet up with friends, or go on a date. But exam seasons are staggered for all classes and programs, meaning that there aren’t as many people she can call up. But boy, does she deserve it. Time it right and instead of ‘drinks with the girls’ she could be doing some ‘Netflix and chill’ with you.

11 They’re Stuck In Coffee Lines

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Working at a coffee shop during exam season is pretty hellish. Many of the baristas are already stressed with their own exams, and most cafes have considerable lineups of cramming students trying to get their fix. Lineups are the best places to strike up a conversation. Given that all their other college friends are also working away in whatever corner of the library they managed to find, girls are much more receptive to friendly chit-chat. All you need to do is work up the courage and find the right line and you’ve got something going.

10 They’re More Receptive

It’s typically hard to find the right icebreaker. If you’re trying to meet a girl the old fashioned way (i.e. not on Tinder), you’ll want to start with something harmless. Some of the more anxious girls will snap back if she senses that a guy is trying to flirt, so it’s important to test the waters with something a little more benign. Asking “Do I know you from somewhere?” works best in my experience since her head will be so filled with facts and figures that she really won’t be able to tell if she’s seen you before. It doesn’t help that the lecture halls are so crowded that she might even think that she has.

9 They Procrastinate on Tinder

If you don’t want to put yourself out there too much, or if you’ve been striking out in person, it’s a good time to check out the dating apps as well. Tinder is the perfect distraction for her frequent study breaks. If you know that she’s studying you already have a perfect topic to talk about. Ask her how exams are going: especially if they are going badly, she’s going to want to vent. Make sure you don’t press her too much – she really has to study. Just make sure you’re available when she’s handed in the last paper.

8 There’s Less Competition in Bars

It might seem counterintuitive to go out around this time of year because of the general lack of people. But summer exam seasons coincide with the return spring, which is when people want to celebrate the rays of the sun by dressing down and grabbing a beer. Campus bars are going to be a little less full, but everyone is guaranteed going to want to have a good time. Most of the other guys will be a little off their game after a grueling end of term, meaning it’s easier for you to be the guy she ends up having some fun with.

7 They Need Comfort

Girls during exams are stressed. They need any sort of comforting. If you have a dog, for instance, you’re going to want to take him on a lot of walks this time of year. You could both probably use the exercise. The added bonus is that girls will be way more likely to approach him. Dogs are way more pet-able when you need to take your mind off things, which is why most college campuses have dog-petting sessions for stressed-out scholars. It’s a great way to strike up a conversation and see where it goes. Try not to be too outdone by your cute pooch, though.

6 They’re in Study Groups

If you’re taking exams yourself, this might be the perfect time to get a little closer with that girl you’ve had your eye on all semester. If you haven’t yet, now is the time. Ask her questions about the material; it doesn’t matter if you already know the answer as long as you can get her talking. If you let her ‘school’ you a little bit, all you have to do is ask if she could keep things rolling in a little private study group. Don’t act too dumb; you don’t want her to think you’re going to slow her down. If you play your cards just right, you could get to know a lot more about her and maybe even pass that test.

5 They’ll Wanna Celebrate (We Hope)

When the dust finally settles and the semester is done, some are people are going to be left with their dreams crushed and others with their spirits soaring. It’s an emotional time for any student. In any event, her mind is probably going to change about a lot of things. This means you might either be horribly rejected or pleasantly surprised when she finally texts you back. The key is to stay positive. Some girls are going to shoot you out of the air when you weren’t even really flying by, while others will flock to you if you just keep it cool.

4 Their Rooms Are Spotless

This is kind of a weird one but if you’re like me and you like to keep things tidy, this is the best time to get it while it’s good. There are a million different ways to procrastinate, but among the most popular ones are cleaning and cooking. A girl whose house is usually on the messier side will suddenly keep it sparkling clean. She’ll want to keep her body, mind, and environment pristine so she can really get down to some good hard… studying. You might even score some fresh cookies if you’re really lucky.

3 Their Friends Are Busy

If you’ve been waiting for the right time for some alone time with a girl, this may be your best shot. It’s hard to schedule a night out when all your other friends are preoccupied, so she’s not going to have too many other plans. Couldn’t hurt if you made yourself available for a lunch date, say, or a movie date, dinner date- whatever takes her mind off the mountains of work she’s done or has yet to do. Keep it casual, though. The worst thing you can do is to bug her when she’s already burnt out.

2 They Need A Stress Ball

Some people use a day at the spa, some use rubber balls, and some people just want to rub one out. It’s a known fact that doing the deed can chemically lighten the mood, so if she’s anything like you, she’s going to want to get her rocks off. Be careful, though, for some girls it’s the last thing on their mind. If you can manage to get yourself noticed, read her signals, and can keep a conversation going all the way to the bedroom, exam season might be the best time you had in college. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even go there.

1 This May Be Your Last Shot

Exam season certainly isn’t going to guarantee you any kind of action, but if you’ve been waiting all year to talk to that dream girl, this might be the last time you ever see her. If she’s in her last year, she might be moving, and even if it’s just to the other end of the city, that might mean you’ve lost your chance. The worst thing that can happen is she says no, and in that case, at least you won’t be wondering about it anymore. You miss every shot you don’t take, and this is your last one with a lot of girls.

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