12 Of The Craziest Things Revealed By Celeb Employees

It’s not a surprise that celebrities can be pretty demanding. We’ve all heard the crazy stories about stars “needing” to have a certain type of candy or brand of water in their dressing rooms before performances. There have also been instances in which celebrities have asked their assistants to go on crazy errands to complete tasks that were insignificant or just plain strange.

We’re guessing that once you get into a certain tax bracket, you can make outrageous demands, and people will actually pay attention to you in some cases. Perhaps some people are just waiting for the chance to make lots of money so they can show the world that they like bossing others around. There’s also a possibility that many celebrities are simply fascinated by the fact that they can ask for a particular brand of fast food, and have it delivered to their door in a matter of minutes. The stories are even more entertaining when you actually hear from the companies and employees that work with certain celebrities.

While some celebrity employees can vouch for the fact that the stars they work for can be pretty annoying sometimes, it’s safe to say that these stars’ requests are harmless, for the most part. Here are 12 crazy things that celebrity employees have revealed.

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12 Adele’s Need for Cigs and Wine


The British crooner makes sure her employees know that she’s got to have “the best quality” red wine (which is relative), along with Marlboro Lights to smoke. These items are probably not the best for her voice, but hey, celebrities want what they want. Adele also requires six metal teaspoons in her dressing room, six big mugs for tea, and organic honey is banned. As a matter of fact, she has to have “squeezie” honey that is clear. In addition to her Marlboro Lights, she also requires a disposable cigarette lighter, and a small assortment of fresh fruit like bananas, berries, apples and grapes, but no citrus fruit. Maybe Adele is on the road to good health, after all.

11 Justin Bieber’s Need for Candy and Small Shirts

Actually, Bieber’s requests aren’t too outlandish, but they are a little too detailed. In his dressing room, he has to have Swedish fish, as well as an XS t-shirt and some tea. Who knew Justin wanted a semi-sophisticated beverage before getting on stage to send his female fans into a screaming frenzy? Also, his room must always be between 68 and 75 degrees, and Bieber has got to have two cases of water on ice. He also requires a case of ginger ale, two cases of Coke and two cases of Diet Coke, all on ice. Looks like the one thing Justin doesn’t skimp on is keeping his clothes looking pristine, since he requires a professional-quality ironing board and iron in each dressing room.

10 Sir Paul McCartney’s Animal Rights Demands

Since Paul McCartney is an animal rights activist, he doesn’t allow leather, fur or meat in his dressing room. The Beatle also doesn’t want faux animal fabric substitutes, and the furniture in the room can’t have any animal print. He also loves to have lots of plants around him, so he requests that six leafy floor plants be in the room when he arrives. McCartney is also pretty serious about lighting in his rooms. All the lights have to have a dimmer switch, and must be halogen floor lamps. It’s also important that arrangements be made for a dry cleaner before Paul McCartney arrives at his hotel or dressing room. These requests aren’t too outrageous, but even if they were, someone would probably be willing to fulfill them. After all, Paul McCartney is a music legend.

9 Taylor Swift’s Need for Coffee


Everyone on Taylor Swift’s tour bus knows that if she has to make an appearance before 11 a.m., a stop at the nearest Starbucks is required. Specifically, Swift needs a grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet N’ Lows, and a grande iced Americano, also with two Sweet N’ Lows, along with a slice of pumpkin loaf. Swift also requires two four-packs of Red Bull, a 12-pack of Coronas and a 12-pack of New Castle beer. It’s a wonder Taylor stays so fit, because a stick of butter and three boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese are also in her rider.

8 Katy Perry’s Floral Demands


Assistants and staff members are very clear about the fact that singer Katy Perry doesn’t want any carnations in her dressing room. She does, however, require an arrangement of fresh flowers, and they should all be pink, with the exception of purple and white hydrangeas. White roses are also acceptable. Perry also needs an assortment of organic fruit, which includes orange, grapes, apples and bananas. She also needs fresh veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and snap peas with ranch dip. The singer also has to have freeze-dried strawberries in her dressing room, along with Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio.

7 Naomi Campbell’s “Request” For Candles

Model Naomi Campbell, who recently had a role on Fox’s hit show Empire, is known for being very difficult to work with, and has even been in the news for hitting one of her assistants with a phone. So, it’s no wonder that not many people want to work with her. It has also been reported that one of Campbell’s former assistants, Rebecca White, had to fill every one of Naomi’s hotel rooms with dozens of candles. White said that 25 candles had to be in the room, placed in various spots, before the model would agree to stay there. Campbell stated that there “had to be” five candles in the bathroom, as well as 10 in the main bedroom and 10 in the living room. No wonder White is no longer Campbell’s assistant.

6 Beyonce’s “Spicy” Dressing Room Needs

It has been said that Beyonce needs her dressing room to be at 78 degrees at all times. Since she has an endorsement deal with Pepsi, she also prohibits all Coca Cola products from being in her dressing room. The queen of modern pop has also been known to require a catering table, dressed with white tablecloths, and chicken legs, wings and breasts that must be “heavily seasoned” with cayenne pepper. In order to be relaxed before her shows, she demands that her team adorn her dressing room with rose-scented candles, and she’s got to have a case of Aquafina water; half of the bottles must be cold, half room temperature. While this isn’t completely outrageous, it is a little meticulous. However, Beyonce’s employees likely don’t mind meeting her demands, since she’s pretty rich and we haven’t heard about her assistants or staff complaining about their salaries.

5 Cheryl Hines’ Cage Cleaning Demands

4 Rihanna’s Curtain Specifications

With all the turmoil singer Rihanna has been through in recent years, it’s understandable that she needs to be in a tranquil environment before a performance. However, her requests are a little detailed. She’s got to have blue or black curtains in her dressing room, and the curtains have to be laced with “icy blue chiffon.” Rihanna also requires that the dressing room have enough lighting for a “relaxed atmosphere.” She also “needs” a plus animal print rug. Of course, the rug has to be clean, because she’ll be walking on it barefoot. There also have to be five AC power outlets in the room for Rihanna to recharge all of her necessary devices. Also, if there aren’t four clear vases filled with white tulips in Rihanna’s dressing room, it could turn into a serious problem.

3 Mariah Carey’s “Sweet Smelling” Requirements


Award-winning singer Mariah Carey is known for being a diva, and her rider proves it. She has to have vanilla candles in her room, but they must be the Joe Malone brand. Carey also requires curtains on every window and two vases filled with white roses. She also needs eight other plants in the room, and they must be “tall and leafy.” Mariah also has to have 12 1-liter bottles of Fiji water to lubricate those multi-register vocal cords, and a three-person couch that is a solid color with no “busy patterns.” The temperature in the room has to be 75 degrees, and she requires three bottles of chilled Chardonnay to unwind after a stressful day of entertaining the world.

2 Kanye West’s Brown Liquor and Yogurt Rider

It’s not a surprise that Kanye West is pretty particular when it comes to the things he wants in his dressing room. One of his requirements is a barber chair, and he’s also got to have lots of alcohol around to get ready for his shows. One of the drinks he specifically requests is Hennessey, but he should probably reduce his consumption, since brown liquor is part of what got him in trouble at the 2009 VMAs. West doesn’t like putting his bare feet in the shower, so he’s got to have shower shoes in his hotels and dressing rooms. He’s also got some specific dressing room demands, such as plain yogurt for dipping (we’re assuming that’s for fruit), as well as a bowl of salted pistachio nuts (they have to be Sunkist brand) and a box of toothpicks.

1 Lady Gaga


We all know Lady Gaga is kind of strange. She doesn’t exactly want it to be a secret. However, her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, who filed a lawsuit against the pop star, said that Lady Gaga made her sleep in bed with her. O’Neill said in a written statement that she had to stay by Gaga’s side 24 hours a day, and that she had to get into bed with her, because the star didn’t want to sleep alone. There are also allegations that Lady Gaga doesn’t pay for overtime, and Jennifer O’Neill has sued her for $390,000 in overtime wages. O’Neill stated that not only did she have to handle Gaga’s business matters, but she was also responsible for meeting the star’s basic needs, like getting a cup of tea, bringing her computer to her, or getting her a new tampon. Too far, Gaga. Too far.

Sources: businessinsider.com

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