12 Myths Men Need To Stop Believing About Women

If there's one thing that's definitely true, it's that men still don't seem to "get" women. Women don't seem to "get" men, either. The root cause of this is lack of communication. Women don't want to seem naggy and tell men what they do and don't like, but when they do, it's almost like men process the information in one ear and then it metaphorically goes out the other. The sad thing is that most men think that they have women figured out perfectly. Truth of the matter is, they don't - or at least they don't act like it. There's tons of things about women that men continue to believe that's only going to be detrimental to relationships in the future - whether it's a romantic relationship or just a friendly relationship.

Men and women fight, and most men are going to tell you it started with a woman "being crazy." However, it's usually because women get fed up with men doing or saying the same wrong thing over and over again. It's part of life that men and women have different communication styles; opposites often attract in the long run, right?

The only way to stump the idea that "men are they way they are" and "that's how women are," is to really soak up what the opposite sex is communicating. If a woman tells you something is untrue, or that she doesn't like something that you're doing, your best bet it to take her word for it. The same goes for women. Here are 12 myths men need to stop believing about women.

12 "Natural" women are better

A lot of men say that they're more likely to be attracted to "natural" women. To men, a natural woman is one that can go without makeup, doesn't have to do too much with her hair, and can really look good in anything. It's totally fine to have a preference, but just because you have a preference doesn't mean you have to bash whatever the opposite is. Shaming women who wear makeup isn't the way to express your feelings towards natural women at all.

On top of that, "natural" women spend just as much time doing their makeup (foundation, contouring, eyebrows and mascara, at least) to achieve a flawless, fresh look that comes off as natural but totally isn't. Those messy buns aren't easy to achieve, either. They may look perfectly disheveled, but it takes time to achieve that. The personality of an attractive woman who wears a lot of makeup may be ten times better than a seemingly "natural" woman's - appearance has nothing to do with personality.

11 Size matters

Sadly, a lot of men root their masculinity in their... Manhood. The thing is, size really doesn't matter to women (in the exact way you're thinking). The only time size matters to a woman is when her Chipotle burrito is smaller than usual or if you got the wrong sized latte. When it comes to men, women aren't as shallow when it comes to anatomy. Women really don't mind what you're packing - sure, she might have a preference, but if you have a personality that's out of this world, size isn't going to be a deal breaker. Men are raised being taught that size is a huge deal, but it really isn't. It may not be a good idea to step up to the plate swinging a thumb tack, but as long as you're marginally "normal", get it done, slugger.

10 Having a side chick is okay

Side chick culture, otherwise known as cheating in a relationship, really started with social media. Cheating is definitely seen as a no-no in most people's worlds, but social media has made a joke out of side chick culture, almost making it seem normal and justifiable. The thing is, not one woman is okay with side chick culture. Even if you have a side chick that you're hiding from your girlfriend, she's not okay with being the side chick. All girls want to feel like they're the only ones you have eyes for, and that's what all girls deserve. One of the most important mantras to remember is, "If she'll cheat with you, she'll cheat on you," and if a side chick finds somebody that is going to love her wholeheartedly, you can say goodbye to the double life you've been living.

9 Women don't poop or fart

Probably the most childish belief of all is the belief that women don't poop or fart. It's hard to tell if men actually believe these things to be true, or if the idea is just so gross to them that they push it out of their heads. Either way, it's time to grow up and learn that women do indeed fart and poop. The idea of women pooping has been so shamed that women are often very secretive and embarrassed about it, which isn't okay. Men are allowed to destroy bathrooms proudly and even fart in public which brings nothing more than a few laughs. Women might not be as vulgar about it, but they definitely do it, and that's okay.

8 Women want tons of money spent on them

Here's the thing: women love a good night out or a kind gesture every once in a while, just like men. Women are often really honest and open about this though, which causes the misconception that women just want money to be spent on them all the time. She doesn't want a fancy date and expensive jewelry to become a weekly thing at all. What she wants is for you to pick up her favorite chocolates on the way home because you thought of her, or surprise her with a date night even if that just means going to a hockey game. Women don't want you to fork out your life savings to prove anything - she just wants you to put in a little spontaneity and effort (and that doesn't come with a minimum price tag).

7 Women can't enjoy "manly things"

Men often feel at a crossroads between indulging in their favorite activities or hanging out with their girlfriends to make them happy. The thing is, women are always willing to try out whatever it is that you love, you just have to give them a chance. Deciding that she isn't going to like something because you haven't chosen to include her in the past doesn't mean she has an opposition to it - it just means you've never tried. Teach her how to play Counter Strike, let her watch the next baseball game with you, or even take her to your favorite sports bar that's normally reserved for guy's night. You might be surprised at what the results are.

6 Boobs are just for pleasure

One thing that seems to totally weird men out is the idea of breastfeeding. Sadly enough, all men (yes, all men) need to get over this. Whether it be a random woman that you see out in public or your own girlfriend or wife, breastfeeding can't be seen as something disgusting or weird. The only biological purpose that boobs fulfill is the ability to feed offspring - humans weren't created with boobs for sexual pleasure. Boobs have unfortunately been sexualized through the roof, so it's not necessarily anybody's fault for thinking that of boobs. Despite that, it is your fault if you've been told time and again what boobs are really for and you still feel offended that they're being used for something other than pleasing a man.

5 Sex can be given on demand

Most men aren't completely insane and don't actually demand sex. That would be close to non-consensual sex, which is a crime, and one of the worst out there. On the other hand, a lot of men like to almost throw fits when their girlfriends or women they're hooking up with don't want to go at it at the same time they do. Sulking or ignoring a woman because she doesn't want to have sex is one of the worst things a man can do. Women are entitled to their own bodies and are allowed to say no whenever they want. Sometimes women really do have headaches, really are too tired, or just are not in the mood. It's a man's job to respect that and learn that he's not entitled to sex whenever he wants.

4 Every time she's mad it's her "time of the month"

Surprisingly enough, women are able to feel upset or angry at any time of the month, and not just when they're on their period. One sure fire way to get a woman really angry, whether she's on her period or not, is to accuse her of being mad solely because "it's that time of the month." Disregarding a woman's feelings or not taking her seriously because she might be on her period is a one-way ticket to the doghouse. For one, that might not even be the case. On top of that, if she is, it's definitely none of your business and pointing it out is a trap. Women are able to be upset or angry whether they're on their period or not, and they shouldn't have to be ridiculed with "oh, it must be that time of the month" whenever you feel it's appropriate to say it (hint: it's never appropriate to say it).

3 Being nice is the same thing as flirting

Sadly for men who don't get much action, every nice woman obviously has to be flirting. Well... That's wrong. There are tons of stories of women being harassed for being rude or for rejecting a man's advances, so sometimes, she's just being nice because she thinks you're creepy. Other times, she might just be a genuinely nice person. Just because she makes small talk with you or smiles back at you does not mean she's ready to jump into bed with you. Baristas and bartenders are also just doing their job when they're being nice - it doesn't mean you berate them until they feel unsafe and like they have to give you their number. Being nice does not equate flirting, and it takes a certain savvy to differentiate between the two.

2 Women are too emotional

The idea that women are too emotional is an idea that is taught to children as they grow up. Little boys are always told to stay tough and never cry, and little girls are doted upon when they do cry because "that's what girls do." When little girls and boys grow up, they keep on with these habits. Men feel like they can't cry because it makes them look weak, and women are tiptoed around because they are "too emotional." The real story is that men and women are both allowed to cry and are both allowed to be upset. It's unfair to label an entire gender as "too much" of something.

1 Women created the friendzone

Tying in with the idea that being nice is not flirting is the idea of the friendzone. I'm here to tell you that the friendzone is not real - men get upset when women want to be just their friend, and nothing more; but to be upset because a woman isn't physically or romantically interested in you is immature as is putting a name on it. The entire gender didn't band together to create an imaginary realm where the "nice guys" are dropped. Men simply can't seem to handle the idea that some women would rather just be friends and not jump in bed with every man who's interested in her. The friendzone isn't real, so it's time to stop blaming failed potential relationships on that.

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