12 Celebrities Who Were Busted With Drugs

Drugs are one of the many options that come with the fabulous Hollywood lifestyle; the hard-partying ways of young Hollywood stars seem to get worse as new generations present themselves. The ever-present appearance of drugs makes it hard for those young starlets to control the temptations and the peer-pressure that comes along with their way of life. Then again, all good things must come to an end and unluckily, that end can sometimes involve cops, charges, jail time and probation. There is never a lack of stories surfacing in the media in regards to stars being arrested for drug possession, DUI’s and almost everything in between; even celebrities held in the highest regard can be caught at their lowest point. Actor Robert Downey Jr. has a phenomenal career but no one would be able to guess that he was once curled up in a gutter feigning for drugs, only to be later arrested for possession. Or once known as the bad boy of R&B, Bobby Brown has had several run-ins with the police that ended in classic drug charges. Although these arrests seem like moves intended for armatures, the rich and famous never fail to get caught and charged with drug possession. A lot of these stories get swept under the rug simply because these celebrities can afford some of the best lawyers money can buy, and the excuses are endless; everything from 'they were not my drugs' to 'they belong to my friend' and even accusations of drugs being planted on them by the arresting officers. Here is a list of 12 celebrities who have been caught right-handed with drugs.

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12 Mischa Barton


Actress Mischa Barton was pulled over in 2007, with suspicion of driving under the influence; unfortunately, the actress (21 at the time) who was straddling between two lanes of traffic was also caught in possession of marijuana. Her drunk and high incident cost her a hefty $10,000 fine, seven hours in a West Hollywood jail and three years of probation. This was not the actress' last run-in with drugs and alcohol, though; she has also had a “bad reaction” to some bronchitis medication (when mixed with her alcoholic beverage), and was forced to spend some time in a hospital. Mischa has recently cleaned up her act and is now suing her mother for stealing from her.

11 Dionne Warwick

At the ripe old age of 61, singer Dionne Warwick was stopped at Miami International Airport on suspicion of smuggling drugs; yes, smuggling drugs. Dionne tried to “walk on by” but unfortunately, she was caught with 11 suspected marijuana cigarettes hidden in a lipstick container (the older generations are so creative with their hiding places). Altogether Dionne was caught with less than 5 grams of the good stuff and was charged with possession. Ultimately, this mishap threw a wrench in her plans for the day, she missed her flight to Los Angeles, got put in a holding cell and had to appear in court. In true celebrity fashion, her sister Dee Dee Warwick is claiming that someone planted those drugs on her sister.

10 Lil’ Wayne


Arizona, 2008, 11:30 p.m. rapper Lil’ Wayne and two friends are arrested for drug possession. While Wayne was on tour, his bus was stopped by border patrol and thoroughly searched by police canines who found not only drugs, but over $22,000 in cash and three guns. The kicker is the amount of drugs they found; 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy and various drug paraphernalia. Needless-to-say, Wayne was arrested immediately because the drugs were found with his personal possessions. At this point, Wayne was no stranger to being arrested. In the 5-6 months before this arrest, he was detained for, wait for it; drugs, weapons and a random felony fugitive charge. This guy has no luck.

9 Bobby Brown


It is no secret that singer Bobby Brown loves his drugs; it has been his lifestyle since the late 80s. Unfortunately for Bobby, he does not know how to not get caught with drugs. Since 1995, Bobby has been arrested about 3 times for drug possession and not just the minor stuff like marijuana; he has also been caught with cocaine. Now in all fairness he has tried to battle this addiction several times with quite a few stints in rehab, including the Betty Ford Center, but he just cannot seem to shake it. He has been on probation, spent some time in jail sobering up and had to pay a few fines yet; Bobby still occasionally gets arrested for drug possession because it’s his prerogative.

8 Aaron Carter

The actor/singer and reality TV star has followed in his brother, Nick Carter’s footsteps and had his own run-in with the law. Aaron Carter was pulled over in 2008 for speeding but was ultimately arrested for drug possession when a police officer found 2 ounces of marijuana on his person. Aaron was at the time mostly known for his love triangle involving Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, however with this arrest, he quickly made a name for himself as a drug addict and an all around mess. This bust came a year after his reality TV show House of Carters, was officially cancelled, so maybe he was trying to drum up some drama. Either way he now has a drug possession arrest on his record. Was it worth it Aaron?

7 Fiona Apple


6 Paris Hilton


Ever wonder how hotel heiress Paris Hilton stays so slim? It could be due to her cocaine use. In 2010, Paris was busted in Las Vegas for cocaine possession. Paris and her boyfriend at the time, Cy Waits, were pulled over due to their car swerving. Unfortunately when they rolled down the window, an overwhelming smell of marijuana blew into the officer’s face. After a more thorough search, the officer found a small bag of cocaine in Paris’ purse. She was arrested on suspicion of felony cocaine possession and her boyfriend was arrested on a misdemeanor of driving under the influence. Don’t worry though, Paris was still able to capture her good side in her mug shot.

5 Macaulay Culkin

This is the quintessential story of a child actor growing up way too fast. Macaulay Culkin was everyone’s favorite Home Alone kid. He did the whole face-slapping thing with the aftershave, and who could forget how popular he made the Talkboy and Talkgirl? Unfortunately, after several years of dabbling in drugs and alcohol, Macaulay was arrested in 2004 for possession of 17 grams of marijuana and Xanax (he had no prescription for the Xanax). Somehow he came out of the situation without a scratch; he was ordered to participate in drug counseling and nothing else. Fast-forward to 2015; it is rumored that his drug of choice is cocaine and he is still struggling with his addiction.

4 Faith Evans

R&B songstress Faith Evans managed to keep her 2004 drug arrest mostly under wraps, and this could be because of two things; she has connections, or her celebrity status is just not shining as bright as it used to (the latter is most likely the answer). However, she was pulled over during a traffic stop which resulted in her and her husband being arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana. Faith had to complete a 13-week drug rehab program that would ultimately result in the charges being dropped. She obviously did the program and came out on top; maybe that is why this news was not as popular as it should have been.

3 Robert Downey Jr.




Rapper DMX was arrested in 2008, for charges that included attempting to purchase cocaine and marijuana. This was not a random occurrence; the rapper had found himself in peculiar situations like this before. This time however, he found himself being busted during a narcotics sting operation in Miami. This was not the last time that he was arrested. DMX was later arrested for driving under the influence, another possession charge and most recently, robbing a fan at a gas station. The rapper did try to overcome his drug addiction and he did the rounds on talk shows like Dr. Phil, and even enlisted the help of Iyana Vanzant. Unfortunately, cocaine is one hell of a drug.

1 Nelly


Rapper Nelly is the latest celebrity to be busted with drugs and like the hundreds before him, he too claims they were not his. Nelly is blaming his drug possession on the “shady characters” he allowed onto his tour bus. None-the-less, he was still arrested for possession of methamphetamine (which his lawyer disputes as actually being ecstasy) and marijuana. Nelly does not strike most people as a man who would be involved with meth, however the marijuana sounds plausible. Either way, nothing good can come from having 15-20 people on a tour bus because there is always that one friend who takes things too far.

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