12 Amazing, Lesser Known Spring Break Spots That Won't Be Packed

For some, the most exciting part of the year is looming right ahead - spring break vacation.

Spring break is known exclusively for a week (or more) packed full of parties, sunny weather, nice beaches, and not remembering what happened the night before. MTV has broadcasted spring break vacationers for years, so it's not hard to picture what a wild spring break might look like.

Year after year, spring breakers take to the same places to live it up. Sometimes it's Vegas, sometimes it's Florida, and other times it's California. No matter where you go during spring break, it's hard to avoid the out of state residents looking to have the time of their lives. For people who aren't on spring break, this gets annoying. Nobody likes every single place they go to be extremely crowded. If you're one of the few who is still trying to scope out a spring break location, don't fret - you still have time! Furthermore, if you're on the hunt for a spring break that you want to remember and don't want to base on alcohol, there's also still a chance for that.

All around the world there are tons of places to go for spring break that won't be uncomfortably packed with college students and under-aged drinkers. There are plenty of beaches to be explored, food to be eaten, and experiences to be had in places that you'd never thought you'd visit in your life. Here are 12 awesome spring break destinations that are a bit out of the ordinary and won't be way too packed.

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12 Fort Myers, Florida

Back in 2014, Fort Myers, FL was named one of the “trashiest spring break destinations.” The consensus on this was made by looking at the amount of strip clubs, tattoo parlors, and Hooters locations the area had, on top of looking into the area’s liquor laws. Luckily, it’s been two years since the madness at Fort Myers, so it’s not expected to be as crazy this year. On top of a lively nightlife, there are tons of things to do at Fort Myers during the day time. Outside of the obvious (beaches), there’s the Lee County Manatee Park, which is literally just waters full of cute manatees and there’s also tons of other wildlife refuges to explore. Fort Myers also has the Sanibel Island Beaches, where the shore is literally made up of thousands and thousands of seashells – definitely something that would be hard to find anywhere else.

11 Toronto, Canada

For people who don’t mind going somewhere that might not have the sunniest weather, Toronto is always an option. Besides there being tons to do and not many people, there’s also the off chance that one could run into Justin Bieber or Drake...which is either a selling point or a deal breaker altogether. There’s also the St. Lawrence Market Complex which is where visitors can find the hustle and bustle of downtown life with plenty of places to eat and shop. The CN Tower is also a must-see landmark. Not only can visitors take some awesome Instagram pictures of the building, but it’s also a great place to grab dinner high above the city.

10 Todos Santos, Mexico

Mexico is definitely a hot spot when it comes to spring breakers, but Todos Santos is for the people who want to have a nice, laid back spring break away from the crazy partiers. The great weather is still there, amazing beaches are accessible, and there’s a lot to do but without the pressure to party all night and be hungover all day. Todos Santos is famous for its architecture and art, which usually brings an older crowd that’s into art. One highly recommended spot is Guaycura’s rooftop Sky Lounge, where apparently the margaritas are stiff and the views are incomparable.

9 Charleston, South Carolina

One place that many people might not think to visit during spring break is Charleston, South Carolina, which is exactly why it’s the perfect spot to book a vacation at. Charleston has it all – the nightlife, the history, the beautiful little towns, and even somewhere to get the spring break beach fix. Folly Beach is Charleston’s beach town and an entire spring break could be spent there alone with how much there is to see and do. There’s a shopping center, the pier, places to rent bicycles and other vehicles to ride on the beach, and even nearby plantations to venture. Folly Beach often has spring festivals as well, which go on all day and into the night. If the beach town doesn’t sound like fun, there’s always just as many things to do in the city.

8 Keystone, Colorado

A city for the adventurers who don’t care a ton to stay drunk their entire spring break is Keystone, Colorado. Keystone is definitely a town for people to get outside and have fun rather than being drunk on a beach all day. There’s zip lining, hot air balloon tours, and tons of other new experiences to indulge in. Colorado also has nearby theme parks for people who are looking to see new rides and attractions. Colorado is known for its outdoor beauty, and this can be explored by taking four-wheeling and Jeep tours, hiking, camping, or rafting. There are hundreds of outdoor activities to partake in, it just depends on what visitors are willing to try. For somebody that’s an extreme fan of Coors, just an hour and a half away from Keystone is the Coors brewery, where tours are offered.

7 Maui, Hawaii

Maui is not only in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but the colleges have recently become smart enough to stagger spring breaks so there won’t be tons of spring breakers released at once. Maui isn’t notorious for beach parties or nightclubs either – this part of Hawaii doesn’t allow open containers on the beaches and the nightlife isn’t that extravagant. So, Maui is the perfect place for people who want a relaxing beach getaway without the insane party atmosphere. For visitors who want to rent a car, the Road to Hana in Maui is considered one of the top five drives in the world; it’s rather intense though, so it’s only recommended for extremely safe and calm drivers. Haleakala is also a great place for visitors to check out. It’s 10,000 feet above sea level and provides breathtaking views of surrounding volcanos.

6 Seattle, Washington

Seattle isn’t a hotspot for spring breakers at all – unless they’re fans of (almost) guaranteed rain and lots of coffee. Seattle is quite rainy during the traditional spring break time frame, but sometimes it surprises everybody and brings some gorgeous sun. Seattle has a downtown that's bustling with people and there’s always something to do. Pike Place Market holds hours of exploration for visitors – the flowers, the fish throwing, and the original Starbucks are just a few things that tourists flock to. There’s also the Seattle Aquarium right on the water, as well as The Great Wheel. If the city is too much to handle, Washington is also a great place to go hiking or simply get immersed in nature. Snoqualmie and North Bend are revered as some of the best nature-centric areas which would be perfect for first-time visitors.

5 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In recent years, Fort Lauderdale, while it’s still a little popular for spring break, has toned down several notches. There’s still the possibility of wild parties if that’s what you want to do, but there’s also so much more to do outside of that. Florida is notorious for its good weather, so naturally, there’s tons of outdoor activities to indulge in. There’s snorkeling, scuba diving, beaches to tan at, and Fort Lauderdale also has North America’s largest butterfly aviary if that’s what you’re into. Like other tourist locations, Fort Lauderdale also has a great shopping district and tons of places to eat.

4 Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Although it may seem random, one of the up-and-coming, quiet locations to hit up for a relaxing spring break is Kiawah Island in South Carolina. Kiawah is definitely not the place to go if you’re looking for a thriving nightlife or a party town. Kiawah Island majors in relaxation and nothing more. Kiawah Island is famous for having the number one golf resort (deemed by Travel & Leisure) in the country, but there’s more than just that to see. There’s also ten miles of beaches to be strolled and Seabrook Island, which is twenty minutes away. Seabrook Island features more beaches, horseback riding, and other leisure activities.

3 Road trip

While staying in nice hotels and exploring sandy beaches is fun, there’s something about spontaneity that makes an adventure that much more memorable – and there’s nothing more spontaneous than a road trip. Instead of spending a bunch of money to stay at a resort or a fancy hotel over spring break, take a road trip! The route is literally all up to you and wherever you feel like going. Going from spot to spot to see landmarks or try a new restaurant and ending the night in a cheap motel or in a tent is what road trips are all about. You don’t have to party on spring break – you can just take time exploring the area around you.

2 Riviera Maya, Mexico

Another great spot for spring break that won’t be embedded with sweaty partiers is Riviera Maya, Mexico. Riviera Maya is definitely a place perfect for relaxation and getting a beach fix. Riviera Maya is along the Caribbean coast shoreline and used to be a very small fishing village. It has now been transformed into tourist destination with high-end luxury resorts, dining, shopping centers, and more. Visitors also have the chance to take part in swimming, sunbathing, aquatic sports, and exploring the island beyond the shopping district.

1 Negril, Jamaica

Quite possibly one of the most pricey options for spring break is to head on over to Negril, Jamaica. If you’re that serious about luxury and a great time, this splurge of a vacation won’t be an issue. Negril is becoming a little bit more populated as word gets out of how fun it is, but it shouldn’t be too packed this year. Not only will going to Negril allow you to be in a completely different country, but there’s tons of experience that spring breakers won’t want to miss. Negril is pretty laid-back – so laid-back in fact that vacationers are allowed to barhop barefoot from one spot to the next along the seven mile stretch of beach. There’s also Rick’s Cafe, which was named Travel Channel’s Top Beach Bar list. What makes Rick’s Cafe so special is that it has fifty foot cliffs that you’re allowed to jump off of. In addition to that, there’s daily spring break contests, DJs, and other beachside entertainment.

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