10 Strategies to Help Men Cope With PMS

PMS is a foreign concept when it comes to men, because they have no idea how it feels to go through a period of excruciating pain, discomfort, and a roller coaster of emotions all at the same time, something that all women have to go through every month. To most men, PMS means getting into disagreements with their women, and they feel like their wives or girlfriends transform into very unpleasant people that they do not want to be around.

Many men wrongfully engage in endless arguments with their women during these periods. Accusations fly from both parties, resulting in an unhappy time for everyone. Few men understand that most of what goes on during their women's periods are far beyond their control, and they are victims of the circumstances more than the men are.

The good news here is that a man can use various techniques to survive through this period with very little to no conflict, ones that a man will have to employ to the best of his abilities. It would be wise for all men to take these strategies into account to help them weather the storm, because before they know it their women will be back to their cute and adorable selves.

10 Understand That You Do Not Understand PMS

It's nearly impossible for a man to understand exactly what a woman goes through during her PMS, because someone has to go through it in order to understand it fully. It is hard to grasp just how painful the cramps are, just how much a woman can bleed every month and still have enough blood to survive, and how her hormones affect her body in strange ways during this time. The best thing for a man to do is to understand that he does not understand a thing about PMS, and then focus on loving the woman he fell in love with despite her current situation. Understanding that your woman will feel and act differently at a certain time of the month will help you to be ready for anything.

9 Give Her Enough Space

During PMS, most women like to spend time away from their men, and this is perfectly normal. Some women will tell you straight to your face to stay away while others will just be scarce and try to avoid you. If your woman starts acting like this, do not feel offended or try to squeeze yourself into the schedule that she is working so hard to push you out of. Your responsibility at this point is to keep a safe distance because the time will come when she will need you to be there with her or save her from something. She needs the space to cry, scream if she has to, lie awkwardly on her bed, and do other things that she would feel uncomfortable doing in your presence. Therefore, at this time, keep your distance, but do not go too far, she will need you to open a jar for her, get her some ice cream, or refill her chocolate supply.

8 Give Her A Break From Her Tedious Life

Women are excellent when it comes to managing the home, and this is probably because they have some special God-given superpowers that we all take for granted. However, when women are going through their PMS, it is very hard for them to come from work, do the shopping, the cooking, and the cleaning, take care of the children and the dog, and still have enough energy to meet your bedroom needs. You will have to step up and do most of the above activities because she will probably be in pain, and in a terrible mood because you get to go throughout the year without cramps, mood swings, or any form of bleeding from your private parts. Therefore, make it your responsibility to ensure that she has enough rest and does not need to strain herself during this period.

7 Do Not Joke About Her Appearance Or Relate Her Behaviour To PMS

Although your woman will show some changes in her behaviour and appearance during PMS, make sure not to talk about it in a way that will make her uncomfortable. Do not argue with her and tell her that she is being unreasonable because of PMS, or laugh at her because she looks like a teenager with acne. When you do figure out that she is in her period, just pretend that you do not notice anything weird about her and assure her that everything is fine by how you act around her. If you do not want her to become the raging lunatic that you do not like, then do not joke or blame any of her behaviours on PMS.

6 Consult With Her Before Planning To Take Her Out

You must confess that your woman likes it when you take her out on a surprise date to her favourite restaurant, which is a very thoughtful and romantic thing to do. However, when she is in her period, she will probably want to spend time indoors as opposed to going out. Cramps are both painful and very uncomfortable, and the best and easiest way to deal with them is in the privacy of her house. However, if you want to take her out on a date you had scheduled a while back that happened to fall on this time, just consult with her and she will be in a position to tell you whether she will be up for it or not. The important thing is that you keep an open mind and be as understanding as possible.

5 Be Ready For Mood Swings

All women are different, and how one woman will go through PMS will differ from how another one will go through it. A woman who goes through mood swings can at one time start shouting at a man for no reason at all, then start crying and want to be held, then love her man like never before, then push him away and then begin the whole cycle all over again a few times over. If your woman is anywhere near the above description, just remember that she is not the one in control of her emotions and that she still loves you. When you are always prepared for her mood swings, you will be in a position to help her to relax and hopefully work with her towards controlling her mood.

4 Bring Home Some Chocolate

Everyone knows that a dog is a man's best friend is, but what's very important for every man out there to know that a girl's best friend is chocolate. When your wife or girlfriend is going through that painful and uncomfortable time of the month, it would not hurt - in fact, it will earn you points - to let her spend time with her best friend, Mr. Chocolate. You can only be happy when your woman is happy, and if you meet her chocolate needs throughout this period, you will be a very happy man. To a woman going through PMS, chocolate is not just some type of candy; it is a best friend, a craving, a medicine, and a solution to most of the world's problems.

3 You Have The Answers To All Her PMS Issues – Keep Them To Yourself

As a man, you will always feel the need to tell your woman what to do in order to deal with the pain, the discomfort, the mood swings and all the other unpleasant things that come with PMS. One important thing you should always remember before you share your "wisdom" with her is that she has been dealing with PMS for more years than she has probably known you, and she has tried almost everything you are about to tell her. The only welcomed solutions should include things like a massage, bringing her favourite chocolate, serving her a cup of hot cocoa, or baking her cake. Let your focus be on keeping her as comfortable and as entertained as possible, not on making her feel stupid because you think she forgot to take some painkillers.

2 Expect Changes In Your Sex Routine

Most men freak out about this point because they do not understand why their wives would want to change the bedroom routine that they have both come to love and appreciate. The thing here is that every woman is different, because some will want to have more sex during this period while others will not even want you to touch them. Whatever your case is, you need to be understanding and supportive. A few nights without sex will not kill you, and you can use all your energy to take care of her because she means so much to you. You can be sure that her PMS will bring some changes to your sex life, so the best you can do is be ready to work with the changes to benefit both of you.

1 Tell Her That You Love Her And Show It

Love is very powerful, and it is so much more than just a feeling; it is a commitment. During PMS, your woman needs to know that you appreciate her, that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and that you would rather be with her than with anyone else in the world even at that time. Love is so powerful that more often than not, it will overpower her hormones, and despite the pain she will be in, you will smile through her PMS together with her. Love demands that you be patient with her, that you be kind towards her, and that you not get angry with her easily. Love also demands that you not act selfishly, you do not keep a record of wrongs, and that you always protect her, among other things. If you show her love, she will love you back in a way that will overshadow any hardships your relationship may go through during this time.

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