10 Unusual Traits Women Are Attracted To

Look at men on billboards and what do you see?  Strong, masculine, well-built macho types. Indeed, people generally think that women are universally attracted to the same qualities in men: strong, protective, bad boys with rugged appearances. However, the truth may not be as simple as it appears.

According to new research, women are attracted to traits which men may not even know women find attractive. Not all women are attracted to Brad Pitt types. In fact, some women find things attractive in men which, on the surface, may seem just flat out bizarre. Read on to find out 10 unusual traits that women find attractive. Who knows, you may be more handsome than you think.

10 A Prideful Appearance

According to researchers at the University of British Columbia, women are usually more attracted to men who look prideful, rather than men who look happy. Researchers hypothesize that “bad boys usually have a type of charm and charisma, and they’re used to using flattery to get what they want… many women are drawn to power, like men are drawn to beauty.”

Indeed, men are not the only ones who are attracted to power; women find it a highly desirable quality in men. Pride may be a sin, but apparently, it’s an attractive one.

9 A Strong Immune System

If you have a strong immune system, it may be a sign that you have other qualities women want. According to a study published in the journal Nature Communications, a strong immune system is a sign of high levels of testosterone as well as certain stress hormones, which tend to give men more masculine facial features (something that most women usually look for in their mates). The study suggests that the combination of strong immune system and strong facial features may be key to how hormones attract women.

8 A Strong Brow

A study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior indicates that ovulating women are more attracted to men with strong brows. The result of interviews with 66 heterosexual couples suggests that women looking to mate are particularly attracted to strong facial features, as they are linked to stronger genes. Having a strong brow and a masculine facial feature may thus prove to lead to better success with women.

7 A Weak Chin

While a strong chin is considered a masculine feature, and therefore an attractive trait in men, according to The Daily Mail, it is not a universally sought after characteristic. The theory of universal facial attractiveness states that some facial features are universally considered attractive. However, doctoral student Zaneta Thayer at Northwestern University and Seth Dobson of Dartmouth College conducted research in 2010 which showed that different cultures find different chin shapes attractive. Their research suggests that weak chins and round jaws are equally admired as attractive chins, depending on where you are in the world.

6 A Facial Scar

According to a study in the journal Personality and Individual Difference, facial scars may give men an advantage when looking for a mate. Researchers asked 147 women to rate men with small facial scars and men without facial scars.

The results indicated that most women found men with facial scars to have a higher sex appeal. The authors of the study believe that facial scars add to men’s “bad boy” appearance, which can easily tempt women who feel stifled or bored. However, the study also showed that women were primarily interested in men with facial scars for flings, not long-term relationships.

5 Purpose

According to Mind Body Green, women prefer men who have a sense of purpose in their life. The purpose does not have to be anything in particular, as long as the man has a sense of direction and has a concrete idea of what he wants to do with his future. If you are passionate about something, and are in the process of pursuing that passion, you are more likely to attract women than someone who’s life direction is all up in the air.

4 Long Ring Fingers

A study conducted by British, French and Swiss researchers suggests that women are more attracted to men with longer ring fingers. The group of scientists photographed 49 men, measured the length of their ring and index fingers, recorded their voices and took swabs to have a trace of their odor.

The results showed that women interested in both flings and long-term relationships went for the men who had longer ring fingers than index fingers. However, there is no need to despair if your ring finger is of average length, as women were equally attracted to men with “sexy voices” and “attractive body odours.”

3 Creativity

A study published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, showed that women prefer smarter and more creative men. Researchers at the University of California asked women to watch videos of men attempting various tasks, both verbal and physical.

The results showed that women were more attracted to men who responded intelligently and creatively to the challenges. According to the research, “less attractive people are often more successful at building long-term relationships and are happier in their relationships than attractive people.” Women search for men who are more intelligent and creative, as they see a good potential financial provider.

2 Fatherly Instincts

According to Dr. Gwen Dewar, women find good dads to be particularly sexy.  A study conducted in 2006 showed that women preferred men who are good with children for long-term relationships. The study also showed a strong correlation between women’s view of “baby-friendly” men and the men’s scores on visual preference tests.

In other words, the women weighed in the man's affinity for kids in his overall attractiveness. More surprisingly, however, the research suggests that women can also tell from men’s faces whether they are good with children or not.

1 A Strong Jaw Line

According to Live Science, studies show that women prefer men with strong jaws for flings when they are more fertile. Research suggests that women are more attracted to overall masculine features depending on where they are in their reproductive cycles. UCLA researcher Dave Frederick stated that “masculinity could be sexy for the same reason that the peacock’s tail is sexy. Only males in good condition can generate these traits because they require a great deal of energy and can only be sustained in healthy individuals.”

Research also indicates, however, that women who are less fertile prefer more feminine body typed men, as they are more likely to stick around - definitely a plus for long-term relationships.


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