The 10 Types Of Men You Meet At A Club

In comparison to what goes on during the day, the world of nightlife is almost an entirely different universe. Girls spend hours doing their hair and makeup and of course picking the perfect outfit, all to stand in a crowded dark club secretly hoping to meet a man. A lot of wise people say that it is nearly impossible to find the love of your life at a club or a bar, but that isn't true for everyone! Maybe if we women understood what kind of men were at the club, we would have a better chance of finding "the one".

The thing about going to a club is that you could be dressed up to give off whatever persona you want. The hot girl in the tight dress might actually be a kindergarten teacher and the guy popping all the bottles could potentially still live in his parents' basement. This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be a good idea to analyze the men at the clubs and come up with a list of the ten types of men you find at one. While doing this research, we have also come to realize why it is so hard for women to meet a good guy at a club.

Curious to know why? Keep reading to find out what the ten types of men the nightlife has to offer.

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10 The Wingman

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Every guy who goes out needs a solid wingman. Anyone who is a fan of the television show How I met Your Mother can understand the importance of a good wingman. Wingmen often form a special bromance with their “significant friendship other”, and this relationship is often at its strongest at night clubs. Guys feel that they need another man with them to go pick up girls. You are able to spot a wingman the minute two guys approach you, the wingman usually stands back while the main player in the game takes the lead. Throughout the night, the wingman will entertain the girl's friend, all in hopes of his boy getting lucky. Now that's true friendship.

9 The Staff

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Women often find it handy to flirt with doormen, bouncers, bartenders and Djs. Luckily, some of the hottest men at the club are often the staff members. Not only are these guys super connected at the clubs, they are also hard working, which is a sexy quality. It is important for a lot of girls to make that connection to the staff at clubs because they won't wait in line, they will drink for free and any song they want to hear will be played immediately. The best part about the staff for women is that they never really cross a line because that can lead to them losing their job, making them the perfect people to flirt with at the club.

8 The Player

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Not only can you find a player at every club, but you can actually find several. Every woman knows what a player is, however, they disguise themselves well. They come off charming, attentive and sweet but everything they do at the club has a motive behind it. This kind of guy says the same thing to different girls every weekend and sadly, since so many girls are hopeless romantics, we believe them. Girls think they are “stupid” for falling for some of what these men say to them, but that is not the case. Every girl has believed some guy's bullshit at one point or another. My advice: don't believe anything a man says past 1 am; usually it's BS!

7 The Bad Boy

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A lot of people think the baddest guy in the club is the loudest, however that is far from the case. The baddest guy in the club is usually the one who is the most low key. You usually find him standing in the corner of the bar, with one or two of his buddies. The bad boy wants to draw the least amount of attention to himself, which just adds to his mystery. It is no secret that most girls love a bad boy, it is something about wanting to be that one girl who changes them! However, it almost always leads to heartbreak, especially if this relationship starts off drunk and in a club, so be sure to stay away.

6 The Flashy Lifestyle Guy

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A lot of people mistake this guy with the bad boy, which is pretty funny. You almost always find this guy at a big booth, with a big group of guys, all decked out in chains and designers. These guys pop the most bottles, always have women around them and make sure everyone knows how large their wallet is. Every club has a table of these guys, and almost every girl thinks that makes them cool. A lot of the time, the flashiest guy in the club is far from being the richest. These guys just want the attention that the flash brings to them, but all it does is make them seem superficial.

5 The Plug

This guy is the best guy to know at the club and trust us when we say, every club has at least one of these guys. The plug knows everyone, knows where to get anything and pretty much spends the night helping people get into the club and get comfortable. Most of the time you will find this guy alone at the bar, or with one other person at most. If you get on this guy's good side then you have made a great connection and can expect to be treated well every time you show up.

4 The One With the Girlfriend

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Some guys are funny when they go out with the boys and they are in a relationship. First off, guys with girlfriends can either make the best or worst wingmen. The best because there is no competition and you are sure to not have your chick stolen. The worst, because they spend the entire night texting their girl back. It is no secret that a lot of women don't like when their man goes out with the boys. The reality is that in a relationship you should trust that whoever you are with will always show you respect whether you are there or not. Unfortunately, a lot of girls don't trust their boyfriends, which is why when they are out they need to constantly be reassured of what's happening. That's great to make your girlfriend less nervous, but there is no doubt that it hinders their wingman skills!

3 The Liar

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For some reason guys feel the need to lie about various things at the club in hopes that it will get them laid. You will almost always, without fail, find a guy at the club that tells you that he owns the club, or the Ferrari parked outside. Jokes on them when they find out that Ferrari is yours! These guys prey on weak, drunk girls at the club. They lie about their job, where they live and sometimes even their name. These guys are probably the most insecure kind of men you can ever meet. Confidence is one of the sexiest qualities in a man, and if you are confident in your own skills you should have a better chance of finding someone without lying. Liars get nowhere, a free life lesson from us at TheRichest.

2 The One On The Rebound

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Men and women are very different when they end relationships, but they have one major similarity. Both sexes eventually take the plunge and go out after the breakup, often times while still on the rebound. These men are often with their boys, and usually spend the entire night talking about the girl who broke their heart. They usually get belligerently drunk and end up drunk calling or texting their ex. These guys who are on the rebound are probably the most harmless guys in the club because they are not even thinking about being with another woman yet. Typically this stage doesn't last long and usually after the second or third time going out, they are ready to put themselves out there once again.

1 The One Who Just Wants Action

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There is no secret that a lot of men go to the club in hopes of getting a little action at the end of the night. Girls go to the club dressed up, ready to get drunk and ready to hopefully meet prince charming. Sadly, the guy who is looking to get laid is usually a pro when it comes to flirting and making a girl feel special. Almost always, this guy will leave the club with a girl. However, his standards are not the highest. By the time the club closes, he will take the easiest option that is available and take her home. Yes, it's dirty sounding, but every club is crawling with this kind of man, so beware.

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