10 Things Women Do That Turn Off Men

We live in a world where humans tend to judge others by their physical appearance. In today’s society, we are all pressured as individuals to look and be a certain way - regardless if you’re a man or a woman. In life sometimes we feel as though we aren’t physically good enough, so we as humans attempt to strive to be the “perfect” being. But in reality, there is no such thing as perfection, because it is merely non-existent, an unattainable goal that we cannot achieve.

Nowadays, in the dating game, it can be a struggle in general, but even more so when reality doesn't meet the same expectations men have for women. Just like some women who talk on the phone with their girlfriends about the qualities they don’t like in a man, men do the exact same. They even have their list of traits that they find unappealing about women; whether that be the way they dress, how they look, or how they act in public, one thing all men have in common is that they can spot physical attributes that catch their eye right away - not settling for any less, especially when it comes to finding their partner.

If you ever wondered what guys find unattractive about ladies, fear not, here is a list of the top 10 traits that men dislike about women.

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10  10. When They Are Loud

To some men, women who are loud are considered obnoxious and annoying, especially if they’re in your ear or screaming at you on the phone about something. The louder she is, the more you’re going to tune her out and the last thing you want is a woman who is complaining to you about her problems. According to Men’s Health Magazine, “The only time a man likes a women that is loud is when she’s in the bedroom.” That being said, men find it unattractive. Men like women who are more reserved and quiet rather than acting like an insufferable person they can't stand.

9 When They Lie To You

One of a man’s biggest pet peeves is when a woman lies to him, especially to his face. Men think lying is such an unattractive trait. When a woman is lying, she is usually very sneaky and hiding excessive information from her partner, and that brings a lot of men to have trust issues when it comes to being with a woman. Some men don’t feel as though they can put their full trust in them ever again. That being said, maybe some women should think twice before lying to their man.

8 When They Are Ms. Know It All

When woman act as though they know everything and no matter what you say is wrong. That can be a major turn off for men. When men argue with women, it’s already aggravating enough without having her tell you that she’s right about every little thing while also rubbing it in your face. To some men, they feel as though women are taking their place as the more dominant one in the relationship and that rubs them the wrong way. Nowadays, men want to date women, not an English school teacher that will correct them on every little thing they say.

7  7. When They Think They Can Do or Say Whatever They Want

Some women feel as though they can do or say whatever they want without any repercussions. Whether she’s fighting with a bouncer outside the club or constantly screaming at you in public, we can all agree that women sometimes feel as though they are superior and want to be the centre of their man’s universe. Some men feel somewhat embarrassed most of the time especially when women act out in public and think that it’s okay to cause a scene. That being said men love their women, but they would appreciate it if they toned it down a notch.

6  6. When They Get Jealous

One thing all guys can agree on is that they detest when women are the “jealous” type; the ones who always want to know who you’re texting and if it’s another woman. It can be a huge turn off to some men, and it feels as though their partner doesn’t trust them - and we all know how important trust is in a relationship. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, you don’t have solidarity. A man wants to date secure women, not insecure women who are needy, clingy and jealous. That being said remember communication is key.

5 When They Have a Negative Attitude about Everything

Nothing brings the mood down more than when women have a bad attitude about everything and can’t crack smile. Men want to be able to make silly jokes and not have to feel judged by women rolling their eyes, stating that the jokes were not funny. The last thing men want is women going to sporting events and family functions only to nag and complain - they want women to be more open minded and to enjoy their company not be a “Negative Nancy.” Furthermore, men just want women to look at the positive sides of life and not have to nit-pick or make negative comments about every little thing.

4 When They Have No Drive or Ambition

Some women don’t have any desire to work or have any drive in life, and to men, that’s a huge turn off. Men want to know that the women they are dating have a passion for anything whether that is a hobby or whether they want to follow their dreams of becoming a doctor. According to Elite Daily, “A driven woman is more than just an inspiration, a source of motivation and a source of pride. She’ll give your life direction.” That being said, men love passionate women because they come off as having a lot of self-assurance and confidence in the things they say.

3  3. When They Lack Good Hygiene

Men want to date women that have good hygiene; they don’t want women that smell like their sweaty teammate from practice, they want women to smell clean and fresh. As a woman, having poor personal hygiene is one way of making a man lose interest in you, as well as having bad breath and discolored teeth shows a man that you don’t care about your cleanliness and that is something men don’t like. Furthermore, men dislike hair. The last thing they want is to see their women looking like Chewbacca. They like touching smooth, soft skin. In conclusion, men love women that smell good and that take pride in their appearance, it’s as simple as that.

2 When They Are Immature

The way a woman speaks, acts and carries herself says a lot about her character. In this day and age, men do not want to be in the company of an immature woman because that is a turn off to them. They want a woman who conveys herself with class and doesn’t act like a teenager in public. Men dislike it when women lack domestic skills, knowledge and common sense. That being said, act like a grown woman who is established and men will respect you more.

1 When They Are Superficial

We all know women love taking pride in how great they look, but when they keep taking the same pictures of themselves in the mirror that can be extremely vain and some men won’t even bother with them. They even feel as though women lack personality so they have to make up for it in superficiality. They do not like narrow-minded women; to them that is a huge unattractive quality. Men don’t want women who are self-obsessed, all they want is an easy going, low-maintenance woman.

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