10 Things Women Do All The Time That Just Aren't Hot

What is your favorite trait in a woman? Trying to come up with any universal thing is never going to be easy to accomplish. Every man is different when it comes to who and what he is attracted to. Some men like brown hair, others like blond, some men like short girls, other men like them tall! Yet there are a few aspects that most men (not all) just can't stand. The weird thing is that sometimes it is things that women are doing to try and impress men that end up being the biggest turnoffs.

We live in a warped society when it comes with beauty standards and many people, both men and women, fall into these unrealistic ideas of what it means to be beautiful. There are so many qualities which women possess that are incredible, however they can be hidden if the women also possess the flaws we are about to outline. We've covered both physical and mental aspects in order to give a proper scope of the qualities that tend to have men wanting to run for the hills.

At the end of the day, you shouldn't care what anyone, including a man, thinks of you. But that is easier said than done, which is why you are reading this article. Like previously stated, everything is depending on the specific man. Want to know what works for your man? Communicate! This is simply a generalization for all men and what they find sexy, so don't come running after me if I outline some of your biggest turn-ons.

10 Too Much Makeup

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There is a difference between putting makeup on and over doing it with the makeup. Men really do love a woman who enhances her natural beauty, but there are limits that need to be recognized. There is nothing less attractive for a man than having your face end up all over his white t-shirt after you hug him. Women, for some reason, have the notion that the more makeup they put on, the more attractive they will be, but that is not the case. More men would appreciate it if ladies would tone it down with the makeup and put more effort into what's going on on the inside. Getting dolled up isn't a bad thing, but doing it every day is not the best way of impressing your man.

9 The Infamous Duck Face

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Why, oh why, do women have the need to make this face in every picture? First of all, it does not look good, your face does not look better when you do that, and it is not sexy. Second of all, men absolutely hate when they see a woman's picture and she is doing the infamous “duck face”. I am not saying that everything we do should be for a man, but women are lying if they say they don't want their crush to see their picture and think "damnnnnnnnnnn" (in a good way). If that's the reaction you are looking for ladies, please, for the love of god, stop with the duck faces. It's not cute, you don't look good, and men hate it.

8 Fake Anything

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Fake tans, fake eyelashes, and fake body parts are some of men's least favorite things. I really don't know where women get the illusion that men prefer fake to real. Perhaps it is society and the media's impact, but it is so not true. Okay, I am sure there are a few men that LOVE fake girls, but those are not the guys you want to be dating anyway. Women have such a unique and natural beauty about them, and playing around with it takes away from what was beautiful in the first place. Plastic surgery is being done on more young girls now than ever before, and that is not something that anyone should be proud about.

7 Super Long Nails

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For some reason, a lot of women think that men love super long nails also known as “claws”. Let me just clear something up right now, they really don't. Again, all men are different, but the majority of them don't find anything attractive about a girl with extremely long nails. What men love is a good lady with well-maintained hands that are clean and polished, however, these so-called “claws” are far from being that. At the end of the day, women do as they please, but this article is about things that women do that men don't find sexy, and like it or not this is absolutely one of them.

6 Too Much Texting

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Women love attention, that is no secret. However, in today's world, it makes it so much easier for a woman to crave attention because there are so many ways of communicating. A lot of women, including myself, think that men are waiting for those cute texts like we are, but that is not always the case. Some men have the belief that all women are needy, so when we show our vulnerability and think we are showing them how much we care, in reality, we are just annoying them. Don't get me wrong, daily calls and texts are okay, but some women take it to an entirely new level.

5 Cheesy Snaps

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Snapchat has changed the social media game without even realizing it. Instagram was a place to show your best sides, whereas Snapchat is a place where people can really get to know you. A lot of guys get put off by girls' Snaps because they seem too desperate for attention. Posting 150 videos of your face singing to Drake is not a turn on for men, so if you are trying to get your crush's attention by doing that, chances are it isn't working. Social media really doesn't impress men as a whole and women who try to hard on Snapchat are only damaging themselves. Be yourself and men will be drawn to you, and if they aren't, then they aren't the right partner for you.

4 Jealousy

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At the start of any relationship, being a little jealousy is always kind of endearing. However, as time passes it becomes one of the biggest turn offs for a guy. Girls find it humorous to make comments like “oh you're going out with your other girlfriend” but these comments push men away. Trust me, I know from experience. Guys love knowing that their girl is confident and trusts them enough not to worry about infidelity. The little green devil of envy has caused the demise of a lot of relationships, and as women we should have more confidence in ourselves and in our relationship.

3 Dumbing Yourself Down

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It is sad to say, but there are a lot of women who think that acting like a child will make men find them cute, which is totally not the case. Acting like a child with a real man will only make him treat you like a child, which is the last thing you want. Being a grown woman and acting like one are two different things and it annoys a man when a beautiful, intelligent woman dumbs herself down in order to seem “cute”. Intelligence and maturity are two of the sexiest qualities a woman can possess, so instead of putting on an act, let those qualities shine through.

2 Looking For Attention In A Club

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It is a story that has been told many times before. A girl wants to get a guy jealous in a club, so she finds a random guy to dance up on. If that doesn't work, she could always just ignore him, that's sure to drive up the jealousy! Clubs are tricky because there is alcohol involved. This alters everyone's judgment, making a club a difficult place to communicate. By trying to get attention in the club from other guys, you are bound to get noticed, but not in the way you want. Guys are smarter than we think and they are able to see when someone is at the club having a good time, and when someone is just acting desperate.

1 Always Posting Selfies

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I am not going to pretend like I have never posted a selfie before because, like most women, I love a good selfie. However, some women find the need to post numerous selfies daily of themselves. This doesn't make you look confident, it actually makes you look “thirsty”. Your social media should not solely be composed of various photos of your face. A pretty face will always be a pretty face, no one needs to see 100 of the same picture. Social media is not real life and you can be judged for how you portray yourself online. Be yourself, love yourself, but don't be obsessed with yourself.

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