10 Things All Men Should Have in Their Sex Drawer

Time to pick a DD, men! And we aren’t talking about a designated driver. No, we’re talking about a designated drawer. A designated drawer that has one specific purpose, making the act of getting down and dirty more enjoyable! This drawer will be your easy-to-reach-from-bed drawer, full of all the best things for creating an unbelievable night. Anything you could ever want during a sexual encounter should be within arm’s reach.

Nothing beats preparation when it comes to sex. A little foresight can get you out of pickles that would have derailed a lesser sex train conductor. But you’re king of the sex train conductors, so you thought of everything.

Well, just in case you didn’t think of everything, we put together a list for you. This list has ten things that should definitely find their way into your newly-christened sex drawer.

This list is full of good items, but it’s not comprehensive. Feel free to add your own sexy items into the drawer. Anything that makes sex easier, better, or more exciting can find its way into a drawer like this. This list has more than enough on it to get you started on the path to a respectable sex drawer. What you do after that, well, that’s up to you!

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10 Condoms

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We hope you saw this one coming. Of course you did, who are we kidding? Condoms are a necessity (unless you and your wife are trying to make a baby). But it shouldn’t be just any old condom! (Note: for best results, It also shouldn’t be an old condom) You need to experiment, man!

There are all kind of condoms out there: big, small, tight, ribbed, flavored. If you can dream it up, it’s likely out there somewhere on the market. Variety packs are your best friend. How do you really know what you love if you only use the same generic condom night after night? Trust us when we tell you a little condom exploration will do you some good.

9 Vibrator

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You probably think this one is all for the ladies. And you’re mostly right. A little vibrator can go a looong way, especially in regards to clitoral stimulation. Big O’s come in small, vibrating packages.

When it comes to sex drawers, you want to cover all your bases. Sex is a two person act (usually...you sly devil you!). It will be nice for her to see that you thought about her when you assembled the drawer, and not just yourself. That refreshing tenderness, combined with a small vibrator, is sure to lead to many a great nights between you and bae.

8 Batteries

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It is important to be prepared. We mean fully prepared. For everything. Whether it’s a zombie outbreak, power outage, or just that the vibrator is low on juice, bedside batteries will improve your odds of coming out unscathed.

Few things kill the mood like dead batteries halfway through her orgasm and a long, cold, naked walk across the house to find replacements. So, keep them close! Be ready for anything! First you surprise her with a vibrator, then with battery-preparedness; my, my, what a lucky lady. If you keep it up, you might go through every sex tool in your sex drawer arsenal to keep up with that ensuing sexfest.

7 Ring for Your Thing

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That’s right bad boy, time to domesticate the bull. Have you ever tried a ring? It can be a real game changer. Basically it traps a bit of extra blood in an erect penis, making it slightly larger, slightly harder, and it can even help guys last slightly longer.

For cock rings, you need to pick out the right one. You don’t want to use these puppies incorrectly, because they could potentially cause damage. There are metal ones that don’t adjust, so you need it to fit properly; it’s not one size fits all. Then there are rawhide/leather ones that do adjust, and they are the more manageable option if you’re just starting your experimentation.

6 Massaging Oil

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The ol’ rubdown. It almost never fails. Massaging oil is a great way to relax your partner and start to generate a little sexual electricity. There are all kinds of scents to pick from, maybe you want to stock up on some options. If you’re looking for the full mood-setting experience, candles can definitely help too. More smells. The olfactory is a powerful sense. Smells bypass the neural filtering that all the other senses go through, and they head right for “the feels.” Wonderful smells and relaxing, and oily rubs are a great way to get a sexy night off on the right foot.

5 Lubricant

A little wetness goes a long way. Since you have the body oils lined up, why not be prepared with lubricant for your downstairs puzzle pieces? Dryness happens, stress or other distractions can keep her from getting welcomingly slick. So what do you do? You prepare!

You can reach for lube like you’d reach for a condom. You don’t have to draw any attention to any dryness. Likely she’s frustrated, like you would be if you ever had trouble getting an erection. Drawing even more attention to it doesn’t help you. So just lube up! Dryness doesn’t stand a chance against lube! Problem solved.

4 Tissues/Wipes

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After all the oils, and the lube, and the sex, you’ll most likely have a bit of a mess on your hands. Tissues and wipes let you guys clean yourselves up a little, without having to rush out of bed to the bathroom. The chance for continued intimacy will enhance the sexual experience you have. And you don’t have to step on the cold tiles of your bathroom floor until you’re ready. Eventually you’ll both want to make a trip to the bathroom, to flush the urethras and all that, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Right now the two of you have earned a little R and R.

3 Book of Positions

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It’s good to get weird with it. With a sex book, it takes some pressure off of your imaginations! When you’re feeling spontaneous, you can grab the book and open to any page. Pulling out the book probably isn’t the best move once the two of you are in the thick of things. It might be fun beforehand, though. You could pick a couple that you want to try, and you can enjoy working your way up to them. Maybe you make a game out of it. The point is, a book like this means you’re mixing it up. And mixing it up means your sex doesn’t get stale! And sex that isn’t stale tends to be better sex.

2 Fleshlight

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It is a man’s sex drawer, is it not? And since it’s your drawer, a man’s drawer, it should have a toy for a man! Time to introduce the Fleshlight (or a less-expensive, non-name brand version). Everybody hits a dry spell once in awhile, and there is some dryness lube just can’t fix. So instead, masturbate with a toy! Stay on the top of your game. There’s nothing wrong with a little on-call, vagina-synthesizing action! It might be better to designate a different drawer for your personal pleasure device. Or not! Up to you. Either way, just sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself!

1 Restraints, Blindfolds

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So you have the sex book… What about other kinky options? Some light bondage experimentation can go a long way in bringing that freshness we talked about earlier. You have some options, too. Fuzzy handcuffs, some rope, maybe some older ties you don’t mind wrinkling. Tie her up a little! Or have her tie you up! Whatever you two are feeling, run with it (have a safeword, though).

If you need to start a little more gently, tuck a blindfold in your drawer too. You can use it to get a great night’s sleep, sure, but you can also use it to take away sight. Talk about heightened, tantalizing experiences! See how she reacts to light, sensual touches when she can’t see them coming!

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