10 Surefire Ways To Tell If She's Marriage Material

Choosing a mate is one of the most difficult choices a person ever makes, and in today’s society, it is more common to get divorced than it is to stay married. Men and women both struggle when it comes to dating and the most common reason to date is to get married. We as humans all crave that fairy tale ending, however it is not as easy to find as Disney movies make it out to be.

There are many qualities that make up a woman, many good and a few bad. However, as we all know, there are different kinds of women. Not every woman is made to be a mother and wife and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out what “marriage material” means, this article lays it out for you.

I know that for many this article may seem misogynist, however it is not meant to be. Just because someone doesn’t fit the criteria of this list, does not mean you shouldn’t marry them. This is simply a general idea of what a man looking to settle down should look for in their partner.

10 She Cares 

This may seem like an obvious one but you would be surprised. Sadly, a lot of people are extremely self-centered and although she may seem like she cares, when the going gets rough her true colors will show and they will demonstrate her level of compassion. A person shows they care in countless different ways and a little compassion goes a long way. You want to make sure the woman you end up with genuinely cares about you and your well being. Try to find a woman who has a selfless quality, meaning she enjoys doing good for others, that is the kind of woman that will make a good homemaker.

9 She Cooks 

If a woman cooks, or at least tries to cook, it's not only a sign that she is going to be a good wife, it is a sign that she cares for you. Men like being taken care of; I am sure you have heard the expression “the stomach is the way to a man’s heart” and that is totally true. Subconsciously, men look for someone who they know would be able to whip up a meal at some point of their relationship. A girl who doesn’t even try to cook is simply lazy, it is as simple as that.

8 She Cleans 

Similar to cooking, I am not trying to be sexist when I say a woman that cleans shows signs of being the marrying kind, I am simply being honest. A women who doesn’t clean her environment most likely will not make a good homemaker, and isn’t that what part of being “marriage material” is about? There is a difference between wanting a woman to clean your house as opposed to wanting a woman to take pride in her home. This doesn’t mean men should sit back and watch as their women do all the work, it just means a woman who enjoys keeping her surroundings clean is more likely to be considered “marriage material.”

7 She's Responsible 

Any woman who is responsible is more likely to be the marrying kind than a woman who is not. Let me elaborate on that. A girl who is able to demonstrate that she has the capability of taking on numerous tasks are more likely to be marriage material. Think about it, wives and mothers are constantly taking care of everything around them. A woman who is marriage material should be able to multitask and manage her time. If a girl is incapable of going out drinking without losing her phone, chances are she is not ready to be a mother and wife.

6 She's Respectful 

Respect is something that is very important when looking for a significant other. Not only do you want to person you spend the rest of your life with to respect you, but you also want them to respect themselves. However, we are talking about why being respectful is a sign of her being marriage material. Respect and being marriage material go hand in hand because if the person you are with lacks respect for either them or you, there is a serious possibility that the marriage is doomed from the start. Respect is one of the key components to any relationship and definitely something everyone should look for in a partner.

5 She's Honest 

Honesty is a trait you should look for in anyone you choose to have in your life, especially a wife. Being honest is not solely linked to lying, honesty is a character trait that goes deeper than that. Being an honest person means that you are true to your word, what you see is what you get. Many people enter relationships thinking that they can hide who they truly are, which is pretty much the worst way of starting a relationship. If you marry someone, you want to know who you are marrying, which is why honesty is a must have quality.

4 She's Appreciative 

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There is nothing less sexy than a woman who does not appreciate the nice things that are done for her. It is true what is said, a little thank you really does go a long way, which is why it is so important to find a partner who is appreciative. Being appreciated is almost as important as being loved because appreciation is a way of proving your love to someone. When you do something kind for your significant other, you would expect a thank you at least. Well if you are dating a girl who is unappreciative, sorry to break it to you but she is not going to change and she is probably not going to make the best wife.

3 Your Friends and Family Like Her 

A great way to know if someone is right for you is seeing how she interacts with your friends and family. Yes, you should be the one making the choices in regards to who you want to be with, however bringing her around those who know and love you is always a good idea. Your friends and family want what is best for you and as we all know (and have experienced) sometimes love can be blinding, which is why having your loved ones meet the one you want to spend forever with is so important.

2 She Believes in You 

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Finding a person that believes in you and supports you is a true sign that they are a person you should keep around. A good woman, who will make a good wife, only wants to bring her significant other up, and will do anything to show how much she believes in you. This may not be important to you when you are young, but trust me, at one point or another you will realize how important it is to be with someone who has faith in you and shares your dreams with you. This is something many men don’t even realize they need until they meet a woman that truly believes in them, then the smart men never let those women go.

1 She Lets You Be Yourself 

Okay, so it's one thing for a girl to want you to dress a bit better or clean up a bit more, but the minute a woman expects you to become someone else is the moment you know she is not the one. Let's get something straight, there is a difference between wanting to better someone and wanting to change them. Wanting to better someone is wanting what is best for that person, changing someone is wanting what is best for you, see the difference? Find a woman who accepts you for you, flaws and all, and trust me you won't be sorry. Love is complicated but a trick to mastering it is finding someone who loves you for you - plain and simple.

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