10 Super Tips To 'Get Lucky' In The Morning

You can keep your afternoon delight... According to several scientific studies, morning intercourse can substantially boost your mood and overall health. It sets you up to feel good all day, charges up your immune system, and can even improve your skin and hair. Also, let's not overlook the most obvious benefit: you get lucky.

However, not all of us are morning people. The rom-com rosy lighting, instant alertness and ability to wake up early enough does not necessarily come naturally to us all, especially with a hangover. Things are never like they are in the movies, but that shouldn't stop you from having a go. Even if you feel like a caveman when you first wake up, there are ways and means. In the interests of helping you out with that.

So, need a boost? Look no further than this list if you want to improve your health and happiness in the morning. But remember...set your alarm clock. You may be overly excited, and that could cost you if you're late for work!

Here are some easy methods to improve your morning sex life:

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10 Ask In Advance

The great thing about morning sex is that it's so spontaneous – but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring it up before you want to start. Talk to your partner about it. Ask her if she likes the idea of getting it on before work. If she says 'no,' then you know not to try it. If she says 'yes,' then you're on to a winner. Of course, you should always make sure she's into it before you start anyway, but having talked about it in advance saves you from having a full, detailed conversation at 6 a.m. about whether you have time; you only need to establish 'yes.'

(And if you don't think you need to establish a 'yes,' then you are part of this problem everyone's talking about, and shame on you.)

9 Battle Morning Breath

Let's be honest, here. It's not a turn-on for anyone. If it is, more power to you. You're a braver man than me – but for many people, this is likely to be a barrier for good morning sex. Don't take it to heart if your girlfriend complains about this, because it's a pretty common problem. Keep your breath as fresh as possible in the morning by making sure you stick to a good routine of brushing your teeth and tongue and flossing before bed. Mouthwashes can be helpful too – and if your nose is stuffed up, get on that. Breathing through your mouth will dry it out overnight, and that's the number one cause of bad breath. The more you know.

8 Get An Early Night

Not trying to sound like your mother here, but… shouldn't you be in bed earlier? If it makes the difference between having sex in the morning and not having sex in the morning, it's pretty clear you don't need that last episode of Dexter that you're already falling asleep through. Even just one or two extra hours in bed is going to have you significantly more well-rested and ready for action. (No more snoring through all her attempts to wake you up.)

7 Be Realistic

Once more for the people at the back – real life isn't like a movie. If you're exhausted to the point where you're still too tired to move your body much, then let's be frank. You're not going to be able to go at it like an entertainer would. Choose your positions wisely and you can offset this completely. Going down on her, for example, is going to take far less energy than attempting something out of the Kama Sutra – and who knows? Maybe that good karma will come back to you. Either way, it's simple; if you try to do something you don't have the energy for, neither of you are going to come out happy, and you might even start the day sore rather than satisfied.

6 Keep Everything You Need Close By

If you need to get out of bed for anything before you start, you run the risk of killing it. This is true for sex at any time of the day, but especially in the morning when you're tired and the house is so cold. The great thing about morning sex is how spontaneous it feels, so don't force yourself to have to go rummaging through yesterday's pockets for the condom in your wallet. Make sure there's always lube and condoms in your bedside drawer, and you won't have this problem.

5 Coffee Doesn't Hurt

About that last point – if you're the kind of person who can get out of bed without ruining the mood, then listen up. Getting out of bed to make her a morning cup of tea or coffee is not only going to win you major brownie points, but it gives her time to wake up and get energized. The last thing you want is for either of you to start falling asleep midway through, and… let's face it. Early morning? It can happen, no matter how great you both are.

4 Natural Light

Remember earlier when we were talking about how unrealistic movies are? Well, one way you can get that moody movie effect – and maybe helping to get her in the mood – is to make sure there's some way for natural light to stream in. If it's really dark in there, not only do you miss out on what's presumably a great view, but you both stand a chance of succumbing to sleep again halfway through. Like we just said, that's not what anybody once. And there's no need to expose yourself to the neighbors – just ditch the blackout curtains and let the natural light get you both going.

3 Bear The Time In Mind

Neither of you are going to be thrilled if you end up getting carried away and have to speed into work. Be conscious of your time commitments, and make choices accordingly. Don't forget that equality should be as much of a consideration as speed. Don't be selfish! And if the thought of making her happy alone doesn't motivate you – which it should – then think of it this way. If she's not satisfied, she's not going to want to keep up with this morning sex deal for very long. Use your time wisely to this effect.

2 Don't Treat It Like A Schedule

As anybody who is trying to conceive will tell you – the minute you start treating sex like a set routine, it's going to lose all its potency. (No pun intended.) As we've already said, what's so appealing about morning sex for many people is its spontaneity. While we'd all love to say it happens every day or a set number of times a week, it probably won't, and that's okay. As good as it is, it might be more fun and beneficial to both of you if it's occasional and out of the blue. Just see what works, and don't go in with expectations.

1 Invest In An, Er... Special Alarm Clock

If your partner is fond of vibrators, then there's something you should try. Several developers have now come up with vibrating alarm clocks, specially designed to be worn inside her underwear. Set a time and a strength setting, and away you go. If you're having trouble waking up early enough, then this should solve all your problems for you in a way she'll love. Besides, you'll be in her good books for treating her. If not the alarm clock, then consider picking up a different toy instead. Something you save especially for mornings could serve as a motivation for both of you to wake up early and get in the mood.

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