10 Strange Spots On Her Body Where You Shouldn't Touch

The struggle to understand the complexities of men and women are as old as time itself, and have been studied at great length through history. A best-selling book like Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus would never have become the cultural phenomenon it is today if not for the fact that both genders can be mind-boggling to fully comprehend.

From the monthly hormonal roller coaster to all the different likes and dislikes that differ with each woman, it’s impossible to ever definitively say you are an expert with all females. Notoriously known for changing her mind, Wendy Williams often receives criticism on her show due to constantly giving conflicting statements on different key issues. Rather than denying these claims, she fully embraces them by saying, “I’m a woman, and I’m entitled to change my mind.”

While it’s impossible to understand the psyche of all women, it is possible to get a better understanding of their bodies. Just as men have their own fetishes and certain favorites on the female body, women also have slight variations on what feels good and what they like the best. However, there are certain areas on a woman’s body that are generally off limits. Since the point of intimacy is to make both parties feel close, comfortable, and aroused, it’s important to understand the areas of the female body that aren’t the most appealing in regards to a gratifying sexual experience. Check out our list of the 10 strange spots on her body you probably shouldn’t touch, and make sure you are making the most out of your intimate time with your woman.

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10 Arm Pit

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The underarm area can be a strange spot, since many women can be sensitive about their pits. While it’s nice to think that women always smell like flowers and honey, the truth is that they can perspire just as strongly as any man. Avoiding this area will help her from feeling self-conscious about any lingering smells or powdery residue from her deodorant. Although Patrick Swayze made it look super sexy caressing “Baby” during the iconic Dirty Dancing routine, it’s important to note that it took quite a bit of practice to get her to not fall apart in laughter from the tickling sensation. Unless you have that kind of time, avoid her pits and move on to an area that’s more stimulating.

9 Underarm

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Sometimes men can be unaware of all the insecurities women have about all the different parts on their body. While the underarm area may seem like a non-issue for most men, women can spend hours inspecting how thick or jiggly their "Batwings" have become. Flabby and bulky underarms may be most prominent for bigger women, but even women with a small frame can be conscious of this seemingly insignificant area. In the film, The Sweetest Thing, Christina Applegate stars alongside Cameron Diaz and they share a moment in front of the mirror shaking their Batwings and agonizing over the results. Regardless of how small your woman is, don’t caress her in an area that can be such a source of contention in her mind.

8 Feet

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Since women generally enjoy a foot massage, it may seem strange to avoid this area when being intimate. However, there have been numerous studies that show that cold feet can actually be a hindrance to reaching an orgasm for both men and women. Calling this the “Orgasmic Sock Effect,” John Hopkins University conducted one of these studies in 2011, where it showed that women wearing socks during intimacy were able to increase their chances of achieving an orgasm from 50 to 80 percent. While it can be tempting to strip her down to absolutely nothing, letting her keep her socks on can be the best way to make it pleasurable for both of you.

7 Ear Canal

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The general rule of thumb with ear canals is that you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Doctors generally say that you shouldn’t really be putting anything in year, including Q-tips. The cotton threads can get embedded in an ear canal to cause increased blockage and compact the ear wax. With all that being said, some men still seem to think that licking inside a woman’s ear canal is appealing. While ears can be super- sensitive, a simple soft whisper or breath of air can suffice to stimulate the area. Try something more elusive than ramming a tongue in your girl’s ear, and save yourself an uncomfortable discussion afterwards.

6 Belly Button

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Ever since Ben Affleck started walking animal crackers on Liv Tyler’s stomach in Armageddon, men started thinking the belly button area must be something they’ve been missing out on all these years. While it may have been a cute scene in the film, it’s not so cute in real life. Belly buttons are notoriously difficult to clean, especially for women that have belly button piercings. On top of it being a little tricky to navigate, it isn’t particularly sensitive or erotic for a woman. In fact, most women would prefer skipping this area altogether. Whether being sensitive about their midsection pudgy area or the belly button itself, the best route is to simply skip passed it to get to more sensitive and fulfilling areas of the body.

5 Elbows

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While it can be tempting to view women as soft and smooth and perfectly maintained at all times, the simple truth is that everyone can have dry skin. From weather conditions to skin irritations, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a soft and supple feel at all times. The elbows are one of the areas that can be prone to the most dryness and irritation, and can become rough even with the most attentive care. Rather than bringing this to her attention, avoiding her elbows can be a way for her to forget about any potential rough patches on her skin.

4 Labia

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Oftentimes, a woman’s anatomy can be a little confusing for an inexperienced man. While some areas are pretty self-explanatory, others can be difficult to navigate. The labia is the inner and outer portions of the vulva, on both sides of the vagina. Just as every woman is different, so is the shape and size of their labia. While it can be tempting to incorporate them into your routine, it’s important to note that there aren’t the same nerve endings in the labia as in other portions of the female anatomy. Rather than thinking of it as part of the main dish, it’s best to consider it more of a garnish to the plate.

3 The Head Of Her 'Toris

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Although the clitoris is a huge part of the sexual experience for a woman, it’s important not to become overzealous during the foreplay stage. The actual head of the clitoris is made of a cluster of super sensitive nerve endings that can create an overwhelming experience for a woman when stimulated directly. While you may be striving for an overwhelming sexual experience for your woman, you don’t want it to be so jolting that it becomes uncomfortable for her. Rather than going in with all your gusto, take a step back and be aware of how sensitive some of her areas can be.

2 Anus

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For those that are a bit more adventurous in the sack, anal penetration may be something that’s on the menu. Yet, it’s not exactly something that can be done on a whim. Unless you’ve had a discussion about what you’re planning, bought the necessary lubrication, and made a plan on when all this is about to go down, the anus should be avoided unless you don’t mind the intercourse coming to an abrupt end. Not all women are willing to try out anything related to their anus, so it shouldn’t be something that is considered during a time of intimacy. Avoid the area until you can discuss what your partner is comfortable with, and then plan accordingly to make it possibly happen in the future.

1 Cervix

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The cervix is the narrow canal that connects the uterus to the vagina, and is definitely not meant to be mixed into your sexual routine. While everything else may be on the menu, the cervix can create a painful experience when prodded. During sexual arousal, a woman’s uterus will lift upward to ensure the cervix is out of the way. So, if you need to reposition yourself during intercourse or you can feel the cervix during foreplay, it’s best to avoid the area completely. Work towards amping up her sexual arousal in other ways to try and remove the cervix from the equation, and you’ll help to prolong the pleasure during your intimacy.

Sources: menshealth

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