10 Signs You Shouldn't Sleep With Her

Sex has become such an open topic with our generation. Everywhere you look, sexuality is being advertised in one way of another.  Yet increasing promiscuity and sexuality have also devalued the act of sex. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is sleeping with everyone, and what was once a special connection is not as special as it once was. One night stands are extremely common amongst our peers, but they are not to be done without being careful in your selection of who you'll go home with! As a result, we thought it would be fun to think of reasons why you shouldn’t go home with her, instead of reasons you should.

The reason we did this is because we really do feel that people have no limits when it comes to who they will sleep with, which is something that needs to change in society. There should still be some things that have limits, and sexual intercourse should be one of them. The more you have meaningless sex, the harder you are going to find the transition to a relationship, which is where a real strong sexual connection can build through time and communication.

At the end of the day, people will do what they want, sleep with who they want and care about what they want. This is just a little advice for the next time you are debating whether to take her home or not.

Here are the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with her.

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10 She Has A Partner

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One of the messiest situations to get into is to sleep with a girl who has a boyfriend (or even worse, a husband!). When you are drunk or “in the mood” it may seem like a good idea, but this situation always ends the same way - in drama. Most men hate drama, so why put yourself in a situation that you know will end badly and will most likely have dramatic undertones, not to mention the immediate guilt the girl will feel right after the deed is done? Talk about a buzz kill. The point is, any girl with a boyfriend should be off limits, the drama is not worth the one night stand.

9 She Is Friends With Your Ex

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For some reason, after a break up, guys find themselves in bed with one of their ex’s friends. This is one of the worst things you can do because of the amount of problems it will cause. A lot of guys can't deny finding their girlfriend's friends attractive, and after they break up, they think that means they can go after them, but this can be incredibly damaging. Men, at the end of the day, will ultimately do what they want. However, by sleeping with a friend of your ex’s, you are making yourself look bad as well as embarrassing your ex, which is not so classy.

8 You Would Rather Sleep With Her Friend

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The thing about men that boggles my mind is the lack of patience they have. Men will meet a girl they really like, but instead of taking his time to land the girl he really wants, he decides to go home with her friend (who was easier to get than her). The problem with this, is that most girls won't hook up with you after you have hooked up with one of her friends. Instead of being patient and getting the girl you really want, you lose out on her all together. Talk about making yourself look like an idiot! What is wrong with you, men?

7 You Aren’t Attracted To Her

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Attraction is one of the most important components when it comes to sex, which is why I am always confused when I hear someone talking about how they weren’t attracted to the girl they slept with. If you are going to have sex with someone, the only thing that should be necessary is any sense of attraction. It is almost mean to sleep with a girl who you don’t have an attraction to because it is purely using them for sex. Intercourse is also significantly better if there is some sort of connection. Without it, it's just not enjoyable, so what's the point?

6 She Seems Clingy

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When trying to figure out who to pick to bring home, you should always avoid the girl that seems a little clingy. Usually, your instincts are right and if you feel like a girl is clingy, chances are that’s exactly what she is. There is nothing worse than a one night stand and thinking what occurred the night before is the start of a relationship. There is nothing wrong with having a one night stand, or looking for a girl to sleep with, however some women are not wired to handle that. Some women get extremely attached after sleeping with someone which is why you should avoid sleeping with a girl that seems clingy, or at the very least, you know you've been warned!

5 You Guys Are Looking For Different Things

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A lot of times in life, you meet someone who you really like and who feels the same way back. However, for some twisted reasons, you guys are looking for completely different things out of each other. One may want a relationship while the other is just looking to have fun. This almost always ends with someone getting hurt, which is why, when you feel that way about someone, you should remain friends until the time is right (if it is ever right). If you know going into it that it won't work out, chances are its not going to work out, so save yourself the heartache, it's not worth it.

4 You're Exes

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Why are people so inclined to meet up with their exes and hook up again? I am a firm believer that when a relationship ends, it ended for a reason, and by going back you are only hurting yourself. Sleeping with an ex is one of the most idiotic things you can do because in reality, it is only going to start problems. One of the two will probably want to rekindle the romance, while the other member of the party will almost instantly regret it. Sleeping with an ex is like taking two steps forward and then taking 5 steps back, it is just stupid and no matter how bad you think you want her, always remember that there’s a reason you aren’t together.

3 She’s a Virgin

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There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to save herself. In fact, it is actually pretty cool when a woman in her 20s is still a virgin it shows a lot of character. However, when dealing with someone to purely have sex with, sleeping with a virgin is not the best choice to make. A lot of girls put a huge amount of pressure on losing their virginities, and the longer they wait the more special they want it to be. Also, the first time is really and truly never good for the girl, so why would you want to have fun with someone who is not going to be enjoying it. Especially if you are wanting to make sure you don't want someone who becomes overly attached!

2 She’s Too Drunk

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This is actually one of the biggest reasons not to sleep with a girl. You never want to be known as “the guy who takes advantage of drunk girls.” If the girl is basically incoherent, then there is no reason why you should be taking her home. A lot of girls have slept with guys they don’t even remember because they were taken advantage of when they were drunk. I said it once, and I will say it again, you never want to be known as that guy. If you can't find a girl who is fully conscious then you shouldn’t be getting it in that night.

1 You Have A Girlfriend

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Cheating is one of the most disrespectful and deceiving things in the world and any man who has that as a characteristic is not impressive in my books. If you want to sleep with whoever you want, then break up with your girl! Instead, a lot of men want to have their cake and eat it too, which is incredibly disrespectful to everyone involved. Before you cheat on your girl, think if the action is worth losing her for. If it is, dump her. If you realize you care enough about your relationship to put in the effort, zip up your pants because the truth always comes out.

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