10 Steps To Perfecting Your 'Beach Bod' This Summer

It happens to the best of us, winter and the holidays come and go and in the blink of an eye it is summer and you are not looking good in the bikini that fit you so well just a few months before.

Whether you are prepared or not, summer is officially around the corner and with those summer beach vacations already planned, it is time to drop that extra winter weight and get looking your best. Weight is something that so many people struggle with, and with literally thousands of diets out there it can be hard as well as intimidating to figure out where to even begin. The thing about dieting is that instead of looking at it as a diet, you need to look at it as a lifestyle.

Our generation has this feeling that they are invincible, and we are not. This is not only something good to read for those looking to lose weight, but also for those looking for a healthier and more productive lifestyle. There is nothing more attractive and more self-beneficial than being the best possible version of yourself, and taking care of your health is part of that.

Below we have 10 ways to trim off some of those winter pounds and get yourself ready for beach season. It may always seem like a lot of work getting in shape but we've hopefully found 10 ways that will make you more excited for your new abs, than sad about missing pizza.

Though as Dwayne Johnson shows, you can have both! As an added bonus, his legendary cheat-day is outlined below. Let's just say The Rock also lays the smackdown on his kitchen.

10 Cut Carbs

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A big tip for many people can be to try and avoid 'white' foods. White bread, white pasta, white rice, yes, pretty much everything we all normally eat, can be what's holding back our bikini bods. Instead of picking up that morning bagel on your way to work, try switching it up and grabbing a bowl of fruit, or some oatmeal. By cutting out carbs, your body will almost thank you instantly. If you are really craving carbs always go for brown grains, it makes a big difference. There are a lot of recipes you can find online for alternates to carbs such as eggplant lasagna. Realistically there is a healthy alternative for all meals, it is just a matter of putting in the effort.

9 Meal Prep

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Preparing meals beforehand is one of the best ways of getting into shape. By prepping an entire week's worth of meals every Sunday it will make your life and fitness journey easier than you could have ever imagined. What you eat has a huge impact on your weight as well as they way you feel about yourself. A lot of the time, after a hard, long day of work, the last thing you want to do is cook. That is when a lot of us tend to take the easy way out like ordering a pizza. By having your meals already prepared, you ensure yourself a healthy and delicious meal every day.

8 Find A Fitness Buddy

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One of the hardest things about being on a diet is when your friends are not on one. Being around junk food and going to eat at a restaurant with your friends can be a hard thing to avoid, which is why finding a fitness and diet buddy could be extremely beneficial. If you and one of your closest gal pals team up and take on a fitness journey together it will make it easier for both of you to stick to it. By having a friend to go work out with it will also further motivate you to get to the gym because you wouldn't want to “ditch”. Not to mention that you guys will be able to share workouts and weight loss goals, making it all the more likely that you both succeed.

7 Take the Stairs

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If you want to see results you can never be lazy. There is always that silent debate in your head when you get to the office, should I take the elevator or should I take the stairs? We all know we should always take the stairs but for some reason most of the time we cram ourselves into a packed elevator just to avoid them. By getting into the habit of taking the stairs everywhere you go, whether it's on the 3rd floor or going to the very top, stairs are an incredible way of fitting a workout into your busy schedule. Not to mention it's going to help get your legs and butt into tip top shape.

6 Set a Goal

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Setting a goal in any aspect of life is a positive thing, especially when it comes to your fitness journey. By setting a goal you are more likely to be motivated and inspired to stick to your workout regime and diet. When setting your goal, make sure it is a realistic one. You don't want to disappoint yourself or discourage yourself because you couldn't meet your original expectations. You need to understand that there will be setbacks and persistence is always key. Having a physical goal in mind (such as wanting to get in shape for that bikini!) is going to make it a lot easier to grab that bottle of water instead of another can of Coca-Cola.

5 Eat Breakfast

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Your mother was right when she told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people have the false understanding that skipping a meal will help them lose weight, but all it is doing them is preventing them from doing just that. Eating breakfast is an especially big help when trying to lose weight. By getting into the habit of eating breakfast every morning, you are in fact doing something incredibly positive for yourself. Make sure that you are starting out your day in the best way you can, by making healthy choices with your first meal of the day.

Many people have healthy cereals or fruit smoothies that they make to help get their day off to a strong start.

4 Don't Stop Moving

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The trick to burning fat is to not be lazy and to constantly be moving, but you don't need to be going to the gym to be improving your body.

Lunge before you put on pants, squat before you pee, do sit ups before bed! These are just some of the little tricks that you can use to ensure you make the most of your day. By figuring out new ways of incorporating workouts into your daily activities, you are increasing the amount of calories and fat that is burned. A lot of people assume that working out 3 days a week for an hour is enough, but it is not even close to being enough if you want to get fast and efficient results. This is a great, easy and non time-consuming way to get those extra workouts in throughout your busy week. There are also lots of jobs out there (such as movers or landscapers) where being in shape is a huge component of your job.

3 Drop The Drink

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Vodka water on ice with three lemons please! Everyone has that one drink that they are known for drinking. A lot of people think that by eliminating sugary mixtures from your drink you are doing good, but let's be realistic here. Alcohol is filled with calories and many people who drink regularly have a difficult time trimming that extra fat. Even if they eat properly and workout daily, alcohol plays a huge factor in the weight loss equation. By drinking in moderation, you are able to have control over a number of calories you are ingesting. Once you start being aware of your alcohol intake, you'll understand why many people view it as empty calories that are just not worth it in the long run. Not to mention that getting drunk and ordering a pizza and 3 bacon cheeseburgers is probably not the best thing for your diet.

2 Work Out Daily

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Not only is eating well a big part of trimming the fat, but so is working out on a regular basis. Cardio is probably the easiest and best ways to slim down because it is bound to make you break a sweat. There are so many awesome workouts you can do, it is all about finding what works for you. Some of the most popular cardio workouts are spinning, circuit training, running and even power walking. There are also other super efficient workouts like yoga, cross fit, and various sports that are bound to put your body in shape. One of my personal favorite workouts is boxing because it is not only physically therapeutic but a great way to get some anger released.

1 Reward yourself

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When talking about rewards in the world of dieting, we often refer to them as cheat days. Most people don't realize that cheat days are essential to losing weight. Cheat meals should occur at a maximum of once a week, and shouldn't be wasted on something like a bag of candy, but instead, make your cheat meal something of substance like The Rock's.

Cheat meals work because not only do you reward yourself, but you can use it as an opportunity to make sure your body is getting certain types of fats. Just make sure that your one cheat meal doesn't always turn into a cheat day that spoils your diet and the rest of your week's workouts. If you haven't already, you owe it to yourself to check out Dwayne Johnson's legendary 'cheat day' meal that he posted online. It may have been more than just one meal, but who's going to tell The Rock no?

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