10 Secret Erogenous Zones She’s Dying For You to Touch

Everyone is familiar with the obvious erogenous zones. That’s not what this list is about. Here, we’ve compiled some of the lesser-known erogenous zones. Whether you’re looking to freshen things up, or confused on where to start, this list will help you surprise and delight your lady the next time things get hot and heavy.

When it comes to stimulation and different erogenous zones, sensations and preferences are going to vary. The best approach you can take is an exploratory one. Ask her what she likes. Ask her if she’s enjoying it. Read her body language. Listen to her breathing or her moans. There is nothing sexier than communication in the bedroom.

The whole point of uncovering these “secret” zones for you is so you can experiment and explore them with your partner. Always start gently with your pressure. Sometimes it’ll be a rub with your finger, sometimes a kiss or a lick, sometimes the gentlest finger graze or hot exhale of breath. As you experiment with her, don’t be afraid to ask for her preference. Check in with her. Even ask her to guide you, if you need it.

It’s time to open up the sexual exploration of her body. Are you ready?

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10 The (Not Quite Penultimate) Perineum

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The perineum has been blurring the line between the vagina and the anus since the dawn of woman. Well, not really blurring it, more like bridging it. We’re ranking this at number 10 because of its proximity to the vagina. It’s possible you’ve accidentally briefly stimulated this baby once or twice already during your forays into vulva-land. A beautiful, loving place, truly.

This is an extremely nerve-rich area on the human body (any human body: that’s right men, you have one too). Any time you have a higher concentration of nerves in an area, that zone will be more receptive to pleasure and pain.

Try stimulating the perineum with gentle pressure from your fingers. Or try using your tongue. Give it some deliberate attention and see how she reacts. Better yet, apply pressure on the perineum the next time you perform oral sex on her.

9 Find A-Game Stimulation With Her A-Spot

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Everyone’s heard of the elusive G-spot. Well, the A-spot is different. Like the G-spot, the A-spot is IN the vagina. And it’s Deep. It’s up by her cervix. To reach it, you actually have to go an inch or two past the G-spot.

For vaginal activity, don’t try anything until she’s wet. It won’t feel good for her otherwise, and we want you both to be having a blast. Wait until after your foreplay has her appropriately lubricated, then you can go gently searching for this one. It’s along the front wall of her vagina, so if she’s on her back, your palm and fingers should be pointing up.

Once you find her A-spot, place your finger on it and drag it back, along the front vaginal wall, towards you. This movement is similar to G-spot stimulation. Do you feel her getting wetter? That means you’re doing it correctly. Keep it up!

8 Find Her U-spot Before You Bring Out Your U-Boat

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Any guesses as to where this is? No, this spot is not in the vagina. It is part of the vulva though! It’s a spot around her urethra. As with most of these zones, be gentle with this one. The urethral opening is located between her clitoris and her vagina, and it doesn’t need a lot of pressure to feel good for her. It’s likely you’ve stimulated this at some point in your sexual adventures with your partner.

As we said earlier, it’ll feel better for her if she’s aroused, of course. You can stimulate her U-spot with gentle strokes, moving back and forth with your finger. For the U-spot, a stroking motion tends to feel better for most women than applying some kind of pushing pressure. Still, it’s up to the two of you (but mostly her), so find out what she wants you to do to her U-spot. The next time you engage in oral sex, see if she likes it when you lick it with your tongue. It isn’t too hard to locate. Bonus note: This is also the opening from which some women ejaculate.

7 Bare Thighs and Knee Highs

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Thighs, the underside and the inner portions, are an especially sexy place to give a lady some attention. She’ll likely enjoy it because one, it’s a nice and sensitive spot. And two, any time you’re getting close to genitals, you have a good opportunity to cause a pleasurable stir. Try working your way very gently from her knees up to the inside of her hip bones. Brush your fingers or your lips lightly across the inside of her thighs and see if she bucks her hips in anticipation.

Pay attention to the zone under her knees too! Try just barely touching her, just using the lightest touches with your finger tips and see how she reacts. You’re going for sensual arousal here, not a tickle. If she needs more pressure to keep from laughing and squirming away from a tickle, give her a little more pressure!

6 Starts in Her Toes

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Down the body we go, all the way to the very bottom. Her feet. You’ve heard of toe-curling orgasms before, right? Maybe you’ve even induced one in your partner. The reason we bring them up is because the toes are connected, neurologically, to her privates. And if stimulating her vagina can make her toes curl… what effect would stimulating her toes have on her vagina?

In some women, the right toe stimulation can have an orgasmic effect. There’s the timeless move of taking her (hopefully clean) toes into your mouth. Focusing on the big toe is your best bet. You can also use your fingers to pinch and roll her big toe, giving it a sensual massage. At the very least she’ll like that you can appreciate her feet. At most, she’ll slide closer to an orgasm.

5 Baby Got Lower Back

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Massaging her lower back can be a great way to sooth your lady after a long day. It can also get her aroused and excited. Bad posture from texting and sitting at a computer all day can put extra strain on the lower back. Spending some time rubbing and massaging her lower back is a great way to release that tension. Tight hips and a tight lower back are pretty common ailments. Releasing some of that pressure could actually make sex feel even better.

The lower back can be sensual, too. Give her gentle kisses on either side of her spine, and try massaging the top of her buns as you’re working your way around her lower back. Keep her guessing and she’ll be surprised, relaxed, and aroused.

4 DIY Lower Abs

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The lower abs can be a very sensual spot. Maybe you’ve heard of the “coregasm,” an orgasm that is solely exercise-induced. There’s not much you can do to get her to have one of those, except maybe become her personal trainer. So yeah, you won’t be trying for that. But the proximity to her genitals does make her lower abs a worthwhile spot for you to explore. Give her kisses, trace small patterns lightly across her stomach. See if she’ll let you lick from her bellybutton down to her pubic hair line, or lower.

If she seems to like the attention on her lower abs, try combining this zone with another zone, like her inner thighs. The combination of zone stimulation and vaginal proximity might just be too hot for her to handle.

3 All Hands on Deck

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We use our hands all day long. We’re holding phones, opening doors, and typing on computers. When do we ever give them any real attention? Never.

Treat a girl to a nice hand massage. This is an intimate bonding opportunity. It will relax her, show her you care about her, and make her feel good. Plus you can look into her eyes longingly and stuff while you do it. Here’s how:

Start at the knuckle and gently pull one finger at a time as you slide toward her fingertips, stretching out the fingers as you pull towards you. A little more pressure might feel great for her, but she’ll know best. Either way, it should leave her hands feeling great. So great that she’ll want to put them all over you. It’s worth it. Trust us. Feel free to use your mouth on her fingers too, maybe some light sucking, maybe some palm kisses. Experiment! See what works for the two of you.

2 Above the Areola

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When you think breasts, you probably think nipples. But there’s a wealth of unexplored sensitivity around the nipple. Not only in the areola, but also where the skin of her breasts meets the darker skin of her areola. Give her some attention along the top third of her areola curve. Use gentle touches with your fingers, tongue or lips and slowly work your way towards the nipple.

Every woman has different sensitivities all over her body, her boobs included. She might like more pressure. She might like less pressure. Maybe touching her areolas doesn’t stimulate her at all. The point is, you don’t know until you try.

1 Rise to the Top: Hair and Scalp

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This is our number one secret erogenous zone. The pinnacle of secret erogenous zones, if you will.It’s ranked number one for a few reasons.

First, it’s accessible. There are few settings where a head scratch for your loved one will turn heads. It’s a perfect public arousal method. It’s not jarring PDA or nauseating lovey-dovey talk. It’s just a tender, old-fashioned, “god that feels good” head massage.

Second, a head massage releases all kinds of tension. It’s a great way to help your partner relax (unless she spent time on her hair and doesn’t want you to mess it up...yet).

Third, it’s more than just scalp. It’s actually her hair too! Tugging her hair gently can be a real turn on for a woman. As you kiss her (or without kissing her, up to the two of you) you can gather a portion of her hair in your hand and give it a gentle tug. Pulling near her scalp works best. Let go and keep moving and lightly tugging different parts of her hair. In short order you’ll have given her an incredibly arousing cranial experience. Atta’ boy!

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