10 Possible Reasons Why Solange Attacked Jay-Z

Besides sexual infidelity, celebrities engaging in physical violence makes for the hottest headlines. When it involves something as wacky as a pop singer's sister going off on the singer's husband, the story goes from hot to sizzling.

Watching Solange Knowles pummel her sister Beyonce's husband Jay-Z in a hotel elevator was some of the best candid footage of the year. But what was her issue? By the way Beyonce just stood there and let her go at it. Did she think he deserved it or just didn't want to get involved.

Solange hasn't shared her motivation for the attack but speculation is rampant. It could have been a combination of factors that set her off but here are 10 possible motivations.

10 Jealousy

Jay-Z did not include Solange on Beyonce's "On The Run" tour that starts in Miami on June 25. Sources claim the exclusion shouldn't have been a surprise to Solange but word on the street is that she was offended. Since she always accompanies Beyonce when she tours, Solange allegedly thought she would be the top choice for the opening act.

9 Sibling Protection

Rumor has it Jay-Z was flirting with a bunch of beauty queens in Antwerp last month. He allegedly bought them drinks and commented that Antwerp had the prettiest girls in the world. This accusation is one of many that range from affairs over the years to impregnating a few women. Maybe Solange was just trying to protect her sister by calling Jay-Z on his rumored flirtations and accenting her feelings with a punch or two.

8 Anger

Jay-Z has been under public attack for launching a collection with Barneys although they have been accused of racial profiling of their customers. Solange could be angry that her brother-in-law would associate with such an organization and decided to hit Jay-Z a few times to drive home her point. Jay-Z claims he's waiting for more facts before he passes judgment on Barneys.

7 Attention

Solange had struggled for 13 years to achieve the celebrity music status of her sister. Although she's occasionally been included in Destiny's Child and successfully written a few good songs, she always seems to get pushed into the shadows like a second cousin. Although Jay-Z is not responsible for her struggles, he may have just been an easy target.

6 Inebriation

No one can deny that too much booze makes people do strange things. If Solange overindulged – as she has been known to do on occasion – at the Met Ball and/or at the after-party, her pent up anger with Jay-Z may have reached a boiling point and she thought having him securely locked in an elevator would avoid her having to chase him down in her spike heels to beat on him a bit.

5 Mental Health

Last year Solange canceled her European tour dates and the cancellation was reportedly necessary due to "mental/physical health" reasons. There's always the possibility that Solange requires prescription meds to control health and she forgot to take them in all the hoopla of the Met Ball and subsequent celebrations. Or maybe she mixed some meds with alcohol and had a bad reaction that set her off and Jay-Z was an easily accessible target.

4 Misplaced Rage

There are stories of Solange allegedly having a confrontation with former best friend and designer Rachel Roy right before her attack on Jay-Z. Roy's ex-husband Damon Dash is a well-known adversary of Jay-Z's, which could throw another monkey wrench into the works. Solange may have thought the privacy of an elevator to let go of her frustrations was a better venue than a very public party.

3 Suspicion

Some sources say there was a guest at the Met Ball that Jay-Z had hooked up with while married to Beyonce and Solange got wind of it. Based on this and previous rumors, Solange may have been demanding answers from Jay-Z and got physical when he was not forthcoming. Beyonce may have been fuming in silence and too distraught to intervene.

2 Misunderstanding

If Solange was a little tipsy, all this may have just been a silly misunderstanding. She could have misheard or misinterpreted something Jay-Z said to her or Beyonce that was so upsetting she just lost control for a few minutes. If she'd thrown tantrums in the past, that would explain the lack of reaction from both Jay-Z and Beyonce.

1 Bad Day

Solange has a lot on her plate between writing, performing, travelling and trying to squeeze in a semblance of a personal life. With all the activity at the Met Ball and the after-party, combined with her perpetual irritation with Jay-Z and frustration with her sister purportedly looking the other way when it comes to rumors of her husband's roving eye, Solange may have just had it and needed to vent on someone.

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